Trishutter Xmas card tutorial

It’s that time of the year again – we’re preparing to send out our Season’s Greetings to all of our family and friends. So I did some research on the web and studied different kinds of homemade cards. The type of card that I chose checked all the boxes for me: you can use one template to create lots of unique cards; each card doesn’t take you more than one hour to create; you can decorate approx. 20 cards with one 6×6 inch paper pad to keep things cost effective.

Of course I’m sharing this with you all, so you can get some production going on your own homemade Christmas cards! The video below takes you through my tutorial for a so-called trishutter card. I’m showing you the finished products in a future blog post however, since I don’t want to give away any spoilers to the cards’ recipients ;-). There is a tiny little sneak peak in the video however…

So enjoy the tutorial and Happy Scrapping!

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