What to do with a Christmas mini album

Frequently I get asked what to do with this thing called mini album. I tell everyone it’s for pictures and other memorabilia, but I find that showing an actual picture-filled mini album is the best explanation I can possibly give 🙂

So here’s my 2013 Tis the Season mini album, filled to the brim with my own family Christmas pictures. If you feel inspired to create such an album yourself, check out my mini album tutorial, it has hundreds of clear pictures and elaborate explanations. And for the many scrap mats you’ll see in the video, there’s a free video tutorial here.

Enjoy your Christmas holidays, have a very merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years!



All is Bright: A Box Pocket (Christmas) Mini Album

As my first Christmas mini has been completely loaded with family Christmas pictures since last year’s holiday season, it was time to create a new one – yea! 🙂

I rummaged through my (by now fairly impressive) stash and came back out with the beautiful vintage-yet-fresh All is Bright papers, a 2012 collection by My Mind’s Eye. With its 18 x 25 cm (7 1/8 x 9 7/8″) it’s larger than its Tis the Season predecessor. It sports nine interactive page layouts, plus what I’m calling a box pocket on the inside front cover.

I created one of these box pockets before, in my large Girly Girl’s Precious mini (see picture below), but this time I incorporated it in a tutorial! It’s already waiting for you in my Etsy shop 🙂

Since the box pocket can hold all kinds of nice things, like a stack of photo mats, cards, a mini folio or even an entire hardcover notebook, I have not included my mini folio in the album tutorial. Instead it’s part of its own – very affordable – tutorial set, including a bonus cutting guide for a larger version!

Check out the video if you’d like to see all the fun & interactive page designs, and sing along with the Christmas tune: “Aaaaall is calm, all is bright….”

I wish you all a very merry Christmas!


Thin is the New Bulky – an Alice in Wonderland 10-pic Mini Album

A friend asked me to create an Alice in Wonderland-themed mini album for her, to hold a maximum of only ten pictures. So no wallet, no folio, but an actual mini album. Oh, and no flowers please.

Well, that turned out to be a fun design challenge! Using a Marion Smith Designs paper collection called Mad Tea Party, I designed two interactive pages to hold the ten pictures. Of course I also incorporated a scrap mat, for which there’s a free video tutorial available on my blog. The second tutorial which may come in handy is my free gradient technique video for Distress Stickles.

So, this is a very thin mini album with no bulky embellishments, but:

Thin is the New Bulky! 🙂

Let’s start a new trend here shall we 😎.











Sunny Times – an XXL Flexible Spine Photo Album!

Hi all! I’m excited to be able to share this, my latest album! It is HUGE: it measures 9 x 12″ (23 x 30.5 cm), which makes it perfect to house the loads of pictures from any event or period of which you want to cherish many memories.

Since this particular album is beach-themed, it was created with our summer vacation in mind – so I named it Sunny Times!

It houses ten base pages – so 20 page surfaces – with lots of extra add-ons for your many pictures. You can add pictures of all sizes, ranging from wallet-sized all the way up to 8×10″ (20×27 cm), and in addition it offers lots of pockets and tuck spots for your memorabilia.

So check it out, enjoy the video, and consider your purchase options if you’d like to create one yourself: there’s the tutorial only option – a 178-page written tutorial (with over 500 clear pictures!) by way of immediate download – and then there’s the kit + tutorial you will very soon be able to get from Photographs and Memories, which is a kit full of goodies to create the album plus my aforementioned tutorial (no extra costs).




New Design: Pouch-Paged Mini Album

Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

I’m not a New Year’s Resolutions Person, but I do have one for 2017: I’m committed to keeping up my schedule of weekly blog posts, which means I’ll again have to do at least 52 papercraft projects this year… How’s that for a SMART resolution 🙂

I’m also striving to keep up my almost-monthly mini album schedule, or more specific, to create at least 10 mini albums in 2017. Yes, a bit less SMART, but intentionally so since I cannot guarantee my own periods of inspiration & creativity. It’s a lot of hard work and keeping to a tight schedule, all while doing (and trying to excel at) an actual fulltime job. But to be clear, I am NOT complaining! I love my job, and I love papercrafting!

So, let’s kick off this new year as best I can – with a new blog wallpaper & background (again a detail from one of my projects, just like last year’s), but more importantly, with a new mini album design!

I’m very proud to present my Pouch-Paged Mini Album! It’s a very versatile design which will hold at least 75 large pictures (13×18 cm / 5×7″); with every pouch you add, the number of pictures will increase with an extra 25 pictures or so, while staying relatively thin and practical.

And that’s not even counting what happens when you decide to add digital photo collaging to the mix. In my case that ensured my three-pouch album to hold 165 pictures! Check out the video below to hear and see more about that.

So, I hope you are all as pleased as I am with this very practical design. Let me know what you think, or create one yourself with my tutorial – the first of 2017, and many more follow 🙂 .



Joyful Reminiscing – a Keepsake Album XL

When I published the video for my Treasured Memory Keepsake Album XL, I got several requests for a tutorial. It took me some time to get around to it, but this summer I took advantage of my time off of work, and created another Keepsake Album XL of the exact same design, in order to write a tutorial.

It’s turned into a large tutorial for a large album :-), sporting 181 pages and a whopping 479 clear pictures to guide you to the step by step process! It will probably not be a “quick project” for you, which of course makes it ideal for the rainy Sunday afternoons that will probably soon dominate our upcoming fall weather.

So, withoutmuch further ado, I happily present to you my Joyful Reminiscing Keepsake Album XL, created with the beautiful Coral Couture paper collection by DCWV! 🙂

Click here to purchase the tutorial in my Etsy shop!


Keepsake Album Reprised: Mariposa 2nd Edition

A lady from India asked me to create a second version of my Butterflies & Stars Keepsake Album Deluxe – thank you Ayushi, it was a great project to recreate! 🙂

I didn’t have the stars papers anymore, so I had to make some adjustments and turned this second edition into a 100% Butterflies version.

Two years after creating the first edition of this album, I’m still amazed at how gorgeous DCWV’s Mariposa paper collection is, and its high quality papers are a dream to work with (once you get over cutting into them 😉 )!

If you like this kind of album, check out my other keepsake albums as well! And in case you’d like to create one yourself, a tutorial for a similar kind of album (except for a slightly different page design) is available in my Etsy shop.


Ancestry Mini Album – with pictures!

I generally love the wide variety of vintage design paper collections out there, but some really stand out. Like Ancestry, an older collection by K&Company. I enjoyed working with its warm, nostalgic colors and patterns before, when I created my large family tree mini album back in 2013. I also used it to create the cute micro album in a box I showed you earlier this year.

And most recently I decided to give it one last go and use up all of the remaining paper I had left to create one more mini album. So with pleasure I present to you my Ancestry Mini Album – with pictures!
For as a bonus, I added photos to the album to give you an idea of how a scrapbook mini album looks with actual pictures in it! I decided to work with pictures from my own family tree, you know, the really old black & white ones, hidden treasures dugg up from my parents’ old family albums.

So enjoy the video and don’t forget to like & subscribe! 🙂

If you’d like to create this album yourself, I recommend the tutorial for my Life’s a Picnic mini album. There are some minor differences in page design and album closure but its basic design is quite similar. If you’d like to do an ancestry themed album, there’s one more Heirloom kit available in my shop!

You can check out the video for the Life’s a Picnic album here, in case you’re considering to buy the tutorial. And for another variation on this design – to give you some inspiration – you can check out my Christmas mini album too.




Boys’ Heroes Ultra Mini Album

This was a great project for me, for I got to get my Geek on! 🙂

I created this Cinch-bound mini album for Merijn, the 8-year-old son of a friend. A couple of weeks ago I also created one for his older brother Thijmen, and because they are brothers I really wanted each album to have a unique look and feel, so that each boy would really have their own very personal album.

Whereas Thijmen’s album was all about natural history, with wildlife, animal foot prints and dinosaurs, the one I created for Merijn sports several superheroes and other boy favorites. (Of course I consulted their mother to find out what each boy liked.) The paper I used is That’s My Boy by Echo Park, the 6×6 inch pad.

Anyway, it was great fun to create this album and in the process come up with an alternative use for your Marvel comics calendar  – which of course you would have lying around if you’re even half the geek I am. 😉

Okay, so here’s the video. After which, please take a moment to like & subscribe. And, if by any chance you’re curious about my geeky side, try my other blog, Comics & Gadgets! (or its original Dutch version, Gadgets and Geekery.) And, you know, like & subscribe, or just say Hi in the comment section 🙂




Autumn Time Ultra Mini Album (with pictures!) + page tutorial

Hi guys & gals!

Well, you’re here, at the final part of September Mini Album Month on my blog! (which simply means I uploaded a mini album video every Sunday this September, instead of the usual once a month). In case you missed the other three, just start here and work your way back up to here 😉

This ultra mini album is a bit smaller than the other ultra minis I’ve created so far. It’s completely of my own design – a design that is actually so simple that I included a short but sufficient tutorial in the video below.

What was new for me was the layout technique: I filled the mini album with pictures, then added all kinds of cuteness like diecuts, brads, dimensional stickers etc. So hardly any interaction, no pockets, no tags – instead, lots of embellishments and decorations, on a foundation of Bo Bunny’s gorgeous Autumn Song collection.

Since this is the final part of Mini Album Month, I also included an overview of all four mini album projects of this month. I really enjoyed showing you a mini album every week, and I really hope you did too! 🙂


A Natural History Adventure Ultra Mini Album

Hello, and welcome to part 2 of September Mini Album Month on my blog! (which simply means I’ll upload a mini album video every Sunday, instead of the usual once a month). We started off Mini Album Month with a sweet baby girl mini – if you’ve missed it, you might wanna catch up 😉

This week it’s all about the ultra mini album I created for the son of my colleague & friend, who would be turning ten soon and his mother wanted him to have his very own 10-year-old’s-mini. She told me that of all the things he liked, he loved animals, nature, sea shells, and Minecraft the most. A fun challenge for me, for I had to imagine myself a little boy and try to answer the question: what kind of mini would I like?

I came up with an album that fit the ultra mini album category, by which I mean a type of album that sits right between the regular mini album and the micro album, both in size and complexity. Bo Bunny’s Trail Mix collection perfectly fit the natural history theme I had in mind.
By the way, I’ve shown you an ultra mini album some blog posts ago, so check it out for a Flora & Fauna-themed one.

For your convenience I included tutorials for the basic construction of the pages of this mini, so stay tuned for those in the second half of the video.

Last but not least: during the page tutorial I mention the magnet closure and ribbon pull fairly briefly, based on the assumption that you guys already know how to create those. If you don’t, however, I recommend one of my earlier tutorials, where I go over them step by step.

Have fun and let me know what you think!




Sweet New Baby Girl mini album

Welcome to September Mini Album Month on my blog:
I’ll upload a mini album video every Sunday, instead of the usual once a month!

We start off with a lovely, very girly, very pink mini album, which was commissioned by a grandmother, impatiently awaiting the arrival of her new granddaughter into this world. 🙂

The album is 15×17 cm (6×6.75 inches) and sports two paper collections: Lullaby by Kaisercraft, and a brandless A4 pad simply called Birth. To add a little contrast to all of this pink, I used a yellow distress ink to ink around all of the edges: Scattered Straw by Tim Holtz.

For the photo mats I used my so-called scrap mats throughout the album, which proves once again how much extra paper real estate you can generate by using all of your scraps.
As a bonus, I added a pair of the sweetest little baby girl socks!

So check out the video – and if you don’t want to miss out on my other September mini albums (which you don’t, of course 😉 ), simply subscribe to my channel by filling out your email adress at the top of my home page.



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