Gift idea: Mini Album Card!

Special occasions require special cards, and with this interactive wallet card you can go many directions. To give you some examples, my first card of this design had an Encouragement theme, the second version commemorated the first year since my father’s passing.

This week I’m sharing a third way you can use this card: as a mini album card, to send (or give in person) someone some pictures of dearly remembered moments you shared with them! Which is perfect for someone who really already has everything they ever wanted – I mean do you really need to give them more ‘stuff’? I’m convinced that memories in the form of pictures – nicely done up – will always be much appreciated, and also add that extra personal touch to your gifts.
This design offers room for 6-8 pictures and of course a personal message.

So, hope to have inspired you, let me know what you think in the comments! ūüôā




Stacks of Love: a Stacked Page Mini Album – Tutorial version


Several weeks ago I shared my first¬†stacked page mini album with you, an experiment with a different kind of binding system than I had been used to. For instead of the hidden hinge system, this one is based on stacked pages – hence the name… ūüôā

It is not my invention, I’m not sure whose it is. I’m guessing it’s most likely based on Laura Denison’s¬†stack the deck¬†binding system, on which someone then elaborated.

Anyway, I did add a personal flavour, for my stacked page albums have twelve pages instead of the usual six Рso 24 page surfaces! Рbut with a regular-sized spine. You can see the first iteration of this album in the above-mentioned earlier blog post, created with the Domestic Goddess collection by 7 Dots Studio.

This week I’m sharing the version on which I¬†based my¬†tutorial. This album is somewhat larger, has more elaborate¬†page designs and sports several photo mats and tags, the latter – among others – by Crealies. The album¬†was made with Prima Marketing’s lovely¬†Tales of You & Me¬†collection. I’m calling this version the ‘Stacks of Love’ mini album ūüôā

The tutorial is listed in my Etsy shop. It is a (written) English language tutorial with measurements in centimeters and inches. It is 130 pages long and holds 324 clear pictures aimed at visual learners. As a bonus it also contains the main measurements for the Domestic Goddess version!
Moreover,¬†I’m very happy to be able to point you to the kit that is available for this album as well! Go to the (US-based!) Photographs and Memories online store, where you will find kits for several of my projects, including this one.

So enjoy the video and please feel free to leave a little note below, in the comment section ūüôā



Free Spirit birthday cards

As always I had some beautiful papers left over from my previous (large) project, the Explosion Boxed Mini Album I shared with you last week. And as usually I could not bring myself to get rid of them, even though most of them were strips and scraps. So, here’s the two cards I managed to force them into ūüôā – one of them only one-sided for by that time I literally had no more scraps left.



Hidden Treasures: an Explosion Boxed Mini Album (new!)

Hi you all! Time for a spring & summer project! 

This is¬†what would happen if a mini album and an explosion box married and had a baby. ūüôā It’s an… Explosion Boxed Mini Album!

This lovely box can hold¬†over 55 pictures and¬†sports¬†LOTS of embellisments on the pages. And it’s its own gift box to boot, so a double bonus!

I designed it around a Prima Marketing collection (called Free Spirit), so a 48-sheet 6×6″ paper pad, an ATC card pad, some 12×12″ sheets and lots and lots of flowers. My goal was to have as little leftovers as possible, so it is also doubling as a¬†destashing project ūüôā (triple bonus, yea!)

Check out my (written)¬†tutorial if you can’t wait to destash work with your own lovely papers and¬†create, for instance, a nursery gift, a wedding gift, a birthday gift, or simply a stunning way to present your own holiday or Christmas pictures.

And for those of you who prefer complete kits, that is to say everything you need to create this project, including materials AND my tutorial, go to the¬†Photographs and Memories (USA-based!) online store and have at it ūüôā

But first, let me know what you think!


Memories – A Fold-Out Folio Album (new design)

One of my favorite kinds of mini album to make is what I call the¬†folio album.¬†As long as it’s closed it looks like an actual mini album, but when you open it… it turns out to be an intricate fold-out spread of photo mat real estate!

Cross-haired Memories Folio Album

With some folio album designs¬†you’ll need some serious surface to show it off, like with my Cross-haired Memories Folio Album,¬†which sports a whopping 3¬Ĺ ft (1 m) diameter, but in¬†most cases the spread will fit onto your dining room table, offering a unique chance to show off those great pictures you’ve been wanted to share, in one large overview.

This week I’m sharing a folio album of that¬†fit-the-table¬†category, my purse-like Memories¬†fold-out folio album.¬†I mostly used the lovely 2012¬†Almanac¬†paper collection by¬†Prima Marketing. It will hold¬†at least¬†33 pictures sized 4×6″ (10×15 cm), which makes it a perfect size for a¬†one-day-occasion¬†photo shoot, like a birthday, an office party, your¬†high school reunion, highlights of a wedding, baby’s first month (or so), and let’s not forget the family tree album!
Well, etcetera. ūüėČ

And yes, there’s a tutorial for all of you who’d like to make this one! ūüôā It’s really not difficult to make and if you by any chance have purchased my Pouch-Paged Album tutorial and made it, you won’t need any new cardstock at all – for this Memories¬†fold-out folio was especially designed working with the leftover cardstock from the¬†Pouch-Paged Album!¬†(big Yea for frugal crafting! ūüôā )

NEW: There’s also a¬†kit available at Photographs & Memories online webshop! This¬†includes my tutorial¬†at no additional cost!

So enjoy the video and do let me know what occasion you think would be perfect for this Memories Fold-out Folio Album!


Trifold Surprise Card with Romantique

At first glance this may look like your average layered card, matted on the inside and outsides. It holds a surprise however, for if you untie its little bow on the front, a little tri-fold is revealed, with five cute panels you can use to stamp or add some sentiments or images, or even to hide a little picture.

I used Romantique papers for this card, a 2010 Prima Marketing collection. Its romantic vintage patterns were so lovely I didn’t really want to cut into them, so I made my card 6 1/8 x 6 1/8″ (15.5 x 15.5 cm)¬†– which turned out to be a beautiful, luxurious size, but note that you will need a larger envelope as well.

So enjoy the video – which this time is with music only ūüėČ – and please click the Like button below! ūüôā



Coffee Tray Altered to Photo Tray

When I found a little gray-painted coffee tray in one of our local home decor stores, I decided¬†it would be perfect for the¬†Stationer’s Desk¬†collection by¬†Prima Marketing.¬†With a lovely summer picture of my mom and dad during their Rome holiday, this collection combined just the right amounts of nostalgia and vintange romance.

Placed upright, any such tray can be turned into the perfect picture frame, adding unique shadow box qualities to what would normally be much more straight-forward and flat. It was great to be able to use up all of my larger flowers of the collection, and because of the many embellishments this project was also perfect for using up some of the scraps I had left over from the paper pad.

Another great advantage was that the tray’s gray color already coordinated perfectly with the papers, so I didn’t have to paint it myself.

All in all a very fun project to do if you’re looking forward to paper crafting but are not in the mood for creating a card or a mini album!


Endless Little Memories – a Micro Folio Album!

As you may know if you’ve browsed through my blog, I really like creating so-called micro projects, especially if there’s an actual Big Sister, i.e. an original regular-sized project that has inspired me to create a micro version.

My Endless Little Memories micro folio album is such a miniaturization, for it was modelled after my Neverending Memories folio album. I used Prima Marketing’s 2011¬†Romantique collection, and the results are cute-cuter-cutest! ūüôā

Of course you won’t need as much material as you would with the larger version. For instance, I only needed 14 sheets of 15×15 cm (6×6″) design paper for this unique little micro folio!

If you’d like to create one yourself, please check out my Etsy shop for the tutorial, which explains the step-by-step proces in 77 pages with 208 clear pictures.

Anyway, here’s the video & pics!



Giveaway Results

Last week I reached 10,000 Youtube subscribers (yea!) ūüôā

I offered a giveaway to my YT subbies, and today I’m sharing the results! Congratulations to both winners!


Adorable Altered Wooden Jewelry Gift Box

A little altered treasure chest can be a cute gift in an of itself, but turning it into a jewelry gift box will add a lot of interest!

This micro treasure chest measures 6 x 4 x 4 cm (2‚Öú x 1¬Ĺ x 1¬Ĺ”). I painted it inside and outside (always remove the hinges & closure pieces first), then decorated it with¬†Stationer’s Desk¬†design paper by¬†Prima Marketing¬†plus some flowers.

Then I folded a piece of design paper to hold a pair of earrings – which is removable so the micro chest can be reused.

So, it’s all very simple to do – but what an amazing gift this makes! Think birthdays, weddings, graduations, Mother’s Day, and of course Christmas ūüôā

Enjoy the video & pictures, hope you feel inspired!

Double-Stacked Mini Album (new!): Celebrate Every Day

It’s always super fun to design new mini albums! This time, I created an album with two sets of pages, one¬†above¬†the other. Hence,¬†a double-stacked¬†mini album¬†ūüėČ .¬†Almost all pages offer new page designs that I haven’t used in my previous albums.

There are six page assemblies, three above, three below, which together offer twelve interactive page layouts plus some large photo mats. The large front and back covers make up their own interactive pages, twice as large as the regular ones. The album has a magnetized closure and is crisp and clean on the outside, so it will easily fit into your book case.

I found that this design is perfect to create a large album with 6×6 inch papers and only a handful of¬†12×12 inch sheets. This makes it a lot more cost effective than an album with lots of large pages. The relatively wide spine offers ample room for you to embellish on the inside.

On its last two pages I used some special-folded paper ornaments. Both are covered in the downloadable written tutorial in my shop. For one of them I also made a free video tutorial, which will be available next week in a new blog post.

For this particular album I used the Optimist collection by Prima Marketing, including their sticky tabs, ATC cards, flowers, leaflets and brads.

I hope you’ll all enjoy this design just as much as I do!
If you wish to create this double-stacked album yourself, check out the written tutorial in my Etsy shop, which has 148 pages and 429 (!) pictures.

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Want to¬†know¬†what other people created with the tutorial? Check out the¬†fanpage¬†and see for yourself! ūüôā


Deeply Loved – a Step Card

It took me a while to figure out what a certain category¬†of cards with all these different mountain & valley folds was called, so I started out with calling them ‘special folds cards.’ (Yeah, I know.)

Anyway, as it turns out, they already had a name, for they are called¬†step cards.¬†This is the category of cards that has different kinds of, well,¬†steps…

You can create¬†them entirely by hand, or use¬†a die. My first step card was created manually and I figured out all of the cuts and folds by myself, just by looking at a sample picture in Kaisercraft’s free¬†Workshop¬†magazine. It worked out great, but was a lot of work.

Today I’m sharing my second step card, a different kind this time. And this time I used a die (by Crealies)¬†– which does make life a lot easier. ūüôā

This particular card was for a wedding, which is why I’ve dubbed it¬†Deeply Loved.¬†I used Prima Marketing’s¬†Almanac¬†paper pad, plus the cutapart sheet from Kaisercraft’s¬†On This Day¬†collection. And added lots of cute decorations.

See for yourself in the video and don’t forget the pictures below it, which you can also check out¬†on my Pinterest page. ūüôā

In a couple of weeks I’m going to show you what die you need and how to use it, so¬†stay tuned!