Gift idea: Mini Album Card!

Special occasions require special cards, and with this interactive wallet card you can go many directions. To give you some examples, my first card of this design had an Encouragement theme, the second version commemorated the first year since my father’s passing.

This week I’m sharing a third way you can use this card: as a mini album card, to send (or give in person) someone some pictures of dearly remembered moments you shared with them! Which is perfect for someone who really already has everything they ever wanted – I mean do you really need to give them more ‘stuff’? I’m convinced that memories in the form of pictures – nicely done up – will always be much appreciated, and also add that extra personal touch to your gifts.
This design offers room for 6-8 pictures and of course a personal message.

So, hope to have inspired you, let me know what you think in the comments! ūüôā




Stacks of Love: a Stacked Page Mini Album – Tutorial version


Several weeks ago I shared my first¬†stacked page mini album with you, an experiment with a different kind of binding system than I had been used to. For instead of the hidden hinge system, this one is based on stacked pages – hence the name… ūüôā

It is not my invention, I’m not sure whose it is. I’m guessing it’s most likely based on Laura Denison’s¬†stack the deck¬†binding system, on which someone then elaborated.

Anyway, I did add a personal flavour, for my stacked page albums have twelve pages instead of the usual six Рso 24 page surfaces! Рbut with a regular-sized spine. You can see the first iteration of this album in the above-mentioned earlier blog post, created with the Domestic Goddess collection by 7 Dots Studio.

This week I’m sharing the version on which I¬†based my¬†tutorial. This album is somewhat larger, has more elaborate¬†page designs and sports several photo mats and tags, the latter – among others – by Crealies. The album¬†was made with Prima Marketing’s lovely¬†Tales of You & Me¬†collection. I’m calling this version the ‘Stacks of Love’ mini album ūüôā

The tutorial is listed in my Etsy shop. It is a (written) English language tutorial with measurements in centimeters and inches. It is 130 pages long and holds 324 clear pictures aimed at visual learners. As a bonus it also contains the main measurements for the Domestic Goddess version!
Moreover,¬†I’m very happy to be able to point you to the kit that is available for this album as well! Go to the (US-based!) Photographs and Memories online store, where you will find kits for several of my projects, including this one.

So enjoy the video and please feel free to leave a little note below, in the comment section ūüôā



A Double-paged Keepsake Album

I designed this new mini album around three¬†criteria: its dimensions should be¬†something like 15×15 cm (6×6″),¬†¬†it should have two spines and each spine should hold¬†its own set of pages.

My creative process ended up with me coming up with¬†this 14.5×17 cm (5¬ĺ x 6¬ĺ”) gatefold mini album, in the fresh colors of Kaisercraft’s Ubud Dreams¬†collection¬†– colors that¬†remind me of the sea and small mediterranean villages ūüôā Which is why I’m dubbing¬†this my Holiday Dreams keepsake album.
And guess what,¬†Ubud¬†turns out to be a town on the Indonesian island of Bali! Okay, so not the Mediterranean but still: Holidays galore ūüôā

The album holds seven interactive page assemblies with all new page designs, four attached to the left spine and three to the right; the inside covers offer even more room for pictures.

If you can’t wait to make this album yourself, check out the (written)¬†tutorial¬†which is available in¬†my Etsy shop. ūüôā

NEW: There’s also a¬†kit available at Photographs & Memories online webshop! This¬†includes my tutorial¬†at no additional cost!

Enjoy the video and pictures below and let me know what you think in the comment section! See you next week! :-).


Timeless – a Fun & Unique Wallet Card

A while ago I designed an interactive wallet card that perfectly fits your 6×6″ paper pads. It takes 9-10 sheets of paper for one card – which is perfect especially if you like projects that help you destash a bit (for all of you Paper Hoarders in denial out there ūüôā ).

For the first edition of this card I used a Kaisercraft paper collection, which I like because practically all of their collections come with die-cuts and sentiment ATC cards. That is why I chose Kaisercraft for this second wallet card as well. The Time Machine collection is a mostly masculine collection Рstunning with its sophisticated darks and teals and beautiful specialty papers.

So go ahead and take a look; if you’d like to create it yourself, check out my¬†tutorial on Etsy.




Happy Easter – With a Pocket-style Card Constructed from One Sheet of Cardstock!

It’s springtime! ūüôā Although it’s still pretty cold where I live here in the Netherlands, you can already feel a certain ‘softness’ in the air as days are lengthening and nature is preparing to wake up. I don’t know about you, but I’m totally game for spring!

And this year we’ll have a fairly early Easter. Normally I don’t send out any Easter cards (it’s simply not a Dutch tradition) but this year I felt like letting at least a couple of people know that I’m thinking about them and wish them some great times with the upcoming holiday.

I found this lovely sheet of paper by We R Memory Keepers, from their Cotton Tail collection, and it immediately took my thoughts to all the wonderful things that make up springtime and Easter.

So in the spirit of spring, I¬†decided to design something new. I challenged myself to use only¬†one¬†piece of 12×12 inch cardstock for the construction of this card! Of course you will need some extra materials, but not a lot and the main items on that list are 1 extra sheet of cardstock for tags (A4 will suffice), and 1 sheet of 12×12 inch design paper. That’s about it! This design will enable you to create an elaborate and interactive card that is still quite affordable in terms of the supplies you need¬†– awesome right?! ūüôā

Also, this card is perfect for more than one sentiment and personalized message, it can function as a gift card holder and it will come in very handy as a vehicle for a group gift, when a group of people are giving one gift together.
And last but not least, you could also use it as a mini album page insert!

Good news: I’m making this design available to you all in my Etsy shop – and like the card itself this tutorial is also very affordable, so check it out!

And here’s the show & tell video, enjoy and let me know what you think!



Rose of Encouragement – An Interactive Wallet Card

If you want to try your hand at this interactive wallet card yourself, please check out the tutorial I wrote for you, which you can find in my Etsy shop.

NEWS flash: this tutorial is now also available in Dutch¬†– email me if you’re interested!¬†Plus, several¬†card¬†kits¬†to make this particular card are now¬†available as well! ūüôā

Recently Jessica, a young lady from the USA whom I had never met before, contacted me via Youtube, proposing a project¬†swap. I loved this idea, as well as the great spontaneity she showed with this initiative, and we agreed to a friendly card challenge. I set the theme, she added some parameters. So here’s the homework¬†we gave ourselves:

Create an interactive, not too bulky wallet-type card around the¬†theme Encouragement. The projects would have to be¬†true to our individual styles and¬†personalities. Extra criterium was¬†to try and make the message to the other person¬†as personal as we could¬†– without us actually knowing eachother‚Ķ So we’d have to¬†find our inner Encourager, as it were. ūüôā

So, in the video below you can check out¬†what I came up with! This wallet card measures 5.75 x 5.75″ (14.5 x 14.5 cm) and is of my own design. It has pockets, tags, layered layouts and several interactive closures. It’s perfect for more than one¬†sentiment and personalized message, it can function as a gift card holder and it will come in very handy as a vehicle for a group gift – when there are several personal messages by different people and/or gift cards needing to be tucked away into one awesome¬†card ūüôā

I used Kaisercraft’s¬†Lady Rose¬†collection, which is stunningly beautiful, feminine and timelessly on trend. Plus, it has some great and encouraging sentiment labels which fit this challenge perfectly!

And here’s the video of¬†the card Jessica¬†created for me! So thank you again Jessica, for your lovely card and your great initiative – an encouragement in and of itself! And for those of you who’d like to see what Jessica’s¬†up to, check out her website, which you can find at¬†AT2 Design.



Loose Change – A Twelve Pocket Folio

Sometimes people send me¬†some photographs, maybe a picture of me¬†and them during a party or a family event, or just a photo update of their little baby. And sometimes they use these pictures as cards – writing a personal message to me on the back. This doesn’t happen super often, but enough to make me want to store¬†these pictures neatly together. Also, I’d like to preserve any notes or¬†personal messages on the backs of these photos.

So I came up with a quick and easy design for a folio: thin, light-weight and without any photo mats since I wasn’t going to glue anything down. I just needed pockets that would fit 10 x 15 cm (4×6″) pictures, and I chose to create twelve – a number that would fairly easily fit onto two pages, keeping the folio super thin. Also, twelve is perfect if you wanted to do something like a year in review or baby’s first year, or some such.

I’m calling this design¬†Loose Change,¬†for it’s intended specifically for pictures you do not¬†want to glue down, and want to change regularly.
This design of course enables you to preserve any hand-written notes on the backs!

In case¬†you’d like to create one yourself, there’s a¬†tutorial waiting for you in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for watching and please feel free to leave a comment below! You can also help¬†support this blog by clicking the Like button ūüôā

Neverending Memories – A Folio Album (new design!)

I’m very pleased to share with you today a¬†unique design that I recently finished. I’m calling it a Folio Album, and this particular one I dubbed¬†Neverending Memories.¬†It’s a great design that allows you to store (or take with you) your piece as a neat mini album (the album¬†aspect of the folio album), while folding it out on¬†your table when you want to showcase your photos in one fairly large but still very manageable overview (the folio¬†part).

I used 17 sheets of 12×12″ decorative paper to create it, which keeps it well within range of one pack of design¬†paper – keeping it reasonably affordable to create. I used the stunningly teal¬†Winterbird¬†design paper collection by¬†Tilda.¬†You’ll also need some cardstock of course, as well as some embellishments of your choice.

It’s somewhat easier to create than an actual mini album, since there’s no binding of pages, nor any chipboard that needs to be turned into an album cover & spine. I really enjoyed designing it, and had great fun creating it!

And:¬†I went the extra mile and wrote a tutorial for you all ūüôā . It has 120 pages and holds 430 pictures! You can check it out in my Etsy shop, where it’s offered as a direct download pdf file.

Have fun watching the video and let me know what you think!

Want to¬†know¬†what other people created with the tutorial? Check out the¬†fanpage¬†and see for yourself! ūüôā


Life’s a Picnic – an interactive mini album (tutorial available!)

Recently I went through my design paper supply¬†(which has grown to quite the little stash) and stumbled upon¬†Basic Grey’s Lucille¬†paper pad. Lucille is a romantic paper with vintage fashion overtones, colorful but a little toned down and very sophisticated. A fabulous design paper, and I decided I instantly had to use it to create a mini album! ūüôā

This 6 x 6.5″ pocketstyle mini album has 14 interactive layout pages, including the insides of both covers.¬†The covers are chipboard with a reinforced binding for durability. The pages are constructed from multiple layers of heavy-weight cardstock and patterned papers. Features include large pull-out photo mats, special closures (like magnetic, or swing tabs), lots of flaps and pockets holding journaling tags and photo mats and much more! Details abound throughout this album such as punched borders, micro booklets, flowers, brads, specialty die-cuts, ribbon and trim, and specialty cut-aparts. There are 5 large pull-out photo mats and several flaps and tags inside with room for approx. 45-50 small and regular-sized photos.

And: I wrote a tutorial for those of you who’d like to make one yourselves – my first for a mini album! ūüôā You can check it out in my Etsy shop.

Check out my baby version and Christmas version of this pocketstyle album design – their page design is¬†not exactly¬†the same, but they give¬†you a pretty good idea of how different styles and colors would look. If you’d like to see a version with photos inside, check out my Ancestry mini album!

Anyway, enjoy the complete show & tell video, and have a great week!


Opened my Etsy web shop!

Schermafbeelding 2015-01-25 om 14.28.24

Well, it wasn’t very long ago that I told you about my New Year’s resolution¬†to open my own web store. At the time I thought it would take me at least a couple of months longer, and I was striving to get it up by March or April. But sometimes you surprise yourself by taking an unexpected leap forward – as in my case, for my Etsy shop is now up and running!

So woohooo! I’m a shop owner! ūüôā

There’s not many product¬†listings¬†in it yet of course, only three to start with, since it’s only been up like a¬†minute. One if which is a downloadable tutorial by the way, of my Explosion of Joy explosion box.

From now on I’ll be writing¬†more tutorials, which is a time consuming¬†process so I won’t be able to add one every week so to speak. However, I can promise you at least two more in the upcoming 2 months, with the third planned¬†in March/April.

Anyway, I’m very excited of course, this is truly a new direction for me! Hopefully it’s the start of another¬†great way to share my designs with you all and making them more available and accessible to those of you who wish to create your own projects but don’t know how¬†ūüôā

So here’s the video, with clear instructions on how to find my shop on your own – that is, if you haven’t bookmarked it after your first visit of course! ūüėČ

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Group Gift Explosion Box

This style of explosion box combines two of my previous styles of decorating: 1. designpaper only; 2. photos only.
This one makes for a great gift idea if you’re giving this as a group of people, like your entire family, or a group of colleagues – like in this¬†case with this particular explosion box. For it has both design paper and photos, and a new element: several personalized messages, printed onto the design paper itself!

And by the way, there’s an explosion box tutorial available in my brand spanking new Etsy shop – called Creator’s Image Studio! ūüôā This tutorial was based on the Explosion of Joy explosion box, but it resembles this one in most of the designs and techniques, so check it out in my¬†Etsy shop!

I’ll post¬†an “official” shop announcement video in my next¬†blog of course, but I thought I might mention it now, since the first tutorial in the shop is on an explosion box ūüėČ .

So enjoy the video – please¬†like¬†if you do¬†&¬†feel free to leave a comment! And don’t forget to check out the¬†explosion box tutorial¬†in my Etsy shop!



Cuteness in a Box – a Gatefold Micro Album

Time for some super cuteness! ūüôā

This tiny gatefold micro album measures 3¬Ĺ x 2‚Öú x 1¬Ĺ inches! (9x6x4 cm) It comes with its own little box, with sides that fold open for easy access. The box measures ¬†2‚Öú x 4‚Öõ inches (6.5 x 10.5 cm).

I haven’t got a tutorial yet, but as of this year I’m writing tutorials for several of my upcoming projects, which will be made available through my new webshop (which I’m also working on). So stay tuned!

Design paper used: Ancestry by K&Company. I’ve used this paper before, on a large mini album, so check it out.

And here’s the video, enjoy – and please let me know what you think in the comment section, and by liking & subscribing!