A Rose Garden Trio of Birthday Cards

Here’s three different cards created from one paper stack: Rose Garden by First Edition. All three designs are my own; it was great fun to come up with them and create them. The Rose Garden paper is truly lovely, very feminine and romantic. Very suitable for my aunt and my cousin, who have their birthdays in August.

The designs are very stylish, their contruction kept lean and with very little embellishments. It’s my way of allowing the beauty of the paper to speak for itself.

There’ll be a tutorial of the third card in one of my upcoming September projects (Natural History Adventure Ultra Mini Album), where it’ll be a mini album page design. But it works as a card just as well! So stay tuned if you want to learn how to make one… 😉

Anyway, here’s the video – hope you feel inspired by these cards 🙂

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Warm Winter Wishes – all occasions card

Sometimes we’re surprised by an invitation from a friend to come celebrate something with her. Like in this case, my friend invited me to dinner in her new house – that same evening! So I needed a quick card that wouldn’t take me the whole day to finish. The Tilda Winterbird cards & tags pad offered just the right solution, I embellished one of the cards while following the original pattern of the card itself, simply adding texture and dimension.


Most of the flowers and other embellishments are from nameless brands in my stash, but two of them are by Prima Marketing: the rose in the right hand corner is from Prima’s Rondelle collection; the larger cream flower just above that is from their Songbird collection.

Rondelle collection


Songbird collection



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Trishutter Xmas card tutorial

It’s that time of the year again – we’re preparing to send out our Season’s Greetings to all of our family and friends. So I did some research on the web and studied different kinds of homemade cards. The type of card that I chose checked all the boxes for me: you can use one template to create lots of unique cards; each card doesn’t take you more than one hour to create; you can decorate approx. 20 cards with one 6×6 inch paper pad to keep things cost effective.

Of course I’m sharing this with you all, so you can get some production going on your own homemade Christmas cards! The video below takes you through my tutorial for a so-called trishutter card. I’m showing you the finished products in a future blog post however, since I don’t want to give away any spoilers to the cards’ recipients ;-). There is a tiny little sneak peak in the video however…

So enjoy the tutorial and Happy Scrapping!

Envelope purse made of paper

This envelope of my own design reminded me of a real purse, so I baptized it envelope purse  🙂

I’m still not done with my beautiful Serenity paper and once again it hasn’t let me down! So I’m glad I still have some of it left for small future projects.

Wanna see more Serenity paper projects? Check out my Timeless Memories mini album and my Serenity double pocket tag card!

DCWV - Serenity 4

Commemorative keepsake album “Butterflies & Stars”

My friend commissioned a mini album and she wanted something special, a true keepsake, easy to put between other books (so no dimensional embellishments and extra protection for the pages) and last but not least: incorporate a two-fold theme of butterflies and stars (for personal reasons).

Some commission! 🙂 So, I came up with a new design, taking a little bit of inspiration from both Kathy Orta and a lady calling herself Angelwings14100 on Youtube. Of course I personalized it, creating a unique design by adding my own style, interpretation and of course some original design elements.

Above: One of my original design elements; I created a charm element that incorporated both my usual little Handmade token and the the dual theme of the album, in this case Butterflies & Stars

Here’s the Show & Tell video of my Keepsake album:

And here’s the links to the inspiration videos I mentioned:

Looking forward to you letting me know what you think!


Cinch mini album in a box + some of my favorite tools

My first ring-bound mini album, using my brand new Cinch binding tool! I designed a custom-made box around it too, which makes it very nice, tidy and compact, and easy to keep in your bookcase.

The paper is gorgeous by the way (what else is new 🙂 ) – it’s Prima’s Madeline design paper, and I used both the A4 stach and the 6×6 inch pad.

I’m very pleased with the result, but of course I learned a lot too while creating this ringed album: what to do and more importantly, what NOT to do… Just check out the video and see what I mean 😉

In the video I’m also showing you some of the tools I use by the way.

For this album I was partly inspired by Kathy Orta’s build-a-page design,
and also by Ginger from My Sisters Scrapper for the page insert at the back of the mini album.

What are your favorite tools for paper crafting? Let me know in the comments section below! 🙂


Mini Pocket Fold-out card

The ancestry mini album of one my previous blog posts was commissioned as a birthday gift for my aunt. So I decided that the birthday card I would send to her, would be a companion piece to go with that album. I chose Kathy Orta’s design for what she’s called a mini pocket page and added my own styling – and of course some printed tags (for what I would I do without at least a couple of those!).

This fold-out card is created with only one piece of cardstock!

Anyway, very pleased with the result – this Ancestry paper is so gorgeous btw, I love it!

Click here if you can’t see the video below.

Happy scrapping, until next time!


How to create a mini wallet birthday card (for a guy)

There’s of course many different ways to create a mini wallet. Here’s one that I designed and created myself, and I’d like to show you how I did it – since it’s so simple it would be a shame not to share! (and it will only take about 5 minutes of your precious time!)

I used Graphic 45’s design paper stack A Proper Gentleman to decorate, since it is perfect for creating a birthday card (or any kind of card) for a guy.

Click here if you can’t see the video below.


Klik hier als je het filmpje hieronder niet kunt zien.

Dutch translation:
Leuk kadokaarthoudertje, prima als verjaardagskaart te gebruiken. Ik was al een tijdje op zoek naar papier dat voor een man geschikt zou zijn (geen bloemetjes, vlindertjes en felgekleurde sierpatroontjes) en was dan ook blij met de ontdekking van dit papier van Graphic 45: A Proper Gentleman. Ideaal om naar een man te sturen!


Two quick photo wallets with K&Company’s “Charlotte” paper

The photo wallet I showed you in one of my previous blogposts takes only about 1-2 hours to create and you only need one sheet of 12×12 inch design paper and one sheet of cardstock. All in all, it’s pretty easy to make, which makes it an ideal project whenever you’re in a hurry.

Since both my mother and myself were in need of a “quick card”, I therefore turned to this particular model of photo wallet, for which I found the basic design on Youtube, by a lady calling herself stampingholly, who posted it in 2008 (!).

I used design paper by K&Company called Classic K – Charlotte, which is a beautiful, vintage romance design stack in greens, pinks and blues.

The little photo wallet holds 6 tags which can either be used as photo mats or as journaling spots. Which means you can actually carry 6-12 pictures in it! Who’d a thunk 😉
Anyway, here’s both mini wallets!

Mini wallet #1

Next to the six cards that come with this mini wallet, I added a seventh tag in the small extra front pocket.  I had printed my birthday wishes onto the tag, then I embellished it with a nice green “blingy” flower and covered it in a thin layer of pink glitter glue – which I did after I had printed it of course ;-).

When you remove the card from the main front pocket, the pattern paper underneath becomes visible; as you can see I chose the “closure ribbon” in the same shade of light blue as this pattern.

The mini wallet shows two cute little hot pink tabs, which I fussy cut myself and then embellished with some pink stickle glue.

Each tab is attached to a card, which is meant for journaling or as a photo mat. Each card has its own pocket btw (so there are six pockets for six cards).

When you open the mini wallet, you gain access to yet another two cards.

And last but not least, the back of the mini wallet is the mirror image of its front.

Mini wallet #2

The second mini wallet was constructed in exactly the same way, except with a different sheet of pattern paper from the Charlotte stack – and different colors of both photo mats and tabs to match.

I punched a little half circle out of each inner page, so as to create a way to grab hold of the cards inside the pockets.

Like I said, this mini wallet is pretty easy to make. If you’d like to give it a try yourself, just go to Youtube and search for stampingholly’s photo wallet video from 2008.

Until next time, stay creative! 🙂


Explosion box with Uptown Flair design paper

Here’s my second explosion box, decked in the gorgeous summer colors of The Paper Studio’s Uptown Flair design paper. Not only is an explosion box a great alternative for your usual birthday card or gift, it is also kind of a mini album since it will actually hold about 20 pictures!

I had so much fun creating my first explosion box, in the blue jeans colors of the Fiddlesticks paper pad, so I was very happy when I was commissioned to create a second one.

Uptown Flair’s color theme is so inspiring! Almost every sheet of its 12×12 inch paper stack has glitter in its design, which gives it a truly glamorous and festive look and feel. I had already used it on some other projects – two birthday cards, one a mini wallet and the other a photo wallet – but when you make an explosion box you really have to use each and every sheet of paper; which automatically means you get to enjoy working with each individual design.

Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think. If you’d like to create one yourself, please check out the tutorial in my Etsy shop. Oh, and for the link to the “Print your tags” (free) tutorial I refer to in the video, click here.

Click here if you can’t see the video.


Klik hier als je het filmpje niet kunt zien.

Dit explosiedoosje is een leuk alternatief voor een verjaardagskaart of zelfs een minialbum – er kunnen nl. ongeveer 20 foto’s in!

Ter inspiratie om zelf ook te maken – er is een Engelstalige werkinstructie beschikbaar in mijn Etsy shop. Ik kan ook een Nederlandse versie voor je maken, tegen dezelfde prijs. Geen tijd/zin om zelf te maken? Je kunt er ook eentje bestellen op dit blog, via de Showroom, papierkeuze/kleur/thema in overleg.

Two birthday photo wallets (and hosting my first workshop)

Recently I used the design of the Uptown Flair birthday photo wallet to teach my first scrapping workshop! I received three ladies into my home to show them the first steps of scrapbooking techniques. It was super fun having to actually lay the table, only this time using cutting mat, craft knife, bone folder and ruler for plates & cutlery 🙂

The ladies had great fun creating their own photo wallets, and once the creative juices started flowing each of them came up with some pretty great ways to embellish their cards!

Each photo wallet was created using two olive green envelopes & cards, plus an extra piece of lime green card stock. We matted with Basic Grey’s lovely Sweet Threads design paper, using the 6×6 inch pad. Although none of the photo wallets were completely finished, they were done by about 90%, so here’s the results after a little over four hours of scrapping fun:

And here’s some extra shots of my own photo wallet, which I’ll send to my aunt for her birthday in June. I finished it a couple of days after the workshop. I put some flower seeds in its middle pocket, by way of “sending a bunch of flowers” – with a wink 😉

On the inner right page I will put a nice photo portret of my aunt. The two small pink tags (Beautiful and Feminine) will be put on top of it, by way of “positive commentary” on how I think about my aunt.

Now, I can’t leave you guys without a video can I ;-), so here’s the video (English and Dutch versions) of the photo wallet that I used as a model during the workshop, to show the ladies what we were going to create, how it was going to look, how it could be used, etc. Enjoy your paper crafting!

Click here if you can’t see the video below.


Klik hier als je onderstaande video niet kunt zien.

Paper walkthrough: Gemstones 6×6 inch paper pad

This is a nice little color paper pad. Twenty sheets for twenty colors, each sheet with a nice canvas texture and a metalic – actually “pearlescent”, or so the cover says – sheen on one side, and the same color without these “extras” on the backside. No intricate designs, no nifty patterns – thus becoming the perfect match for pretty much every other paper stack in existence! 🙂

Click here if you can’t see the video.