Three All Occasions Folios

As I promised you last week, I have now made the tutorials available for the three photo folios I shared with you in my previous blog posts. Two of them were part of a pre-made collection folio – you can check out last week’s video to refresh your memory. And the third and smallest one went with my Box Pocket Mini Album, which you can find in last year’s Christmas album post.

I’ve actually listed a tutorial set in my shop, for your convenience. It contains two tutorials plus a cutting guide with some different measurements & extra instructions – so three downloadable files, one for each of the folios in the picture above!

Please let me know if you like these kinds of projects, for like you, I too am always looking for some inspiration 🙂






Pre-made Collection Folio Idea

Happy New Year everyone! 🙂
And let’s start off with a new craft idea, why don’t we 🙂

So I bought what I’m calling a collection folio, a sturdy folio to keep your paper documents neatly ordered around the office and at home. I altered it a bit, that is to say I expanded on it, decorated it and then filled it up with two handmade folios of my own.

I used the beautiful Madeleine paper collection by Bo Bunny plus several of its decorative elements.

Hope you like this idea, it was pretty fun to work on it! As for the other two folios, next week’s post will focus more on them, plus I’m now offering a tutorial set for them.

Let me know what you think!


How to Gift an E-book as a Paper Craft Project

Have you ever tried gifting an e-book to someone? If so then you know there’s not much fun to be had. You either give the person money or a gift card to buy it himself, or perhaps you email them a gift code. Or if you’re really making an effort, you find an online e-book vendor which allows you to buy a specific e-book for someone else. Which requires you to register at said vendor, which you may find very annoying.

Your purchase will then result in an email of the vendor to the recipient, or maybe a voucher will be mailed to you so you can email or print it. Pfff. Like I said, not much fun to be had. No gift wrapping, no happy anticipation before unwrapping the surprise gift, no happy squeals when the present is finally revealed. Welcome to the Digital Age.

Though we cannot change the digital nature of the e-book, we can make it more fun to gift an e-book to someone! The only thing you have to buy is a (physical) gift card that will allow the recipient to buy e-books. You’ll probably be able to buy those in several brick & mortar shops – so no registration required, no annoying emails received.

And then you’ll craft a very festive Mini File Folio like the one I’m sharing with you today, in which you’ll put your gift card and a nicely printed title & summary of the e-book(s) you have in mind for your recipient. And voila, there’s your Very Presentable present.

As an added bonus you’ll probable be able to gift them two e-books for the price of one physical book!

To whom are you going to gift an e-book this way? 🙂



Man About Town – a New ‘Sturdio’ Album

A short while ago I designed a new kind of folio album, with accordion style page sets and very sturdy cover parts – hence the new name I coined: a sturdio album 🙂

At the time I was in the Zone designing & creating, so I wasn’t able to write a tutorial. But I promised you I would, and now I have! So here is the second iteration of my sturdio album design, created with Graphic 45’s A Proper Gentleman collection. It’s a little bit larger, but it has the same page design as the original. You can find the tutorial in my Etsy shop.

This one was especially created for my dearest friend Christa, who wanted to have a very special album to keep her favorite pictures of her beloved husband.

So, without further ado, here’s Man About Town, a sturdio album.



Really Mini File Folio! (Kaisercraft Exchange)

Not too long ago I participated in Kaisercraft’s brand new international snail mail project called Kaisercraft Exchangewhich I really enjoyed. You send out anything you created with Kaisercraft products to someone around the world you don’t know, and likewise you receive something – from someone else entirely. Kaisercraft functions as the trustworthy middleman to swap all of the addresses.

It was so, so much fun to participate the first time! So when they announced their second run of this worldwide surprise swap, I was game!

This time I used the Lush design papers, a Kaisercraft paper collection from 2010, of which I had also miraculously still been able to find the rubons. I designed something completely new (well, to me at least): a Mini File Folder, or Mini Collection Folio if you will. I was absolutely engrossed in designing and creating this project, it really scratched all of the right itches for me, especially after finishing a larger project (coming up soon…) 🙂

So without much further ado, here’s the video. Enjoy, let me know what you think, and do participate in Kaisercraft Exchange next time! Who knows, maybe I’ll be sending you something! 🙂




A Micro Folio for Your Handbag

What’s fascinating about the Oxford collection by Basic Grey is that while at first glance it has a mostly masculine feel, when you take a closer look some of the sheets are of a more feminine persuasion as well!

So this time I used it to create a little project for myself, instead of a male friend or relative 🙂 . This micro folio is perfectly suited to carry your most current & precious pictures with you in your handbag. You could also turn it into a micro portfolio representing your most important projects – like I have. It’s small, flat, magnetized and offers room for at least 11 pictures!
It’s also very easy to make, as you can see in the video.

So enjoy, and let me know for which kind of photos you would love to create a micro folio!


Cross-haired Memories – Folio Album II (new design!)

I always love my papercraft, but sometimes – alas, not often enough – it’s extra special, when I feel like I’m just in the Zone! That mysterious place where I’m actually creating, you know – designing, coming up with someting I had never even thought of before.
Back in February of this year I came up with what I’m calling a folio album: a folio spread that folds into a nice & tidy mini album.

And today I’m very happy to share with you my folio album II – sort of a Sequel, a Second Edition, an extrapolation even 🙂 . This time I went all out, for when this baby is entirely open, it spans a whopping 42 inches! (over 1 meter!) which makes it much larger than the first edition (which itself wasn’t really small either).
And on top of that, when this folio album II is folded closed into a cute little mini album, its actually smaller than its predecessor, measuring a mere 5½ x 5½ inches (14 x 14 cm).

So I can honestly say it’s both larger and smaller than my first design, which I really had to think hard about while creating it, but I had great fun designing it! 🙂

This time I used the gorgeously colorful, summer-romantic Secret Admirer paper collection by Kaisercraft. This is a 2012 collection, but still timelessly beautiful and I enjoyed working with it. You may have some trouble getting it by now, but I think there might be some good news for you, for their latest 2015 summer collection Fly Free shares a number of colors from the same pallette.

Anyway, check out the video and pictures below, and I’d love to hear what you think in the comment section!

If you like what you see and would like to create one yourself, there’s an (English) tutorial waiting for you in my Etsy shop – it’s 39 pages long with 114 pictures!

Stay happy crafting, see you next week!



Loose Change – A Twelve Pocket Folio

Sometimes people send me some photographs, maybe a picture of me and them during a party or a family event, or just a photo update of their little baby. And sometimes they use these pictures as cards – writing a personal message to me on the back. This doesn’t happen super often, but enough to make me want to store these pictures neatly together. Also, I’d like to preserve any notes or personal messages on the backs of these photos.

So I came up with a quick and easy design for a folio: thin, light-weight and without any photo mats since I wasn’t going to glue anything down. I just needed pockets that would fit 10 x 15 cm (4×6″) pictures, and I chose to create twelve – a number that would fairly easily fit onto two pages, keeping the folio super thin. Also, twelve is perfect if you wanted to do something like a year in review or baby’s first year, or some such.

I’m calling this design Loose Change, for it’s intended specifically for pictures you do not want to glue down, and want to change regularly.
This design of course enables you to preserve any hand-written notes on the backs!

In case you’d like to create one yourself, there’s a tutorial waiting for you in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for watching and please feel free to leave a comment below! You can also help support this blog by clicking the Like button 🙂

Neverending Memories – A Folio Album (new design!)

I’m very pleased to share with you today a unique design that I recently finished. I’m calling it a Folio Album, and this particular one I dubbed Neverending Memories. It’s a great design that allows you to store (or take with you) your piece as a neat mini album (the album aspect of the folio album), while folding it out on your table when you want to showcase your photos in one fairly large but still very manageable overview (the folio part).

I used 17 sheets of 12×12″ decorative paper to create it, which keeps it well within range of one pack of design paper – keeping it reasonably affordable to create. I used the stunningly teal Winterbird design paper collection by Tilda. You’ll also need some cardstock of course, as well as some embellishments of your choice.

It’s somewhat easier to create than an actual mini album, since there’s no binding of pages, nor any chipboard that needs to be turned into an album cover & spine. I really enjoyed designing it, and had great fun creating it!

And: I went the extra mile and wrote a tutorial for you all 🙂 . It has 120 pages and holds 430 pictures! You can check it out in my Etsy shop, where it’s offered as a direct download pdf file.

Have fun watching the video and let me know what you think!

Want to know what other people created with the tutorial? Check out the fanpage and see for yourself! 🙂