Turn your old tea box into a piece of art

Ever since I’ve become a happy scrapper (which happened winter 2012, when I started my very first experimental scrap project) my view of the world has changed: I’m looking at every object or piece of material as potential raw material with which to create something beautiful. Take my mother’s tea box. I never really noticed the thing, until last month when I turned on my Superscrapper x-ray vision (well, sort of) and saw that it could be in fact Beautiful, as soon as someone would unlock its hidden gorgeousness.

Because it was black, I decided it would be an Asian tea box, for it reminded me of these beautiful black lacquered little treasure boxes of, for instance, the Chinese. It so happened that in my stash I had a lovely Asian-themed design paper waiting to be used: Bo Bunny’s Serenity. So I got to work, and here’s the results!

Click here if you don’t see the video below.



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