Gift idea: Mini Album Card!

Special occasions require special cards, and with this interactive wallet card you can go many directions. To give you some examples, my first card of this design had an Encouragement theme, the second version commemorated the first year since my father’s passing.

This week I’m sharing a third way you can use this card: as a mini album card, to send (or give in person) someone some pictures of dearly remembered moments you shared with them! Which is perfect for someone who really already has everything they ever wanted – I mean do you really need to give them more ‘stuff’? I’m convinced that memories in the form of pictures – nicely done up – will always be much appreciated, and also add that extra personal touch to your gifts.
This design offers room for 6-8 pictures and of course a personal message.

So, hope to have inspired you, let me know what you think in the comments! ūüôā




Timeless – a Fun & Unique Wallet Card

A while ago I designed an interactive wallet card that perfectly fits your 6×6″ paper pads. It takes 9-10 sheets of paper for one card – which is perfect especially if you like projects that help you destash a bit (for all of you Paper Hoarders in denial out there ūüôā ).

For the first edition of this card I used a Kaisercraft paper collection, which I like because practically all of their collections come with die-cuts and sentiment ATC cards. That is why I chose Kaisercraft for this second wallet card as well. The Time Machine collection is a mostly masculine collection Рstunning with its sophisticated darks and teals and beautiful specialty papers.

So go ahead and take a look; if you’d like to create it yourself, check out my¬†tutorial on Etsy.




Pocketstyle Birthday Card

Today I’m sharing a second iteration of one of my wallet card designs.¬†I used the¬†Simple Stories Say Cheese¬†collection, including some tags and cutaparts, to create a lovely birthday card. The bright, high-contrast colors of this paper line make it very suitable for winter birthdays – like my friend’s, who has her birthday in February. So I printed some fun birthday sentiments on the large tags – though¬†you could also do some stamping or even use them as¬†photo mats. The inside of the card offers room for journaling or a personal birthday message.

Although I used several sheets of design papers to decorate, this type of card will also allow you to use only¬†one¬†sheet of double-sided design paper – to see how that might look, check out last year’s¬†Easter iteration!. That way you won’t need much more than two pieces of cardstock and one sheet of design paper!

All in all it was a very fun project which I enjoyed creating just as much as the first one, so check out the affordable tutorial if you’d like to create one¬†too!




December Deluge 2: A 1-sheet Micro Wallet

This December month I’ll post many projects on my blog, to give you some inspiration and ideas for your Christmas projects – and also to help you spend your holiday time creatively. In my previous post I showed you a quick Christmas Mini Album. Today:¬†Part 2 of this December Deluge of creative ideas¬†ūüôā

There’s a particular 1-sheet mini photo wallet of which¬†I’ve created several by now. It’s created from only one sheet of double-sided 12×12″ design paper, and it ¬†looks something like this:

If you click on the picture, it will link to my free video tutorial for that kind of mini wallet.

This week I’m showing you a new¬†micro¬†version of this design, created with a¬†6×6″¬†sheet of paper! So cute! They measure only 2‚Öú” (6 cm) and can hold little pictures, or you could write little notelets with personalized messages, as I have.

These are quick to make and would make great alternatives for your standard Christmas present tags ūüôā

Next up: December Deluge pt. 3: Nutcracker Sweet Christmas Cards! 




Rose of Encouragement – An Interactive Wallet Card

If you want to try your hand at this interactive wallet card yourself, please check out the tutorial I wrote for you, which you can find in my Etsy shop.

NEWS flash: this tutorial is now also available in Dutch¬†– email me if you’re interested!¬†Plus, several¬†card¬†kits¬†to make this particular card are now¬†available as well! ūüôā

Recently Jessica, a young lady from the USA whom I had never met before, contacted me via Youtube, proposing a project¬†swap. I loved this idea, as well as the great spontaneity she showed with this initiative, and we agreed to a friendly card challenge. I set the theme, she added some parameters. So here’s the homework¬†we gave ourselves:

Create an interactive, not too bulky wallet-type card around the¬†theme Encouragement. The projects would have to be¬†true to our individual styles and¬†personalities. Extra criterium was¬†to try and make the message to the other person¬†as personal as we could¬†– without us actually knowing eachother‚Ķ So we’d have to¬†find our inner Encourager, as it were. ūüôā

So, in the video below you can check out¬†what I came up with! This wallet card measures 5.75 x 5.75″ (14.5 x 14.5 cm) and is of my own design. It has pockets, tags, layered layouts and several interactive closures. It’s perfect for more than one¬†sentiment and personalized message, it can function as a gift card holder and it will come in very handy as a vehicle for a group gift – when there are several personal messages by different people and/or gift cards needing to be tucked away into one awesome¬†card ūüôā

I used Kaisercraft’s¬†Lady Rose¬†collection, which is stunningly beautiful, feminine and timelessly on trend. Plus, it has some great and encouraging sentiment labels which fit this challenge perfectly!

And here’s the video of¬†the card Jessica¬†created for me! So thank you again Jessica, for your lovely card and your great initiative – an encouragement in and of itself! And for those of you who’d like to see what Jessica’s¬†up to, check out her website, which you can find at¬†AT2 Design.