Free Spirit birthday cards

As always I had some beautiful papers left over from my previous (large) project, the Explosion Boxed Mini Album I shared with you last week. And as usually I could not bring myself to get rid of them, even though most of them were strips and scraps. So, here’s the two cards I managed to force them into ūüôā – one of them only one-sided for by that time I literally had no more scraps left.



Christmas Card Tip

This week I’m sharing a tip for your Christmas cards. I know it’s early, but at least this tip will be on time for you! ūüôā

Usually when creating a card you would¬†create a¬†cardstock base first, which you would then mat¬†with design paper (and decorate). What I’m showing you in the video and pictures below is a fun and light-weight alternative: use double-sided design paper only and leave out the cardstock entirely! Your cards will be lighter and less bulky, making them¬†easier (and more affordable) to send by mail, and you can decorate them just as you would any cardstock-based card.
As a bonus, the insides of these cards will be gorgeous without you having to put in any effort!

So have fun creating your Christmas cards, enjoying their new lightness ūüôā !




Two Modern Patchwork Cards

I tried out a new die set, called Modern Patchwork, which lets you create your own, well, patchwork of papers. ūüôā

I really like the results, these cards were fun to create, give you a totally different look and as a bonus they are perfect to use up those beautiful scraps of paper you’ve got lying around everywhere because you can’t bring yourself to throw them away ūüôā

So here’s the video! (and please don’t forget to click the like button ūüėČ )
The die-set’s product number is CLMP02 by the Dutch company¬†Crealies.¬†I¬†used¬†Coral Couture¬†papers by¬†DCWV.



30th Wedding Anniversary Explosion Box

A short while ago a lady asked me to create an explosion box to suprise her husband for their 30th wedding anniversary. She had seen my Still in Love explosion box, and hoped I could create a similar one, but of course customized to her specific likes and wishes.

Since I still had enough of¬†DCWV’s Natural¬†stack, I set out to create another one of my explosion boxes. It has two layers with¬†an altered miniature treasure chest hidden inside. The lady sent me some thoughts and feelings about her beloved husband, and some pictures of her family and their dog, all of which I incorporated as creatively as I could.

I was very happy to hear that the lady and her beloved loved it and are continually adding little personal memorabilia to it!

Like to create an explosion box yourself? Check out my tutorial, explaining the process of creating a three-layer explosion box in 80 pages and 190 pictures!

So, here’s the end result, enjoy!


The first two tags of these three were made with some tag die sets by Crealies:



Celebrate Spring with a Garden Journal Card

For this double card I used¬†Bo Bunny’s¬†very lovely¬†Garden Journal¬†paper collection. I embellished with flowers (& leaf) by Scrapberry’s and Prima Marketing, and a gorgeous¬†Garden Journal¬†brad in the center of one of the flowers.

The words¬†“Dikke kus” on the front of the card are Dutch for “Big kiss”, which I die-cut from the design paper with a sentiment die by¬†Crealies.

I matted the insides as well, and created a spot for writing a personal message from one of the solid design papers.



Super Dimensional Birthday Card

Creating a dimensional card requires lots of different cuts & folds. These can be done by hand of course, but sometimes I prefer using the various niftily designed dies that are on the market. Like the Create-a-Card¬†die series¬†by Crealies(.nl). For a demonstration¬†of how to work with these dies, you can check out my free video¬†tutorial¬†for the stepcard I created with¬†Crealies’s¬†Create-a-Card die #8.

Today I’m sharing the dimensional card I created with¬†their¬†Create-a-Card¬†die #18, which is a very playful type of card: I’ve seen several different and very creative ways of decorating these kinds of cards. As for my version, it’s a first try so I kept¬†it fairly simple, but I did want¬†to give the dimensional parts of this card their own decorated background. So I added¬†a second layer of cardstock – as explained in the video below. Added advantage of this double layering is that it creates the look of an actual card when folded closed – for without this second (outside) layer there would be no ‘front’ and ‘back’, only ‘inside’, due to all the cuts & folds that make up the dimensional parts.

Hope this makes sense; in any case, just check out the video below and hopefully you’ll see what I mean, ūüėČ Anyway, these kind of cards¬†are a fun and welcome variation to add to your general card designs; and even without the die you can make the necessary cuts and score lines fairly easily with a craft knife and a scoring board.

Hope you feel inspired, stay crafty and see you next week! ūüôā



4 Secret Admirer Cards

Having already created two projects with Kaisercraft’s lovely Secret Admirer paper collection – a Folio Album and a Romantic Drawer box – I had hardly any papers left over, except some scraps.

But since I had really fallen for these gloriously colorful papers, I couldn’t bring myself to throw away even what little I had left. And good thing I didn’t, for as it turns out they¬†had¬†four lovely cards still within¬†in them! ūüôā


(Above was created with a step card die by the Dutch brand Crealies. Click photo for link to free video tutorial)



How to Create a Step Card

Recently I showed you a new step card I created, and today I’m¬†sharing a little video tutorial on how to create one yourself.

In the first 2 minutes I’m showing you a finished and fully decorated¬†step card, the rest of this 7 minute video¬†contains the tutorial.
Please be aware that I created this card with a step card die (by Crealies); you can of course also cut & score everything yourself, but that is not included in this video tutorial.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Thank you for liking and subscribing, have fun crafting and see you next week!


Explosion Box for a Man – Still in Love

Recently a lovely lady ordered a customized explosion box as a gift for¬†her beloved, to celebrate their love. Today I’m sharing the end results with you, for not only is this the first love-themed explosion box I created, it’s also the first that is intended¬†for a man!

It’s a two-layer explosion box, created out of cardstock and decorated with the¬†Natural¬†paper collection by¬†DCWV.¬†It has several quotes and sentiments about love and family; some I came up with myself, based on what she shared with me about her beloved and their relationship. Others were copied from the¬†Heirloom¬†sticker sheet by¬†Kaisercraft,¬†which is a great source of inspiration for projects about¬†family.

In the center of the explosion box is a tiny wooden treasure chest, super cute, that I altered with papers from the same Natural stack, on top of a copper-colored paint base.

If you feel inspired to create one yourself but don’t know where¬†to start, check out my¬†explosion box tutorial¬†in my Etsy shop, based on my Explosion of Joy version. As a bonus, this tutorial covers a¬†three-layer¬†explosion box, so that’s a whole extra layer compared to this one!

Enjoy the video!


These tags were made with some tag die sets by Crealies:


Deeply Loved – a Step Card

It took me a while to figure out what a certain category¬†of cards with all these different mountain & valley folds was called, so I started out with calling them ‘special folds cards.’ (Yeah, I know.)

Anyway, as it turns out, they already had a name, for they are called¬†step cards.¬†This is the category of cards that has different kinds of, well,¬†steps…

You can create¬†them entirely by hand, or use¬†a die. My first step card was created manually and I figured out all of the cuts and folds by myself, just by looking at a sample picture in Kaisercraft’s free¬†Workshop¬†magazine. It worked out great, but was a lot of work.

Today I’m sharing my second step card, a different kind this time. And this time I used a die (by Crealies)¬†– which does make life a lot easier. ūüôā

This particular card was for a wedding, which is why I’ve dubbed it¬†Deeply Loved.¬†I used Prima Marketing’s¬†Almanac¬†paper pad, plus the cutapart sheet from Kaisercraft’s¬†On This Day¬†collection. And added lots of cute decorations.

See for yourself in the video and don’t forget the pictures below it, which you can also check out¬†on my Pinterest page. ūüôā

In a couple of weeks I’m going to show you what die you need and how to use it, so¬†stay tuned!