Scrapbook calendar 2013

I’ve always had a thing for paper and all related stuff – when I’m in an office supply store or, even better yet, an arts & crafts place, I always breath in deeply, to smell all that papery stuff. I’ve loved the beautiful 12×12 inch design paper stocks for many years now but never bought any, because I didn’t really know what to do with it. Yet!

Last December I finally got my chance: I decided I’d try my hand at scrapbooking – and what a ride that was!

My mother had asked me to make one of these digital print-it-yourself calendars, like I’d done each year for her for a couple of years now, but the pictures she wanted me to use were all mostly in black and white. And for a color addict like me, that simply wouldn’t do. So on an impulse I figured I’d add at least some color, bought myself some designer paper and got to work.

Oh, and did I tell you this was about three weeks before Christmas? Well, it was, and I had never scrapped anything in my life, plus I had my fulltime job… I discovered I not only needed far more materials than just the paper, it also cost a lot more of “creative time” than I’d thought – hours and hours of thinking how to layout this or that month, and how to get the small contraptions I wanted to design to actually work. I could have easily burned out with those kinds of hours days in a row – that is, if I hadn’t enjoyed myself so much!

Like April, for instance (see picture below). I wanted one 12×12 inch sheet to open with two different kinds of doors cut from and still part of that same sheet – and they had to be able to open and close without any magnets or glue (the reason for that was simply because that was the challenge I had given myself for that month).

Anyway, this was a great project to actually use full size 12×12 inch cardstock in all its gorgeous glory! How I love my paper…
I used The Natural Stack and the Immortal Love stack most of the time, both by DCWV. Plus two tiny bits of cardstock from DCWV’s Once Upon A Time, and some brandless cardstock from the Netherlands.

Enjoy the pictures below!

Btw, I apologize up front for its length; I guess I just had a lot to say for each month, and there are twelve months and a cover, so…. Plus, at the time I shot the video I had no idea I would start a blog two months later. Anyway, I’ll try to seriously cut down the length of my next videos. If nothing else, there’s always fast forward… (On the other hand, it could be quite a relaxed watch if you pour yourself a nice cup of tea to go along with it, and of course some cup cakes on the side 🙂 )



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