Trail Mix Tag Card – for Her, or for Him

Some paper collections are gender neutral – or rather, as I’d like to call it, gender encompassing 🙂 : fitting for both men and women, boys and girls. Certain themes will fit almost any occasion and any person, and nature would be one of those categories.

Bo Bunny’s Trail Mix is a fun design paper collection centered around the great outdoors. It has lots of wood, birds, flowers, trees and the coordinating Notepack die-cuts even offer wild animals! Trail Mix fits both male and female recipients of almost all ages and I have used it as such. The first project for which I used this paper was a little mini album for a ten-year-old boy. This tag card was created for a middle-aged (but young at heart 🙂 ) woman.

Tag Card – show & tell with pictures

The front of the card shows a pocket with a punched border. It’s been matted, with a label from Bo Bunny’s Trail Mix Notepack die-cuts on top of that. The top corners of the card have been rounded with the Deco/Stub Corner Chomper by We R Memory Keepers.

The pocket holds a tag – which itself is a die-cut from the Trail Mix Notepack. The card itself has been matted with two pieces of decorative paper, for some added interest and color.

I printed the name of the recipient onto the tag. I added some details, by applying droplets of diamond glitter glue to the flowers on the tag. On the back of the tag I wrote my personal message to her.

The label on the pocket is lifted with some dimensional tape. I stamped the label “Speciaal voor jou” – which is Dutch for “Especially for you.”

Because my personal note was written on the back of the tag in the front pocket, I could mat the back of the card with some nice design paper from the collection.

I emphasized a ldetail in the pattern by tracing it with some Glossy Accents: a little bird, sitting on a tree branch.


What gender encompassing paper collections can you recommend?




Quick scrap: Butterfly tag card

One of the interesting thing about tags is that you don’t have to use them as tags necessarily. I’ve seen people make mini tag albums with them, hang them from Christmas trees, use them as photo mats.

And here’s yet another use: they also make great birthday cards – you can in fact make one in less than an hour, which would make it a quick scrap project in my book! 🙂

Materials used: cardstock, design paper (Bo Bunny’s Country Garden), Tim Holtz On the Edge dies (Butterflight and Plaque & Postage), embossing folder, embellishments, Tim Holtz distress ink (Frayed Burlap).

Let me know if you have any questions!

Quick Scrap: Eight cute bookmarks

Here’s several ideas for some bookmarks, large & small.
Bookmarks are the ideal quick scrap project: it’s quick, fun and perfect for using up those lovely scraps you have left over from your other projects. Also, they make a great gift, for instance as a companion piece to a novel that you’re gifting someone (or, in my case, a hardcover comic 🙂 ).

These bookmarks have no bulk whatsoever of course, for they have to fit tightly between the pages of your novel. Except for their very top, for that will be the show piece, sticking out above your book 😉

As always, enjoy the video and let me know what you think. Also: like & subscribe 🙂


Super-sized birthday card

Having done several mini and micro cards & booklets, I figured it was time to go in another direction and create a super-sized card! 🙂 It’s a Happy Birthday card, created with DCWV’s Serenity paper and measuring 17×25 cm (approx. 7×10 inches). It has three pockets, which hold two photo mats plus an “actual” birthday card – from a local store. Of course I used my scrap mat technique as well, on the front pocket.

Enjoy the video!

Have you ever created a super-sized card or other project? Please tell me all about it in the comment section below! 🙂

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DCWV - Serenity 4

“Every day is Father’s Day” card

So what if it’s not Father’s Day anytime soon! I just wanted to give my dad a special card, just to let him know I love and appreciate him, and I was going to do it right now. 🙂

My father loves his nature, flowers and animals, so I took a sheet of cream-colored A4 paper, added a couple of pieces of the perfectly fitting Flora and Fauna design paper and got to work! Oh, and also, I harvested some of the pears and apples growing in my garden so as to make a cute autumn harvest basket for my dad. Needless to say, he loved it!


Double pocket tag card + a little tutorial

Here’s a double pocket tag card of my own design, using DCWV’s beautiful Serenity design paper. I included a little How to – so if you want to try and create this tag card yourself, simply pause the video and freeze the frame with the template I show you. Adjust measurements to your own liking, and go for it! 😉

I created it to use as a birthday card, but you could also use it as a great mini album insert!

Though I love creating all of my projects, I found that creating something of your own design adds just that little extra pizazz! 🙂

Click here if you can’t see the video below.

DCWV - Serenity 4

Large pockets & tags card + bookmark – “Mediterranean”

Ah, those beautiful last days of summer… In the Netherlands summer has been short but sweet, with the early September sun trying its best to still give us a little warmth. So before we have to say goodbye to summer definitively, we can take one more look at it and celebrate its vibrant colours with this cheery birthday card!

It’s turned out rather large (A5), has a strong blue (think Mediterranean Sea) for its base and sports several tags and pockets. And, as a special bonus feature, there’s a bookmark too! An actual one, not a digital one – just adding that for the young people reading this and wondering what a paper bookmark might be… 😉

Here’s a little photo shoot I did. The design paper I used is by some nameless Dutch brand, it has no title of its own but I’m calling it Mediterranean. Because it looks……. Mediterranean – but then again, you’d already figured that one out yourself, had you not? 🙂

Front – setting the Mediterranean tone with a sunny flip pocket:

Inside the flip pocket is – of course – a tag. I will personalize it by printing some birthday wishes onto it and who knows, I may even do some stamping!

Inside – Summer landscape on the left, sea-themed pocket on the right, with a dolphin tag hanging from a gold-colored brad and a blue ribbon along the border of the pocket. The pocket holds a bookmark, with a quote from a well-known Dutch literary writer. The quote reads something like: “Good literature has the ability to make us see through another person’s eyes.”

Back – Two matching side-loading pockets with identical dolphin tags/photo mats. On the other side of the tags is room for journaling, or for writing some personal messages to the recipient.

What colors do you associate with summer? And with what craft project are you saying goodbye to this year’s summer season? 


Summer tag card “Mediterranean”

One of my very first scrapping projects was actually a tag card for my friend. I had found its design on the internet, created by a lady called Elsa, with Justafew Designs (you can check out her Youtube channel here). The tag card is quite easy to make and you can personalize it with photos or beautiful pictures.

My first tag card

I don’t know about you all, but here in the Netherlands we’ve had an unexpectedly hot summer the last couple of weeks. So to inspire your summer craft projects, here’s an alternative version of that first little tag card of mine – mediterranean style!

Click here if you can’t see the video below.


Klik hier als je het filmpje hieronder niet kunt zien.

Are you working on any summer-themed craft projects? By all means, let me know and share your thoughts/ideas! 🙂

Until next time, stay creative!


Mini Pocket Fold-out card

The ancestry mini album of one my previous blog posts was commissioned as a birthday gift for my aunt. So I decided that the birthday card I would send to her, would be a companion piece to go with that album. I chose Kathy Orta’s design for what she’s called a mini pocket page and added my own styling – and of course some printed tags (for what I would I do without at least a couple of those!).

This fold-out card is created with only one piece of cardstock!

Anyway, very pleased with the result – this Ancestry paper is so gorgeous btw, I love it!

Click here if you can’t see the video below.

Happy scrapping, until next time!


Two quick photo wallets with K&Company’s “Charlotte” paper

The photo wallet I showed you in one of my previous blogposts takes only about 1-2 hours to create and you only need one sheet of 12×12 inch design paper and one sheet of cardstock. All in all, it’s pretty easy to make, which makes it an ideal project whenever you’re in a hurry.

Since both my mother and myself were in need of a “quick card”, I therefore turned to this particular model of photo wallet, for which I found the basic design on Youtube, by a lady calling herself stampingholly, who posted it in 2008 (!).

I used design paper by K&Company called Classic K – Charlotte, which is a beautiful, vintage romance design stack in greens, pinks and blues.

The little photo wallet holds 6 tags which can either be used as photo mats or as journaling spots. Which means you can actually carry 6-12 pictures in it! Who’d a thunk 😉
Anyway, here’s both mini wallets!

Mini wallet #1

Next to the six cards that come with this mini wallet, I added a seventh tag in the small extra front pocket.  I had printed my birthday wishes onto the tag, then I embellished it with a nice green “blingy” flower and covered it in a thin layer of pink glitter glue – which I did after I had printed it of course ;-).

When you remove the card from the main front pocket, the pattern paper underneath becomes visible; as you can see I chose the “closure ribbon” in the same shade of light blue as this pattern.

The mini wallet shows two cute little hot pink tabs, which I fussy cut myself and then embellished with some pink stickle glue.

Each tab is attached to a card, which is meant for journaling or as a photo mat. Each card has its own pocket btw (so there are six pockets for six cards).

When you open the mini wallet, you gain access to yet another two cards.

And last but not least, the back of the mini wallet is the mirror image of its front.

Mini wallet #2

The second mini wallet was constructed in exactly the same way, except with a different sheet of pattern paper from the Charlotte stack – and different colors of both photo mats and tabs to match.

I punched a little half circle out of each inner page, so as to create a way to grab hold of the cards inside the pockets.

Like I said, this mini wallet is pretty easy to make. If you’d like to give it a try yourself, just go to Youtube and search for stampingholly’s photo wallet video from 2008.

Until next time, stay creative! 🙂


Birthday card: An actual paper wallet

This time I was aiming for a “real” wallet – if the recipient wants to, he could actually use it as one, storing his dollar or euro bills in it just like one does.

The color pallet is brown, since I’m gifting this to a male relative – which is also the reason why I toned down the embellishments. Although I did use one flower. I couldn’t help myself, I just had to… Still, I think it turned out just fine, even a bit chic 🙂

Click here if you can’t see the video below.


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Fiddlesticks tag booklet

Having finished the Fiddlesticks explosion box (a very special kind of all occasion card, check out my blog post with demo video), I had lots of leftover scraps that were demanding to be used. So you might have guessed I designed a cute little booklet with pockets and tags and went to town with it!

Check it out 🙂

Click here if there’s no video below.

Klik hier als je de Nederlandstalige video hieronder niet kunt zien.


By the way, I’ve recently created a coin envelope to match! Check out how to make one for yourself!