Kraft-colored Tea Box with Olive Tree

A man requested a customized tea box for his beloved, an avid tea lover. He asked me to keep it natural, with browns and greens and no fuss, and when I suggested he watch my K&Company Olive Tree paper walkthrough, he chose four sheets that he loved the best.

So it’s with those four 12×12″ sheets that I altered this 9-partition wooden tea box. I used some die-cuts to create a paper ornament on top, with a Tea is Ready stamp – in Dutch. The result is an elegant, stylish tea box keepsake in warm, neutral kraft colors. I was of course very happy to hear both the man and his lady loved the tea box! 🙂

Have you ever created a kraft-colored project or would you ever consider it?




Condolences Card: Color is the New Gray

I remember the time, not too long ago, when almost all condolences cards were rather stark. Most had only small illustrations on a large plain of white, and always in black and gray-tones. Then, slowly but steadily, color was added. First came the browns, with a few small and very tasteful autumn leaves, then here and there a flower creeped in.

Nowadays many condolences cards show more colors than just blacks, grays and browns. Only a few years ago I would probably be hesitant to send a rather colorful condolences card to someone, but I have to admit, since I have been the recipient of several of those when my father passed away, to my own surprise I appreciated the colorful ones very much. This is not to say that the more traditional cards are not a good choice of course. It’s just that my own personal experience in this area has convinced me not only that it’s okay to use color, but that it may actually add to the card’s (admittedly limited) effect.

So here’s an idea for a condolences card for scrappers and card makers: create a card of color, which requires only one sheet of double-sided design paper; do not embellish it too much, just let the paper speak for itself.
For instance, I decorated my card sparingly with only two stamps, some die-cuts and a swing-tab. Some folds and cuts did the rest.

All in all a very simple yet stylish choice for a condolences card. Meanwhile I truly hope you won’t need to send out many… though unfortunately we’ll probably all have to at least once or twice in our lifetimes.

If you’d like to add a very personal touch of comfort by creating this 1-sheet condolences card yourself, you can follow the clear instructions (with 63 pictures) in my tutorial.



Video Tutorial: Gatefold Card

A while ago I created a little gatefold card after which I received some requests for a tutorial. I’m happy to share that I’ve now finished such a tutorial and I’m sharing it with you all today! 🙂

For some extra inspiration I’m also sharing some photos of another one of these cards at the end of this post, below the video.

So have fun creating, and stay crafty! 🙂

A third example, for some extra inspiration 😉

A journaling tag hanging from a brad, instead of a tuck spot with several small tags.

No pocket on the back; instead, an embossed scrap mat.

On the front a dimensional sticker from the paper collection, instead of a flower.

Have fun crafting! 🙂


Ancestry Mini Album – with pictures!

I generally love the wide variety of vintage design paper collections out there, but some really stand out. Like Ancestry, an older collection by K&Company. I enjoyed working with its warm, nostalgic colors and patterns before, when I created my large family tree mini album back in 2013. I also used it to create the cute micro album in a box I showed you earlier this year.

And most recently I decided to give it one last go and use up all of the remaining paper I had left to create one more mini album. So with pleasure I present to you my Ancestry Mini Album – with pictures!
For as a bonus, I added photos to the album to give you an idea of how a scrapbook mini album looks with actual pictures in it! I decided to work with pictures from my own family tree, you know, the really old black & white ones, hidden treasures dugg up from my parents’ old family albums.

So enjoy the video and don’t forget to like & subscribe! 🙂

If you’d like to create this album yourself, I recommend the tutorial for my Life’s a Picnic mini album. There are some minor differences in page design and album closure but its basic design is quite similar. If you’d like to do an ancestry themed album, there’s one more Heirloom kit available in my shop!

You can check out the video for the Life’s a Picnic album here, in case you’re considering to buy the tutorial. And for another variation on this design – to give you some inspiration – you can check out my Christmas mini album too.




Teddy Bear Baby Card

Recently I found the most adorable baby scrapbook sheets while browsing through the clearance bin in my local scrap shop. They were from the Teddy Bear collection by K&Company, a collection I think is so old I can hardly find any information about it on the interwebs…

Naturally I decided I needed to have them 🙂 and to be on the safe side I chose a third sheet from an entirely different collection that coordinated well with the other sheets. So when my cousin’s new son was born soon after, I was very happy to use this cutest-of-the-cute paperline and created an interactive card.

My goal was to let the design paper speak for itself: it was already so cute & cuddly in and of itself, it didn’t need any fancy layering or embellishing!
So here’s the card I designed.

This gatefold card is kept closed by a swing tab. To create the swing tab I fussy-cut one of the bears from the paper, backed it up with some cardstock and attached it to the card with a brad.

I chose a nail brad on purpose, hiding it in plain site by attaching it to the spot in which a teddy bear would normally have some kind of nail or screw to function as a hip joint – especially the really ancient models… 😉
Centered on the inside is a pocket. For some added interest and to really show off the paper I kept the ‘marching’ teddy bear intact, fussy-cutting around it rather than simply cutting the piece to size to mat the pocket.

Hiding inside the pocket is a little card-inside-a-card. First I matted this little card, then embellished it with two separate teddy bears that I fussy-cut from the design paper.  

I lifted the smaller teddy with some dimensional tape.


I matted the back and stamped Handmade with love. This mat is actually from a fourth design paper collection: Romantic Nursery by Marianne Design. I left the inside plain so I could write a personal message.


I matted the back of the card with some button paper, which was the third sheet I found in the clearance bin. I thought it coordinated remarkably well with the two sheets of teddy bear paper!


I really enjoyed working with these three treasured sheets of design paper I found. What kind of projects have you created to show off a particular paper collection?

Group Gift Explosion Box

This style of explosion box combines two of my previous styles of decorating: 1. designpaper only; 2. photos only.
This one makes for a great gift idea if you’re giving this as a group of people, like your entire family, or a group of colleagues – like in this case with this particular explosion box. For it has both design paper and photos, and a new element: several personalized messages, printed onto the design paper itself!

And by the way, there’s an explosion box tutorial available in my brand spanking new Etsy shop – called Creator’s Image Studio! 🙂 This tutorial was based on the Explosion of Joy explosion box, but it resembles this one in most of the designs and techniques, so check it out in my Etsy shop!

I’ll post an “official” shop announcement video in my next blog of course, but I thought I might mention it now, since the first tutorial in the shop is on an explosion box 😉 .

So enjoy the video – please like if you do & feel free to leave a comment! And don’t forget to check out the explosion box tutorial in my Etsy shop!



Cuteness in a Box – a Gatefold Micro Album

Time for some super cuteness! 🙂

This tiny gatefold micro album measures 3½ x 2⅜ x 1½ inches! (9x6x4 cm) It comes with its own little box, with sides that fold open for easy access. The box measures  2⅜ x 4⅛ inches (6.5 x 10.5 cm).

I haven’t got a tutorial yet, but as of this year I’m writing tutorials for several of my upcoming projects, which will be made available through my new webshop (which I’m also working on). So stay tuned!

Design paper used: Ancestry by K&Company. I’ve used this paper before, on a large mini album, so check it out.

And here’s the video, enjoy – and please let me know what you think in the comment section, and by liking & subscribing!

Happy Birthday – A very special folds card (Step Card)

I created this card after an example I saw in a Kaisercraft flyer. First I experimented with normal white printing paper until I got the scoring and cutting lines right – and then I went for the real thing 😉
To create one yourself, just freeze frame when I show you the “naked card”!

The paper I used is K&Company’s lovely Que Sera Sera collection – the same design paper I used for my boxed mini album!

Thank you for liking & subscribing, and feel free to leave a comment below!



Boxed summer album: Enjoy Each Moment

Inspired by one of the many creative people on Youtube, I took it upon me to create a very special kind of keepsake album: the boxed mini album. The cover of this new category of minis will turn it into a box every time you close the album! Cool.

Not having bought the tutorial, the only design clues I had were the show & tell video by the lady that inspired this album. So naturally there will be several differences between her and my design. Plus, I added some deliberate changes as well: the way the cover opens, the use of book muslin. Well, just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean 😉

Oh, and I did some photo editing as well, for I adapted the first and the last photos’ backgrounds to better fit the design paper – so there’s a little bonus idea. 🙂

Meanwhile, stay crafty!




A springtime Ultra Mini Album

I decided to call this mini an ultra mini album – which automatically made it the first in my brand-new category of mini albums. 🙂 The ultra mini album sits right between my category of micro albums and regular, full-blown mini albums: sort of like an ultrabook – you know, the category of superthin laptops sitting right between a netbook and a regular full-blown laptop 🙂

Creating an ultra mini album turns out to be a great way to use up your leftover design papers, especially if you’ve got more than just tiny scraps.

For the binding of this ultra mini I used my Cinch; the design paper is Flora and Fauna by K&Company.

I invite you to check out the Flora & Fauna XL keepsake album that I mention in the video. And if you want to make some scrap mats of your own, I recommend my scrap mat tutorial!

Enjoy, and stay crafty! 🙂


Explosion of Joy – a springtime explosion box

Don’t you love spring? The days are finally lengthening again, birds are coaxing potential mates to their side by singing to their hearts’ content, early flowers are blooming in happy colors and the sun is already tentatively testing the strength of it’s rays. I think God designed springtime to be an awesome reminder for us that their’s always New Life waiting for us after a period of death – no matter how long the winter in your heart may have lasted.

An explosion box is therefore an especially fitting springtime project: it’s literally an Explosion of Joy!  🙂

Enjoy the video – please like if you do & feel free to leave a comment! And – there’s a tutorial available in my Etsy shop!




“Every day is Father’s Day” card

So what if it’s not Father’s Day anytime soon! I just wanted to give my dad a special card, just to let him know I love and appreciate him, and I was going to do it right now. 🙂

My father loves his nature, flowers and animals, so I took a sheet of cream-colored A4 paper, added a couple of pieces of the perfectly fitting Flora and Fauna design paper and got to work! Oh, and also, I harvested some of the pears and apples growing in my garden so as to make a cute autumn harvest basket for my dad. Needless to say, he loved it!