Gift Idea: Upcycled Jewelry Box

Sometimes that accessory you buy comes in a small jewelry box. My recent such purchase sported the name of the shop on its lid, but apart from that the box had a very nice antique bronze color, which inspired me to re-use it as a gift box.

So I thought I’d share this idea with you today, for this is the perfect little quick scrap gift idea, which you can finish in about 15 minutes (tops). Simply alter the lid, covering the shop’s name or logo, by decorating it with some design paper, a brad, and some embellishments.
It’s very easy to do, it’ll cost you hardly any time at all, and you’ll have a uniquely customized gift box for your present. 🙂



Adorable Altered Wooden Jewelry Gift Box

A little altered treasure chest can be a cute gift in an of itself, but turning it into a jewelry gift box will add a lot of interest!

This micro treasure chest measures 6 x 4 x 4 cm (2⅜ x 1½ x 1½”). I painted it inside and outside (always remove the hinges & closure pieces first), then decorated it with Stationer’s Desk design paper by Prima Marketing plus some flowers.

Then I folded a piece of design paper to hold a pair of earrings – which is removable so the micro chest can be reused.

So, it’s all very simple to do – but what an amazing gift this makes! Think birthdays, weddings, graduations, Mother’s Day, and of course Christmas 🙂

Enjoy the video & pictures, hope you feel inspired!