Four Seasons, Four Sentiments

A lady asked me to create four double-layout cards for her, one for each season. She also provided me with four seasonal sentiments to incorporate. What a fun challenge that proved to be! ūüôā

I also used four brands by the way, so I really saw all four ūüė鬆corners of my craft supply room. Here’s the collections I used:

  • Spring: Graphic 45, Time to Flourish
  • Summer: Kaisercraft, Fly Free
  • Autumn: Bo Bunny, Autumn Song
  • Winter: Studiolight, Frozen Forest

Let me know what you think!



Card for a Guy with A Proper Gentleman

This week I’m sharing a card for a guy – with some extra embellishment tips! I used Graphic 45’s wonderful¬†A Proper Gentleman¬†collection, which I still can’t get enough of ūüôā

Enjoy the video!


Also check out my Man About Town sturdio album, which I made with the same paper collection!



Simple & Elegant: Enchanted Forest Desk Organizer

An altered object can be a great present for Christmas or someone’s birthday.¬†It can be tempting to embellish your project¬†with all kinds of decorations, like flowers, charms, trinkets and the like.¬†However, keeping it simple and elegant is sometimes a more sophisticated¬†choice. Let your beautiful papers speak for themselves, and use your creativity to choose the right combination of paper patterns & colors.

For instance, the gorgeous¬†Enchanted Forest collection by¬†Graphic 45¬†has such beautiful patterns, I thought it really wouldn’t do to cover them up by¬†anything else ūüôā So I used them to decorate this cute little wooden desk organizer I found in one of our home decor shops. This one was a bit smaller than my previous¬†one, and its¬†black¬†color was the perfect base for the Enchanted Forest¬†collection (and¬†almost any other¬†Graphic 45¬†paper line for that matter).

Personally I’m very pleased with the result – in fact I think I’ll keep this one for myself after all! ūüôā


Using the collection’s signature sheet to decorate the left & right side of the organizer:


French Country Memory Box (Handmade)

My friend asked me to create a memory box, like the ones I showed you earlier¬†only larger. She chose the beautiful, romantically rural¬†French Country¬†collection by¬†Graphic 45 –¬†especially since she loves France.

This handmade storage box is pretty large and can hold lots of memorabilia, or even one or more mini albums!
Its dimensions are¬†19 x 22 cm (7¬Ĺ x 8 5/8‚ÄĚ) and it is 16 cm (6¬ľ”) high, custom-fitted both to the largest and the widest card of a set of cards she wanted to keep in the box, and to the height of the set of cards when stacked on top of eachother, which was 15 cm (6″).

I followed my own box-making tutorial, but with the new dimensions of course. I also came up with a small technique improvement along the way.

I added both the improved instruction and a bonus cutting guide with the new measurements to the existing tutorial Рwhich means all of you guys who already own this tutorial (which is #17 in my shop) can now redownload it for free to get the improved version, and will also get the new cutting guide for free!

New customers will of course also get this new version + the cutting guide in one purchase.


I decorated the box with several cutaparts from the collections and two door pulls. On the lid I also used some flowers, charms and buttons, and a hand-painted wooden letter. All in all these beautiful papers are a perfect summer or fall collection, with gorgeous, full colors.



So, Leftover Scraps Are Beautiful Too You Know…

As you may have noticed I really like to use up every last bit of paper I’m using, both the design paper AND the cardstock. So here’s two cards I created with what little I had left from two previous projects. And I’m pretty convinced that if I hadn’t said anything you wouldn’t have noticed these two pieces of postal happiness are actually created from leftovers – for there’s nothing measly about them at all! ūüôā

The first card is made from a single strip of cardstock, folded just so, and with a piece of decorative chipboard-turned-magnetized-closure.

The second card is a napkin-fold card with a gloriously embellished belly band. You can make one yourself quite easily – Yes you can! Just watch my free video tutorial and have at it!

So go ye’ all, beeth the Frugallest of Crafters and enjoyeth thee with thy Scraps! ūüôā



Man About Town – a New ‘Sturdio’ Album

A short while ago I designed a new kind of¬†folio album, with accordion style page sets and very sturdy cover parts – hence the new name I coined: a¬†sturdio album¬†ūüôā

At the time I was¬†in the Zone¬†designing & creating, so I wasn’t able to write a tutorial. But I promised you I would, and now I have! So here is the second iteration of my¬†sturdio album¬†design, created with¬†Graphic 45’s A Proper Gentleman¬†collection. It’s a little bit larger, but it has the same page design as the original. You can find the tutorial in my Etsy shop.

This one was especially created for my dearest friend Christa, who wanted to have a very special album to keep her favorite pictures of her beloved husband.

So, without further ado, here’s Man About Town, a¬†sturdio¬†album.



Four Seasons Sturdy Folio Album

Hi guys, I’m very happy to present my latest design: a very sturdio folio album, which I’ve therefore dubbed¬†Sturdio ūüôā .

It consists of three accordion-fold page assemblies, rolled into one neat mini album. This one’s theme is the Four Seasons, since I used¬†Graphic 45’s¬†beautiful floral calendar collection¬†Time to Flourish.¬†I kept the months in their proper order, thereby creating three trimesters for one entire year of pictures.

I was completely in the Zone when I designed and created this, which is why I haven’t been able to write a tutorial. I promise I will write one this year, and thank you for your patience, for it will take me creating a second one of these sturdios.

Anyway, enjoy the video and pictures, and do let me know what you think in the comments section! See you next week! ūüôā




Double Layout Card with G45’s World’s Fair

I love the full-color spectrum of Graphic 45’s World’s Fair paper collection, which allows me to create the kind of colorful projects I enjoy so much.

Of couse I created a large keepsake album first to take full advantage of the gorgeous papers, and¬†fortunately I had enough paper left over to create several cards. Today I’m sharing the first of these – it’s what I like to call a double layout card, by which I mean that it has a layout on both the front and the inside.

To embellish I made use of cutaparts, flowers, chipboard pieces, the tags & envelopes of the collection, and even a small butterfly.

Enjoy the inspiration!



Be Your Creative Self – an 8×8″ Page Gatefold Keepsake Album

Hi you all!

I’m so happy to be able to share my latest mini album design! It’s an 8¬Ĺ x 8¬Ĺ” (22 x 22 cm) gatefold keepsake album, which I’ve titled¬†Be Your Creative Self –¬† which sentiment is totally inspired by the paper collection I’ve been working with:¬†World’s Fair,¬†the glorious 2015 collection¬†by¬†Graphic 45.

This is a luxurious¬†gatefold keepsake album, a square one this time –¬†the others have all been in portrait mode. Its pages are a little bit larger than 8×8″, so that you can work with those great 8×8″ design paper pads.

This Be Your Creative Self album contains twelve interactive page layouts, including the inside covers. It has a magnetized closure and has a very crisp and clean cover, no embellishments at all, to really showcase this magnificent paper line.

It was a heck of a job to get it done, but soooo, so much fun! If you’d like to create this great album yourself, a¬†tutorial is available on Etsy, with over 400 clear pictures of the step-by-step process!

Enjoy the video and pictures below, and let me know what you think in the comment section!



Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2016

Hi all!

As you may have noticed, one of my favorite design paper brands is Graphic 45. Which is why¬†I’m super¬†excited – and a little nervous! – for this blog post, for it is my first time ever submission¬†for a¬†Graphic 45‘s Design Team Audition! ūüôā

I am delighted to be able to share some¬†of my favorite projects – old and new – that showcase my style, including¬†a tutorial via Snapguide, and I hope you’ll all feel inspired by them! Continue reading

Birthday Card for a Golf Player

A so-called tri-shutter card is easy to make and almost always generates amazed and admiring responses. You can create them at different sizes and shapes (i.e. rectangular or square), simply by playing around with both the horizontal and vertical measurements of your cardstock.

I created different Christmas versions in the past, with the square (when folded closed) Holly Jolly cards and the smaller, rectangular Caramel Christmas versions.

Today I’m sharing a third variation: a birthday card for a golf player, using¬†a Proper Gentleman¬†paper by¬†Graphic 45.

I fussy-cut an actual golf player from the paper and glued it to the left front panel, making sure the glof club was sticking out.

I also die-cut and embossed the first letter of the name of the guy to whom I was going to send it. I lightly went over it with some distress ink, to highlight the embossed parts.

I always use a light color for the central panel, to be able to write or stamp a message. In this case: Congratulations in Dutch.

When creating a card or other project for a guy, I always keep the embellishments at a minimum. No fuss for a man! ūüôā

Sometimes it’s difficult to establish whether the male recipient of your card genuinely likes it for its own merits – for though he may truly appreciate and enjoy the gesture, he might still feel neutral at best about the esthetics of your work. Nevertheless, in this case I think the¬†colleague who received this particular card actually deemed it¬†quite likeable ūüôā

So, hope you feel inspired for your first new cards in 2016. As I said this design is very easy to make. If you’d like to try it but don’t know how, check out my free video tutorial!

Next week’s¬†video: Boxing Days – A chipboard¬†storage or gift box to create yourself!



December Deluge 9: 8×8″ Signature Sheet Christmas Card

This December month I’ll post many projects on my blog, to give you some inspiration and ideas for your Christmas projects – and also to help you spend your holiday time creatively. In my previous posts I showed you several December projects, the first of¬†which was a¬†quick Christmas Mini Album,¬†so you can start there if you’d like to see them all.¬†Today:¬†Part 9¬†of this December Deluge of creative ideas¬†ūüôā

Today I’m sharing part 2 of my¬†signature sheet¬†ideas,¬†so the sheets that¬†feature the title of each¬†Graphic 45¬†collection. In my case, just like in my previous post, from the¬†8×8″¬†Nutcracker Sweet¬†Christmas collection.

Signature sheet

This time I hardly cut into it at all, using it in its entirety for an interactive 8×8″ Christmas card. Since this one was for my mother, I also added a present: a handmade voucher for the actual¬†Nutcracker Suite classical ballet piece¬†– for which I was totally inspired by this paper collection! ūüôā

So there’s an idea to use your beautiful signature sheets, and you only need:

  • 1 double-sided signature sheet
  • 1 double-sided sheet of design paper from the same collection
  • some cutaparts
  • a piece of decorative chipboard

Have fun creating and enjoy your Christmas holiday season!

Using a chipboard piece as a closure: simple but very effective!

Next up: December Deluge 10: Decoupage Your Winter Home Decor + Happy New Year!