Love is a Four-Legged Word Card

I truly loved Graphic 45’s Raining Cats & Dogs collection, and used up every last scrap I could find to create this one last card with it.

In doing so I came up with four tips, that I’d like to share with all of you card makers out there:

  1. Don’t throw out your leftover 4×6″ ATC cards but fit them onto a 6×6″ square card;
  2. Decorate on the side of the card, and leave your ATC card uncovered, showcasing its lovely graphics;
  3. Use a scrap mat on the inside to use up your scraps – check out my free video tutorial for that;
  4. Combine with other collections that coordinate well with your almost-gone main collection.

By the way, just after I had concluded that I would now never be able to craft with these lovely papers ever again, Graphic 45 announced their new Deluxe Collector’s Edition, which was…… you guessed it, Raining Cats and Dogs! ?

Have fun using these tips, enjoy the video! 🙂





Some Photo Embellishment Tips

A short while ago I designed what I called the Easiest Mini Albums Ever Made. Today I’m showing you two more iterations of this kind of wire-bound album, filled with pictures, to demonstrate how you can easily embellish your pictures with some punches, dies and glitter glue.

This way it’s even more fun to peruse your little mini albums again and again, and though it might take you some time, it’s really very easy to do 🙂


Stamping a sentiment (stamp by Kaisercraft) on top of the picture! Use ink for non-porous surfaces for this.
Punches come in all kinds of fun shapes and sizes and are a great way to add interest!

Hiding a bystander with some die-cuts helps pulling the focus to the main subject of your picture.

Using a little glitter glue here and there helps to add that little Something Extra!

Two different examples of embellishing the same picture 🙂



Three tips on creating layered card layouts

Lately I’ve been practising my layering, on two calendars which are still a work in progress, but mainly on some birthday cards. I already did a video tutorial on one way you could layer a card, back in August 2014.

This week I’m sharing some extra tips with you, illustrated by three of my latest birthday cards. The paper line I’ve used for all three of them is Lucille, a paper line by Basic Grey which some of you may recognize from my Life’s a Picnic mini album (tutorial available!), of which I had some paper left over, enough to create these cards – though I had to make use of all three of the techniques I’m sharing with your below, otherwise I wouldn’t have had enough paper after all.

Tip 1 – Use scrap mats – even when die-cutting

Above: Birthday stamp by Kaisercraft

I’m guessing I’ve mentioned my scrap mats (check out my free video tutorial by clicking this link) in almost every one of my projects by now – what can I say, I’m a sucker for squeezing out the absolute maximum of paper real estate out of my paper collections 🙂

So in the pictures you can see that the second layer on this card (counting from the bottum up) is in fact a scrap mat, decorated with punched corners. An extra tip however, is that you can die cut shapes from your scrap mats as well! Check out the second to last layer (counting from the bottom up), i.e. the layer directly below the stamped sentiment label: that is a scrap mat label!

Another use for this, next to creating labels and tags, is die cutting flowers and other decorative shapes. I used this technique in the Life’s a picnic mini album, here’s an example: in the picture below you can see that every layer of the flower consists of two different pieces of design paper.


Tip 2 – Use the paper pad’s cover

Many design paper pads have covers that have at least some imagery, patterns or shapes that are very useable for fussy cutting. So even if you have hardly any design paper left, you can still embellish your project with help from the paper pad’s cover.

The Lucille 6×6″ paper pad cover has a floral image that I fussy cut and used as a decorative element on my card.



Tip 3 – Use dimension

If you have die cut two labels in incrementing sizes (my largest label in this third card had been die cut from a scrap mat by the way – see Tip 1), you could of course simply layer them flatly on top of eachother. You can add some interest however by using some double-sided foam tape to adhere the smaller label to the larger.

Adding some glitter glue along the top layer’s edges is always a good idea as well!


I’m finding this dimension thing very exciting by the way, and I’m always trying to add some of it to my layered cards & layouts. Like in the Time to Flourish calendar below:

Leave some tips for me!

These were my tips, for now! If my layering adventures lead to any other need-to-know tidbits of knowledge on layering, I’ll let you know! 🙂

Also, if you have any layering tips for me, please let me know and leave a comment – or tweet me!