Photo Folio “Travel Light” – For Your Holiday Memories

My mom and I went to Gran Canaria last May, one of Spain’s Canary Islands just off the southern coast of Morocco. I was really looking forward to designing something new to hold my pictures. I decided to try my hand at a photo folio, using K&Company’s gorgeously vintage Travel collection – which had been waiting in my stash for just the right project.

So here’s a brand-new design, into which I managed to get 82 pictures, most of which sized 5×7″ (13×18 cm)! Meanwhile, its spine still is only a meager 1⅛” (3 cm). Suffice it to say I’m very pleased with this project, which took me a couple of weeks to come up with and wrap my head around some design issues.

And of course there’s a tutorial for you, available in my Etsy shop! It has 55 pages and a whopping 136 pictures – check it out for it is very affordable. 🙂

Hope you enjoy, stay crafty!



Endless Little Memories – a Micro Folio Album!

As you may know if you’ve browsed through my blog, I really like creating so-called micro projects, especially if there’s an actual Big Sister, i.e. an original regular-sized project that has inspired me to create a micro version.

My Endless Little Memories micro folio album is such a miniaturization, for it was modelled after my Neverending Memories folio album. I used Prima Marketing’s 2011 Romantique collection, and the results are cute-cuter-cutest! 🙂

Of course you won’t need as much material as you would with the larger version. For instance, I only needed 14 sheets of 15×15 cm (6×6″) design paper for this unique little micro folio!

If you’d like to create one yourself, please check out my Etsy shop for the tutorial, which explains the step-by-step proces in 77 pages with 208 clear pictures.

Anyway, here’s the video & pics!



Reprisal: Neverending Memories Folio Album, with pictures!

When I showed you my Neverending Memories Folio Album back in February 2015, I hadn’t filled it up with pictures yet. Recently someone bought it from me and asked me to fill it with pictures of their dogs. Which means I can now show you how a folio album such as this one can look with actual photos inside!

If you’d like to create this folio album yourself, you can do so relatively easily and with only one 12×12 inch design paper collection (plus cardstock of course), with help of the tutorial in my Etsy shop (120 pages with 430 pictures of the step-by-step process).

So here we go, hope you feel extra inspired by this picture-filled folio album!




New Design: Removable Folio Album

Happy New Year everyone! I’m very happy to be able to start this new year by sharing with you my first new design of 2016: a Removable Folio Album! 🙂

This folio can house 60 pictures, folds in and out like an accordian and… can be completely removed from its cover to grant maximum freedom of movement! As a bonus feature, the cover can fold a full 360 degrees!

If you’d like to create it yourself, check out the tutorial in my Etsy shop!

I used the Mimosa paper collection by S.E.I., which is a beautiful, bright and warm design paper that reminded me of spring and summer.

Enjoy the video, and let me know what you think in the comment section!


Loose Change – A Twelve Pocket Folio

Sometimes people send me some photographs, maybe a picture of me and them during a party or a family event, or just a photo update of their little baby. And sometimes they use these pictures as cards – writing a personal message to me on the back. This doesn’t happen super often, but enough to make me want to store these pictures neatly together. Also, I’d like to preserve any notes or personal messages on the backs of these photos.

So I came up with a quick and easy design for a folio: thin, light-weight and without any photo mats since I wasn’t going to glue anything down. I just needed pockets that would fit 10 x 15 cm (4×6″) pictures, and I chose to create twelve – a number that would fairly easily fit onto two pages, keeping the folio super thin. Also, twelve is perfect if you wanted to do something like a year in review or baby’s first year, or some such.

I’m calling this design Loose Change, for it’s intended specifically for pictures you do not want to glue down, and want to change regularly.
This design of course enables you to preserve any hand-written notes on the backs!

In case you’d like to create one yourself, there’s a tutorial waiting for you in my Etsy shop.

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