Timeless Moments mini album “Serenity”

Counting by the number of mini album blogposts I’ve published you’d think this mini album is my sixth. However, it was actually my third, but I wasn’t able to publish this post until the recipient had actually received it as her birthday gift – which has only been the case since yesterday, so here we go! 🙂

DCWV’s Serenity paper is particularly gorgeous imho and therefore I was extra pleased to be able to use it for a mini album!

Above: DCWV’s Serenity paper stack consists of 24 stunningly beautiful designs.

My mother commissioned it for her sister in law, my aunt, and I did my best to create something special for her.

I took most of my inspiration for the construction of this album from Kathy Orta’s Timeless Moments albumI set myself the added task of incorporating a number of different so-called bonus projects into the album, by which I mean different kinds of fold-outs, micro booklets or special wallets. All of these can be filled with photos or journaling or other treasured memorabilia. And there was another “acryllic tag” in this album as well, just like the one I used on the cover of the Ancestry mini album – only this time I attached it to the inside of the cover!

So, please enjoy the video and feel very free to let me know what you think!

Click here if you can’t see the video below.

DCWV - Serenity 4

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