Free video tutorial: Doodle-fold Card

Usually I’m quite structured and disciplined when it comes to designing and creating new papercraft projects. But sometimes I just like doodling around with some paper, and simply watch the magic happen in my hands while a project seems to create itself 🙂

This is how I created the cards, or perhaps more aptly card-letters, that I’m sharing with you this week. I was playing around with a piece of paper, randomly folding and turning it, until I decided to cut off some excess pieces and be done with it. I was surprised by the results!

So I decided to create a second one and do a process video tutorial for you all, to share my method – no measurements taken this time, for every such card will be unique. Hopefully you will enjoy creating your own just as much as I did creating mine.

Have fun watching the tutorial video and be aware that there is a second doodle-fold card I share at the end of it, so you’ll have two examples. Also, you can see both of them in the pictures below 🙂



Elaborate Christmas Card

Merry Christmas everyone, and the happiest of New Years!

For a swap with a lovely lady in Canada (hi Diane! 🙂 ) I created this elaborate fold-out Christmas card. It counts six surface areas, offering great space for sentiments, stamps, pictures and other decorations.

I used the Season’s Greetings paper pad by Panduro, showcasing a lovely Christmas bear cutapart from the Sweet Winter Season collection by Studio Light.

It’s quite easy to make, and it’s basically part of a more elaborate wallet card I created for one of the Kaisercraft Exchange swap projects. If you’d like to learn step-by-step how to create this card, you can check out my tutorial.



How to make Christmas Cards (Beginner’s Level)

Several people have told me they wish they could make their own cards (Christmas or otherwise), but that unfortunately “they have no experience”, “they wouldn’t know where to start”, or even the infamous “they are not creative” – which I do not believe is true for anyone.

So in this blog post I’m sharing two beginner’s level cards, to hopefully inspire you and to encourage you to “just do it”. This is an extra blog post, apart from the regular weekly ones, so no video but a blog exclusive 🙂

How to make these cards – in three easy steps

1. Buy a set of colored cards & envelopes. This way you won’t have to do any cutting and scoring of cardstock, and your card will automatically fit into its perfectly matching envelope.

2. Cut three pieces of decorative paper to fit the card; one of them will be the inside of your card so choose one solid pattern to enable you to write or print and/or stamp a message on it;

3. Glue these decorative mats onto the front, back and inside of your card, and you’re DONE! 🙂


Three more optional steps, after step 3

4. Cut a journalling spot from a piece of colored cardstock and glue it onto the mat inside your card. This way you can use a patterned paper after all (instead of a solid). You could also add a ribbon or some strips of paper behind the journalling spot for some extra highlights.

Die-cut labels make perfect journalling spots; you can also cut a rectangle or square with a paper trimmer or craft knife

5. Add a small decoration to the front of your card. In my case I only added a gold-glittered bow to the top edge.


Papers used: Kris Kringle collection by S.E.I.

So I basically only matted three sides of my card, and my main concern only was which decorative papers to choose! 🙂

I hope this post was helpful to some of you to get started and go create your own Christmas cards!

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Christmas Card Tip

This week I’m sharing a tip for your Christmas cards. I know it’s early, but at least this tip will be on time for you! 🙂

Usually when creating a card you would create a cardstock base first, which you would then mat with design paper (and decorate). What I’m showing you in the video and pictures below is a fun and light-weight alternative: use double-sided design paper only and leave out the cardstock entirely! Your cards will be lighter and less bulky, making them easier (and more affordable) to send by mail, and you can decorate them just as you would any cardstock-based card.
As a bonus, the insides of these cards will be gorgeous without you having to put in any effort!

So have fun creating your Christmas cards, enjoying their new lightness 🙂 !




December Deluge 6: Candy Cane Lane – Twice!

This December month I’ll post many projects on my blog, to give you some inspiration and ideas for your Christmas projects – and also to help you spend your holiday time creatively. In my previous posts I showed you several December projects, the first of which was a quick Christmas Mini Album, so you can start there if you’d like to see them allToday: Part 6 of this December Deluge of creative ideas 🙂

Sometimes I buy only a couple of sheets of a certain paper collection. Perhaps there are no more available (because it is an older collection) or perhaps I simply want to create a few smaller projects and have no need for an entire paper pad.

This was the case with Candy Cane Lanea 2014 collection by Bo Bunny. I bought only 7 sheets of 6×6″ (15×15 cm), plus the button set of the collection. Threw in some flowers from my stash, and I was perfectly set to create two lovely, double-layout Christmas cards! 🙂





Next up: December Deluge 7 – 4×6″ Nutcracker Sweet Christmas Cards!


December Deluge 4: Caramel Christmas Trishutter Cards

This December month I’ll post many projects on my blog, to give you some inspiration and ideas for your Christmas projects – and also to help you spend your holiday time creatively. In my previous posts I showed you a quick Christmas Mini Album, a 1-sheet Micro Wallet and a set of Nutcracker Sweet Christmas Cards. Today: Part 4 of this December Deluge of creative ideas 🙂

You know how you often have reasonably large scraps of cardstock left over from a larger paper craft project? I always like to use them instead of throwing them out. For instance, I had some fairly broad strips of cardstock left over from my Caramel Christmas mini album, and I decided to turn them into some trishutter Christmas cards. Since their measurements weren’t the regular, like standard, size for this kind of card, they turned out somewhat smaller. Also, when folded closed, they weren’t square but a pretty small rectangle.

They turned out great nonetheless – and an extra bonus was that I could also use some leftover scraps of design paper of the aforementioned mini to decorate the cards!

Hence their name: Caramel Christmas Trishutter Cards 🙂

Oh and by the way, if you’d like to create some trishutter cards yourself, check out my free video tutorial!

Next up: December Deluge pt. 5 – Decoupaged Christmas Candle & Box


December Deluge 3: Nutcracker Sweet Christmas Cards

This December month I’ll post many projects on my blog, to give you some inspiration and ideas for your Christmas projects – and also to help you spend your holiday time creatively. In my previous post I showed you a quick Christmas Mini Album and a 1-sheet Micro Wallet. Today: Part 3 of this December Deluge of creative ideas 🙂

The Nutcracker Sweet papers are an older (2012) collection of Graphic 45, but once I discovered it, I really fell in love with its beautiful purple, pink and clear-winter-sky-blue hues. So I decided to use it – papers & chipboard tags – for my Christmas cards this year.

I’ve created cards of several different sizes and styles, and today I’m sharing the first: the 4×4″ Double Card.




Next up: December Deluge pt. 4 – Caramel Christmas Trishutter Cards



Time to Flourish – Three Graphic 45 Cards

For these final months of the year (boy, how time flies!) I created some cards using the Time to Flourish collection by Graphic 45. This collection is the perfect seasonal collection, with a special focus on all things floral.

I already created some cards earlier in the year, there was Mayincluding Mother’s Day, and fairly recently I showed you two versions of August birthday cards.
This time it’s the fall, and even one Christmas card.

So enjoy the video and pictures, and please like & subscribe!



Last-minute Christmas Card #2 (tutorial)

In my previous post I talked about the sometimes urgent need for some extra Christmas cards – preferably handmade, but having very little time to actually create them. I showed you a way to make a quick & easy Christmas card, which will take you less than an hour to create – not counting the drying time for any Stickled areas you might add.

And I promised you a second very quick Christmas card which will need even less supplies, namely just one double-sided sheet of 12×12″ design paper!
I’ve used a sheet of Kaisercraft’s wonderful Turtle Dove collection for this card.

So check it out, there’s some how to instructions in the video as well.

By the way, if you’re in the mood for some serious card making – though maybe not for Christmas anymore 😉 – check out my Christmas cards of this and last year. There’s 2014 and 2013 – maybe not as quick to make as this one, but they may still inspire…

Last-minute Christmas Card #1 (tutorial)

I don’t know about you, but usually I come up short on Christmas cards, whether I buy them or handcraft them. There’s always people who come to mind when the 25th of December comes closer and closer, and sometimes I send out my last cards after Christmas, just in time for New Year…

So I’m going to share two ideas for those times you find yourself in need of one or more extra Christmas cards – and quickly! The first one is a blog-only photo tutorial – which you are reading right now 🙂

You’ll find the second card idea in the next blog post, and it’s a video tutorial.

Quick Christmas Card Tutorial

Supply list: cardstock, design paper, cut-a-apart sheet or ATC card, ribbon, Stickles, double-sided tape, dimensional tape, Christmas stamp or rub-on.

Paper collections used: Kaisercraft – Turtle Dove, Kaisercraft – Just Believe (cut-a-apart sheet)

Check out How to Make a Quick & Easy Christmas Card by Katja’s Craft on Snapguide.


Enjoy creating this quick card!

Next: Last-Minute Christmas Card #2 – even less supplies needed!


My North Country Christmas cards

As I stated in my previous post, it’s never too early to create Christmas cards! 🙂

I used the 8×8 inch North Country paper pad and created 26 fairly large Christmas cards. I used different techniques, like die-cutting, stamping, layering, ribbons and of course my scrap mats. This older Prima collection doesn’t seem to have been used a lot, if the very small number of Youtube videos on it are any indication. So here’s my contribution to this apparently very small collection of North Country projects 🙂

Hopefully this helps you find some inspiration to create your own!
Happy crafting! 🙂

My first X-mas project of the year

One can never be too early to create their Christmas cards, so let’s kick off with my first card this year! 🙂

It’s a silver & pink winter-themed gatefold card of 5 1/8 x 5 1/8 inch, tied closed with a cute pink ribbon. The paper that I used is by a nameless Dutch brand, which I bought a couple of years ago in one of our home decor shops. Very affordable, so a lot of bang for your buck! 🙂

This is also an entry for Challenge #221 on the Dutch Card Lovers challenge blog, so I’ll translate this post into Dutch as well 🙂

Je kunt niet vroeg genoeg aan je kerstkaarten beginnen, dus hierbij mijn persoonlijke startschot van het kerst- en nieuwjaarskaartenseizoen! 🙂

Deze zilver & roze winterkaart is 13×13 cm en heeft klapdeurtjes die met een bijpassend lintje zijn dichtgestrikt. Het papier is merkloos, gewoon van de Xenos – lekker betaalbaar en toch leuk! 🙂

Met dit kaartje doe ik trouwens mee aan Challenge nr. 221 op het Dutch Card Lovers challenge blog – spannend! 🙂

I used pink glitter glue around the edges of the paper and strengthened the ribbon holes with glittered gray eyelets. / Roze glitterlijm langs alle randjes en een glittergrijze eyelet om de gaatjes te verstevigen waar het lint doorheen gaat.

Opening the card reveals a small, border-punched pocket that holds a tag, matted with white cardstock to write your personalized Season’s Greetings. / Als je de deurtjes van de kaart opent kom je bij een smalle pocket, afgewerkt met een randpons. In de pocket een roze tag, met daarop stevig wit papier voor je persoonlijke kerstboodschap.

I used the same pink glitter glue around the edges of the tag again. There’s also a cute little pink bling brad, just for fun! / Dezelfde roze glitterlijm siert ook de randen van de tag. En: er zit een gezellig bling splitpennetje voor de afwerking – ook roze natuurlijk! 🙂

And for a nice finish, I matted the back of the card as well. / En voor een mooie afwerking ook designpapier op de achterkant van de kaart.

Stay crafty, see you next project!
Blijf lekker creatieven, en tot het volgende project!