How to create a scrap mat – a tutorial

Here’s a little tutorial on how I make so-called ‘scrap mats’. This is what I call the photo mats that I create from leftover scraps of design paper.

You see the thing is, I just like to use up as much of my design paper as I can – I guess it’s a combination of enjoying as much of a particular paper stack as possible on the one hand, and frugality on the other. I mean, you’d be surprised how much photo mat real-estate the right combination of scraps generates! (What can I say, I’m just weird that way 😉 )

Meanwhile, the results have been quite cool, imho. So check it out and find out how to create these mats yourself!


2 thoughts on “How to create a scrap mat – a tutorial

    • Hi Bertha, I’m assuming this is a question on whether there are some tutorials on my blog.
      Not yet, since they are very time consuming to make, but perhaps in the future, if enough people keep asking for them. Stay tuned!

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