Stacks of Love: a Stacked Page Mini Album – Tutorial version


Several weeks ago I shared my first stacked page mini album with you, an experiment with a different kind of binding system than I had been used to. For instead of the hidden hinge system, this one is based on stacked pages – hence the name… 🙂

It is not my invention, I’m not sure whose it is. I’m guessing it’s most likely based on Laura Denison’s stack the deck binding system, on which someone then elaborated.

Anyway, I did add a personal flavour, for my stacked page albums have twelve pages instead of the usual six – so 24 page surfaces! – but with a regular-sized spine. You can see the first iteration of this album in the above-mentioned earlier blog post, created with the Domestic Goddess collection by 7 Dots Studio.

This week I’m sharing the version on which I based my tutorial. This album is somewhat larger, has more elaborate page designs and sports several photo mats and tags, the latter – among others – by Crealies. The album was made with Prima Marketing’s lovely Tales of You & Me collection. I’m calling this version the ‘Stacks of Love’ mini album 🙂

The tutorial is listed in my Etsy shop. It is a (written) English language tutorial with measurements in centimeters and inches. It is 130 pages long and holds 324 clear pictures aimed at visual learners. As a bonus it also contains the main measurements for the Domestic Goddess version!
Moreover, I’m very happy to be able to point you to the kit that is available for this album as well! Go to the (US-based!) Photographs and Memories online store, where you will find kits for several of my projects, including this one.

So enjoy the video and please feel free to leave a little note below, in the comment section 🙂



Hidden Treasures: an Explosion Boxed Mini Album (new!)

Hi you all! Time for a spring & summer project! 

This is what would happen if a mini album and an explosion box married and had a baby. 🙂 It’s an… Explosion Boxed Mini Album!

This lovely box can hold over 55 pictures and sports LOTS of embellisments on the pages. And it’s its own gift box to boot, so a double bonus!

I designed it around a Prima Marketing collection (called Free Spirit), so a 48-sheet 6×6″ paper pad, an ATC card pad, some 12×12″ sheets and lots and lots of flowers. My goal was to have as little leftovers as possible, so it is also doubling as a destashing project 🙂 (triple bonus, yea!)

Check out my (written) tutorial if you can’t wait to destash work with your own lovely papers and create, for instance, a nursery gift, a wedding gift, a birthday gift, or simply a stunning way to present your own holiday or Christmas pictures.

And for those of you who prefer complete kits, that is to say everything you need to create this project, including materials AND my tutorial, go to the Photographs and Memories (USA-based!) online store and have at it 🙂

But first, let me know what you think!


Memories – A Fold-Out Folio Album (new design)

One of my favorite kinds of mini album to make is what I call the folio albumAs long as it’s closed it looks like an actual mini album, but when you open it… it turns out to be an intricate fold-out spread of photo mat real estate!

Cross-haired Memories Folio Album

With some folio album designs you’ll need some serious surface to show it off, like with my Cross-haired Memories Folio Albumwhich sports a whopping 3½ ft (1 m) diameter, but in most cases the spread will fit onto your dining room table, offering a unique chance to show off those great pictures you’ve been wanted to share, in one large overview.

This week I’m sharing a folio album of that fit-the-table category, my purse-like Memories fold-out folio albumI mostly used the lovely 2012 Almanac paper collection by Prima Marketing. It will hold at least 33 pictures sized 4×6″ (10×15 cm), which makes it a perfect size for a one-day-occasion photo shoot, like a birthday, an office party, your high school reunion, highlights of a wedding, baby’s first month (or so), and let’s not forget the family tree album!
Well, etcetera. 😉

And yes, there’s a tutorial for all of you who’d like to make this one! 🙂 It’s really not difficult to make and if you by any chance have purchased my Pouch-Paged Album tutorial and made it, you won’t need any new cardstock at all – for this Memories fold-out folio was especially designed working with the leftover cardstock from the Pouch-Paged Album! (big Yea for frugal crafting! 🙂 )

NEW: There’s also a kit available at Photographs & Memories online webshop! This includes my tutorial at no additional cost!

So enjoy the video and do let me know what occasion you think would be perfect for this Memories Fold-out Folio Album!


Awesomeness: 1-sheet Interactive Card!

Sometimes you want to send someone an awesome card, but you don’t have the time to spend hours and hours of creating. That is why I love my quick scrap projects!

I designed this card from only 1 sheet of doublesided 12×12″ (30,5×30,5 cm) design paper, with just a couple of folds and cuts. I also added some cardstock for the tags, and a few little embellishments. This design helps you to create a luxurious, interactive card within less than 60 minutes of creating!

It also enables you to use up those single sheets of double-sided design paper you might still have left over from other projects.

Or, in my case, the design lets me indulge myself in just buying single sheets that really stand out from their collections, without having to buy the entire collections and all that goes with them 🙂

To help you all along I wrote a tutorial for you, which you can acquire for a very sharp price in my Etsy shop 🙂

Enjoy the video and pictures below, and stay crafty!





My North Country Christmas cards

As I stated in my previous post, it’s never too early to create Christmas cards! 🙂

I used the 8×8 inch North Country paper pad and created 26 fairly large Christmas cards. I used different techniques, like die-cutting, stamping, layering, ribbons and of course my scrap mats. This older Prima collection doesn’t seem to have been used a lot, if the very small number of Youtube videos on it are any indication. So here’s my contribution to this apparently very small collection of North Country projects 🙂

Hopefully this helps you find some inspiration to create your own!
Happy crafting! 🙂

Great gift for a guy: Craftsman Chest

It’s always more difficult to come up with an original gift idea for a man than it is for a woman. I find altering some wooden object a great solution! It’s functional, it has added interest because it usually has some moving parts, like a lid or drawers, and with the right paper you can create quite the masculine project!

Like this little Craftsman Chest here, which by the way has its own little refrigerator magnet as a bonus 🙂 – perfect for hiding one or more giftcards. And, therefore, also perfect to give a present together with other people: they can all put their giftcards into this little chest!


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Treasured Memory Keepsake Album DeLuxe

This is probably the largest (or rather bulkiest) and most complex mini album I’ve created so far. My mother asked me to create a beautiful keepsake album in memory of my father, so you can imagine I went all out on this one.

She chose one of the paper lines in my stash, the gorgeous and very fittingly vintage romantic Stationer’s Desk by Prima Marketing.

The show & tell video has turned out rather long, approx. half an hour, so I decided to do a second version, a Fast Forward Edition so to speak, for those of you who just want a quick overview. You find both videos below plus lots of pictures, so take your pick or enjoy both of them 😉

Full Show & Tell video: Continue reading

Haul video & paper walkthrough: Stationer’s Desk by Prima

Stationer’s Desk is very vintage, very romantic, perfect for keeping those particularly precious memories. It reminds me somewhat of Romance Novel, one of their older collections. Stationer’s Desk is one of Prima Marketing’s latest however – and I did quite the shopping spree with this one. 🙂

So here’s my haul video – and stay tuned for the large keepsake album I’ve created with this collection, which I’ll post coming July!

Cute birthday booklet

Although at the moment designing and creating mini albums, cards and altered objects are my main focus when it comes to paper crafting, I really like the occasional mini (or even micro) booklet as well. This one for instance, with its 1 5/8 x 2 1/4 inches (4,3×5,7 cm) is the tiniest I’ve created yet. And it still has pockets & tags! 🙂

I used Madeline design paper by Prima Marketing, the same as with my Madeline cinch mini. This would also make it a great companion piece to this mini, for instance as an alternative birthday card.

So please enjoy the two-minute video!


By the way, in the video I refer to my Bohemian Bazaar mini booklet – which you van check out in more detail in my blogpost on the Bohemian Bazaar mini album.

Want to create your own micro booklet? Then check out my tutorial on this blog!


Cinch mini album in a box + some of my favorite tools

My first ring-bound mini album, using my brand new Cinch binding tool! I designed a custom-made box around it too, which makes it very nice, tidy and compact, and easy to keep in your bookcase.

The paper is gorgeous by the way (what else is new 🙂 ) – it’s Prima’s Madeline design paper, and I used both the A4 stach and the 6×6 inch pad.

I’m very pleased with the result, but of course I learned a lot too while creating this ringed album: what to do and more importantly, what NOT to do… Just check out the video and see what I mean 😉

In the video I’m also showing you some of the tools I use by the way.

For this album I was partly inspired by Kathy Orta’s build-a-page design,
and also by Ginger from My Sisters Scrapper for the page insert at the back of the mini album.

What are your favorite tools for paper crafting? Let me know in the comments section below! 🙂


Paper walkthrough: Madeline (Prima)

Here’s another lovely design paper stack by Prima Marketing: it’s called Madeline and has a floral theme in teal, green, wine red and brown. I started modestly with only the 6×6 inch paper pad, but that didn’t last very long… 😉

Anyway, here’s the two-minute video – click here if you can’t see it.

Prima Romance Novel altered treasure chest, pt. 1 – Preview / Work in progress

I’m working on a commissioned altered box at the moment, and I thought it would be fun to share some of the progress.

The person I’m making this for wants to send an altered box to his dear friend in New Zealand (yea, I’m being shipped overseas, woohoo! :-)). He has sent me some short notes he wants to be written on the box and furthermore he’s asked me to do something with a dandelion, or a dandelion theme, as this flower has special meaning to him and his friend.

Here’s what I came up with so far:

  1. I’m going to use the Romance Novel design paper stack, I don’t think there’s a paper out there that’s more fitting! It has everything you could want for a commission like this: it’s gorgeous, it’s romantic AND it has a love letter theme, including vintage postage stamps and the like! How cool is that for a gift that will actually be sent overseas by mail!
  2. I decided I wanted to find a way to create an actual paper dandelion, 3D, life size. Didn’t have a clue how to do it, but I was going to find out and make it work!

So, here’s some pics of the work in progress, enjoy!

The wooden box I’m altering. It’s kind of a mini treasure chest and it’s about 3.5×2.5×2.5 inches (9x6x6 cm). Isn’t it adorable?

First I removed its lock and the hinges on the back. Then I painted it dark brown except its little legs which I painted gold, using simple acryllic paint. I mixed it with a pearl paint to create a pearly shine. Then I sprayed glimmer mist on the whole thing, using Tattered Angel’s Iridescent Gold and Vanilla Breeze. Nothing too fancy, but it does create a very nice, subtle effect. Plus, this box has Golden Feet! 🙂

Here’s the layout for the box. I sprayed each piece of paper with a bit of glimmer mist, using the same two colors I used on the box. Of course I’m going to distress everything as well, for which I’ll be using Tim Holtz’s Black Soot distress ink.

On to the creation of the dandelion. Fortunately the internet was there to teach me how to make one (check out Inna’s Creations, a very creative Israeli lady whose website I stumbled onto. She makes gorgeous paper art!). I started by creating the paper strip on this picture.

Roll up tight!

And spread the little petals. Done – A cute little life-sized paper dandelion! Thank you Inna! 🙂

I’m going to put this inside the box, so that when my friend’s friend opens it, a lovely, bright piece of summer will smile at her 🙂

So, this was part 1 – hope you enjoyed it!

I’ll be showing you the finished product in part 2. Until then, stay creative!