Some more Domestic Goddess

Fortunately I had enough paper pieces left over from last week’s 12-page mini album to create two lovely cards. The colors of the Domestic Goddess collection (7 Dots Studio) are truly amazing, lush and colorful. It reminds me of tropical sunsets on some faraway island, or the warm-blooded colors of Love 🙂

So for these cards I played around with these colors, layering them with deep-colored flowers (card 1) or highlighting the softness hidden in there as well (card 2).

I also tried some new sentiments, which I found on Pinterest and printed on the design paper in a font of my own.

Enjoy the video, and let me know if you have any questions!


Newsflash: Kits available!

Good news for anyone who’d like to create one of my projects but would like a kit to go along with the tutorial – and lives across the Atlantic:

As of May 2017 kits are available for some of my projects at Photographs and Memories, a lovely online store based in Kansas, USA. You can go to the store and search for “Katja” using the search field, or – much easier ? – click the logo below, and you will find all of my projects for which kits are available. Each kit comes including my elaborate and detailed tutorial for that project, at no additional cost!

If you wish to purchase the tutorial only, please go to my Creator’s Image Studio online shop. I offer many different methods of payment, including Paypal, creditcard and iDeal.

The first two kits based on my projects are my Memories Fold-out Folio Album and my Holiday Dreams Gatefold Album. These kits offer, among other things, the same paper collections as my original projects 🙂



Woon je in Nederland en wil je ook een kit voor een van mijn projecten, neem dan contact met me op op creatorsimage at (spaties verwijderen en ‘at’ vervangen door @), want dat loopt natuurlijk niet via Amerika 😉 .



The Easiest Mini Albums Ever Made

Creating mini albums can be quite a lot of work, demanding precision, dedication and, above all, time. Which is why I decided to go the other way this time, and set out to create what I wanted to be the easiest mini albums ever made, while still deserving of the name mini album. I wanted to be able to finish them within 2-3 hours, while not needing a lot of materials and tools. Also, they needed to be able to hold a reasonable amount of pictures.

Today I’m sharing the results of my experiment – which were a success for these mini albums are in fact so simple that no tutorial is required! The only things you need are the materials and some tools:

  • double-sided design paper
  • very light-weight chipboard (or heavy cardstock)
  • paper trimmer
  • wire binding tool like the Cinch or the Bind-It-All.

The largest of the albums will hold up to 68 pictures, the smaller one about 25.

Just watch the video and you’ll immediately know what to do to make these 🙂 Have fun!



The card I created with the leftovers:

Time to Flourish – Three Graphic 45 Cards

For these final months of the year (boy, how time flies!) I created some cards using the Time to Flourish collection by Graphic 45. This collection is the perfect seasonal collection, with a special focus on all things floral.

I already created some cards earlier in the year, there was Mayincluding Mother’s Day, and fairly recently I showed you two versions of August birthday cards.
This time it’s the fall, and even one Christmas card.

So enjoy the video and pictures, and please like & subscribe!



Life’s a Picnic – an interactive mini album (tutorial available!)

Recently I went through my design paper supply (which has grown to quite the little stash) and stumbled upon Basic Grey’s Lucille paper pad. Lucille is a romantic paper with vintage fashion overtones, colorful but a little toned down and very sophisticated. A fabulous design paper, and I decided I instantly had to use it to create a mini album! 🙂

This 6 x 6.5″ pocketstyle mini album has 14 interactive layout pages, including the insides of both covers. The covers are chipboard with a reinforced binding for durability. The pages are constructed from multiple layers of heavy-weight cardstock and patterned papers. Features include large pull-out photo mats, special closures (like magnetic, or swing tabs), lots of flaps and pockets holding journaling tags and photo mats and much more! Details abound throughout this album such as punched borders, micro booklets, flowers, brads, specialty die-cuts, ribbon and trim, and specialty cut-aparts. There are 5 large pull-out photo mats and several flaps and tags inside with room for approx. 45-50 small and regular-sized photos.

And: I wrote a tutorial for those of you who’d like to make one yourselves – my first for a mini album! 🙂 You can check it out in my Etsy shop.

Check out my baby version and Christmas version of this pocketstyle album design – their page design is not exactly the same, but they give you a pretty good idea of how different styles and colors would look. If you’d like to see a version with photos inside, check out my Ancestry mini album!

Anyway, enjoy the complete show & tell video, and have a great week!


Mini Album “2Die4” – an idea to store your dies

I haven’t been die-cutting from the beginning of my scrapbooking adventures (back in November 2012), but ever since I’ve been trying my hand at it, my stash of dies seems to keep growing no matter what I do… It didn’t take too long before I was in need of a handy and practical way to store my dies, preferably without having to save all the packaging.

I figured: why not create a mini album with magnetic pages to hold all of them!

So I got to work, stumbling along while experimenting, encountering several impediments and difficulties. I finished the project nevertheless, although the end result is not the most esthetically pleasing of projects.

I’m sharing this with you anyway, for now you can all learn from my mistakes, apply my tips and create your own very practical and no doubt far more pretty storage minis! 🙂

Have fun, and let me know what you think!

Boxed summer album: Enjoy Each Moment

Inspired by one of the many creative people on Youtube, I took it upon me to create a very special kind of keepsake album: the boxed mini album. The cover of this new category of minis will turn it into a box every time you close the album! Cool.

Not having bought the tutorial, the only design clues I had were the show & tell video by the lady that inspired this album. So naturally there will be several differences between her and my design. Plus, I added some deliberate changes as well: the way the cover opens, the use of book muslin. Well, just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean 😉

Oh, and I did some photo editing as well, for I adapted the first and the last photos’ backgrounds to better fit the design paper – so there’s a little bonus idea. 🙂

Meanwhile, stay crafty!




Welcome to my new “home”!

Hello and welcome every one!

To all new visitors I extend the warmest of welcomes! I invite you to subscribe to this blog if you like, or leave a comment! You will always get a reply.

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So to all previous blog followers but not email subscribersclick here to renew your subscription on the homepage (top of the sidebar).

So, what happened?
Why did the Creator’s Image blog move to a new web address?

Well, since my father died a couple of weeks ago, I’m thinking a lot about life, my job, how I spend my time, in short, about the future. I guess the death of a parent does that to us: it makes us contemplate who we are, what we want and what we’re “here” to do.

So I’m pondering many topics and one of them was this blog: after almost exactly one year of blogging, I suddenly felt the urge to prepare for the next step. I’m not even sure myself what exactly that next step might be, mind you, but nevertheless I felt I could at least expand my web options. This way I could, in the future, for instance add a webshop, or a download page for my tutorials, etc.
To be able to do all that, I was going to have to migrate this blog from a free online blog service (i.e. WordPress) to a self-hosted site.

Which brings me to another change: I wanted the new site to have a .com address; however, creatorsimage was unfortunately already taken. This meant I had to be pragmatic and implement a small name change. I put some thought into it, and am now very happy and proud to present:

Creator’s Image Studio

I’m very excited about this! I feel this keeps the original name intact while at the same time highlighting the creative and artistic aspects of what I do. As a bonus, it also accomodates for the educational component, that is, the workshops I intend to develop in the not-so-far-away future. This way Creator’s Image Studio stands for both an artistic studio and a place of learning.

Migration stuff
The only thing I have not been able to move over to the new Creator’s Image Studio blog, are all of the likes people gave several of my posts in the past. A pity, but to my knowledge there was no technical possibility to do this.

So, feel free to like every post you appreciate, for I will have to start all the way from scratch with my page rankings in Google searches, and liking my posts will help with that  🙂

As soon as everything is settled in (I’m still working on some blog migration stuff behind the scenes), I’ll start posting new blog content again. This should hopefully take no more than a week or so. You’ll know when the dust has settled when the first new post after this one is up!

So, thank you for your patience and your subscriptions, comments and likes. Please stay tuned!

And here’s li’l ol’ me – with both my Christmas mini and micro albums, check them out while waiting for me to finalize moving this blog 😉



A lovely gatefold pocket card

This cute little gatefold pocket card went straight into the altered gift box I showed you in my previous blog post. I designed it myself, using Graphic 45’s gorgeously colorful Bohemian Bazaar design paper, on hot blue cardstock. You’ll also see some of my scrap mats again, in fact, this card is the end result of the project I was actually working on in my scrap mat tutorial, so check it out!

Thanks to its multiple pockets, this gatefold card will also serve great as a gift card holder as well.

For a tutorial on how to make this gatefold card, check out this blogpost here.

Thank you for liking and subscribing, and please let me know what you think!


In the video I mention my tutorial on how to print text on small tags or scraps of your design paper, you can find said tutorial here.

Note on video quality: Most of my videos are 720p; the rest is 540p. If you don’t get one of these resolutions while viewing the video on this blog but instead have to make due with some rather unsharp videos, you should be able to adjust video quality by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the video player, and selecting your preferred quality. If you don’t have the gear icon, then click the Youtube sign, also in the bottom right corner of the video player. This will take you directly to Youtube, where you’ll be able to change the video quality with the gear icon after all. Hope this helps.


Trishutter Xmas card tutorial

It’s that time of the year again – we’re preparing to send out our Season’s Greetings to all of our family and friends. So I did some research on the web and studied different kinds of homemade cards. The type of card that I chose checked all the boxes for me: you can use one template to create lots of unique cards; each card doesn’t take you more than one hour to create; you can decorate approx. 20 cards with one 6×6 inch paper pad to keep things cost effective.

Of course I’m sharing this with you all, so you can get some production going on your own homemade Christmas cards! The video below takes you through my tutorial for a so-called trishutter card. I’m showing you the finished products in a future blog post however, since I don’t want to give away any spoilers to the cards’ recipients ;-). There is a tiny little sneak peak in the video however…

So enjoy the tutorial and Happy Scrapping!

How to create a scrap mat – a tutorial

Here’s a little tutorial on how I make so-called ‘scrap mats’. This is what I call the photo mats that I create from leftover scraps of design paper.

You see the thing is, I just like to use up as much of my design paper as I can – I guess it’s a combination of enjoying as much of a particular paper stack as possible on the one hand, and frugality on the other. I mean, you’d be surprised how much photo mat real-estate the right combination of scraps generates! (What can I say, I’m just weird that way 😉 )

Meanwhile, the results have been quite cool, imho. So check it out and find out how to create these mats yourself!


A full-blown micro album

I’m so excited to share my latest project with you all! As you may have noticed in some of my previous posts, I have a “thing” for creating mini booklets. Not just because they’re cute, but also because it’s a nice way to use leftover scraps of paper. Recently I decided to take it to the next level and I came up with a full-blown micro album! 🙂 By which I mean the perfect miniature version of a mini album I had created previously. And I’m so very pleased with the result!

So here’s my Little Miss micro album. As a bonus, I added a “scene” to the video featuring its big sister, my Little Miss mini album. 🙂


What do you do with the sheets and scraps of design paper you have left over?