Forever Memories: a keepsake mini

This is a mini album that I created in remembrance of my father, who passed away very recently. I’ve since filled it with pictures of my dad, which makes it a true keepsake. I’ve called it Forever Memories.

I used DCWV’s Immortal Love paper to decorate. Although this paper stack was probably originally designed with a romantic theme in mind, I found it is also perfect to remember a loved one who passed away.

You can read the eulogy that I wrote and spoke at my father’s funeral here, should you be interested; there’s also a Dutch version available here.

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Condolences/Sympathy wallet card

Recently I found myself in the unfortunate position of having to ponder the question whether or not it’s okay to craft a sympathy card. Would it be considered an annoyance, an act of inconsiderateness, or would it be received as the small, unique expression of well-meant sympathy it was intended to be? I decided to take the risk and go for the latter, and did my utmost to make it tasteful, warm and heartfelt. And I’m glad I did, for it was well-received!

The design is a familiar one that I have used a couple of times before, as you can see here and here. But I chose it anyway because it’s just the perfect little wallet for photos or small notes that a person who has just lost a loved one might want to keep inside the card, to carry with them easily.

I always use double-sided design paper for this type of mini wallet, so that both the inside and outside of the pockets aren’t simply white but show matching colors and patterns. This particular 12×12 inch sheet is called “Sunset”, by Creamotion.

Front: I deliberately wrote “With sympathy” by hand instead of typing or printing it, because I wanted to ensure a very personal feel.

The card is held closed by a belly band, kept clean and simple. The “With sympathy” part is actually a flip tag, tucked into the front corner pocket. On the inside of the tag I wrote my personal message.

The mini wallet holds six black cards, to hold photos, notes or to write down some cherished dates and memories. I created tabs for two of them, using the black pearlescent sheet of the Gemstones paper pad.

Flip open the paper wallet and two more pockets appear, holding one notecard each.

And finally, the backside of this little wallet, mirroring its front. 


Have you ever created a sympathy card? What design and color theme did you choose?


Turn your old tea box into a piece of art

Ever since I’ve become a happy scrapper (which happened winter 2012, when I started my very first experimental scrap project) my view of the world has changed: I’m looking at every object or piece of material as potential raw material with which to create something beautiful. Take my mother’s tea box. I never really noticed the thing, until last month when I turned on my Superscrapper x-ray vision (well, sort of) and saw that it could be in fact Beautiful, as soon as someone would unlock its hidden gorgeousness.

Because it was black, I decided it would be an Asian tea box, for it reminded me of these beautiful black lacquered little treasure boxes of, for instance, the Chinese. It so happened that in my stash I had a lovely Asian-themed design paper waiting to be used: Bo Bunny’s Serenity. So I got to work, and here’s the results!

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Explosion box with Uptown Flair design paper

Here’s my second explosion box, decked in the gorgeous summer colors of The Paper Studio’s Uptown Flair design paper. Not only is an explosion box a great alternative for your usual birthday card or gift, it is also kind of a mini album since it will actually hold about 20 pictures!

I had so much fun creating my first explosion box, in the blue jeans colors of the Fiddlesticks paper pad, so I was very happy when I was commissioned to create a second one.

Uptown Flair’s color theme is so inspiring! Almost every sheet of its 12×12 inch paper stack has glitter in its design, which gives it a truly glamorous and festive look and feel. I had already used it on some other projects – two birthday cards, one a mini wallet and the other a photo wallet – but when you make an explosion box you really have to use each and every sheet of paper; which automatically means you get to enjoy working with each individual design.

Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think. If you’d like to create one yourself, please check out the tutorial in my Etsy shop. Oh, and for the link to the “Print your tags” (free) tutorial I refer to in the video, click here.

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Klik hier als je het filmpje niet kunt zien.

Dit explosiedoosje is een leuk alternatief voor een verjaardagskaart of zelfs een minialbum – er kunnen nl. ongeveer 20 foto’s in!

Ter inspiratie om zelf ook te maken – er is een Engelstalige werkinstructie beschikbaar in mijn Etsy shop. Ik kan ook een Nederlandse versie voor je maken, tegen dezelfde prijs. Geen tijd/zin om zelf te maken? Je kunt er ook eentje bestellen op dit blog, via de Showroom, papierkeuze/kleur/thema in overleg.