Three All Occasions Folios

As I promised you last week, I have now made the tutorials available for the three photo folios I shared with you in my previous blog posts. Two of them were part of a pre-made collection folio – you can check out last week’s video to refresh your memory. And the third and smallest one went with my Box Pocket Mini Album, which you can find in last year’s Christmas album post.

I’ve actually listed a tutorial set in my shop, for your convenience. It contains two tutorials plus a cutting guide with some different measurements & extra instructions – so three downloadable files, one for each of the folios in the picture above!

Please let me know if you like these kinds of projects, for like you, I too am always looking for some inspiration 🙂






Gift idea: Mini Album Card!

Special occasions require special cards, and with this interactive wallet card you can go many directions. To give you some examples, my first card of this design had an Encouragement theme, the second version commemorated the first year since my father’s passing.

This week I’m sharing a third way you can use this card: as a mini album card, to send (or give in person) someone some pictures of dearly remembered moments you shared with them! Which is perfect for someone who really already has everything they ever wanted – I mean do you really need to give them more ‘stuff’? I’m convinced that memories in the form of pictures – nicely done up – will always be much appreciated, and also add that extra personal touch to your gifts.
This design offers room for 6-8 pictures and of course a personal message.

So, hope to have inspired you, let me know what you think in the comments! 🙂




Stacks of Love: a Stacked Page Mini Album – Tutorial version


Several weeks ago I shared my first stacked page mini album with you, an experiment with a different kind of binding system than I had been used to. For instead of the hidden hinge system, this one is based on stacked pages – hence the name… 🙂

It is not my invention, I’m not sure whose it is. I’m guessing it’s most likely based on Laura Denison’s stack the deck binding system, on which someone then elaborated.

Anyway, I did add a personal flavour, for my stacked page albums have twelve pages instead of the usual six – so 24 page surfaces! – but with a regular-sized spine. You can see the first iteration of this album in the above-mentioned earlier blog post, created with the Domestic Goddess collection by 7 Dots Studio.

This week I’m sharing the version on which I based my tutorial. This album is somewhat larger, has more elaborate page designs and sports several photo mats and tags, the latter – among others – by Crealies. The album was made with Prima Marketing’s lovely Tales of You & Me collection. I’m calling this version the ‘Stacks of Love’ mini album 🙂

The tutorial is listed in my Etsy shop. It is a (written) English language tutorial with measurements in centimeters and inches. It is 130 pages long and holds 324 clear pictures aimed at visual learners. As a bonus it also contains the main measurements for the Domestic Goddess version!
Moreover, I’m very happy to be able to point you to the kit that is available for this album as well! Go to the (US-based!) Photographs and Memories online store, where you will find kits for several of my projects, including this one.

So enjoy the video and please feel free to leave a little note below, in the comment section 🙂



A Double-paged Keepsake Album

I designed this new mini album around three criteria: its dimensions should be something like 15×15 cm (6×6″),  it should have two spines and each spine should hold its own set of pages.

My creative process ended up with me coming up with this 14.5×17 cm (5¾ x 6¾”) gatefold mini album, in the fresh colors of Kaisercraft’s Ubud Dreams collection – colors that remind me of the sea and small mediterranean villages 🙂 Which is why I’m dubbing this my Holiday Dreams keepsake album.
And guess what, Ubud turns out to be a town on the Indonesian island of Bali! Okay, so not the Mediterranean but still: Holidays galore 🙂

The album holds seven interactive page assemblies with all new page designs, four attached to the left spine and three to the right; the inside covers offer even more room for pictures.

If you can’t wait to make this album yourself, check out the (written) tutorial which is available in my Etsy shop. 🙂

NEW: There’s also a kit available at Photographs & Memories online webshop! This includes my tutorial at no additional cost!

Enjoy the video and pictures below and let me know what you think in the comment section! See you next week! :-).


Timeless – a Fun & Unique Wallet Card

A while ago I designed an interactive wallet card that perfectly fits your 6×6″ paper pads. It takes 9-10 sheets of paper for one card – which is perfect especially if you like projects that help you destash a bit (for all of you Paper Hoarders in denial out there 🙂 ).

For the first edition of this card I used a Kaisercraft paper collection, which I like because practically all of their collections come with die-cuts and sentiment ATC cards. That is why I chose Kaisercraft for this second wallet card as well. The Time Machine collection is a mostly masculine collection – stunning with its sophisticated darks and teals and beautiful specialty papers.

So go ahead and take a look; if you’d like to create it yourself, check out my tutorial on Etsy.




Joyful Reminiscing – a Keepsake Album XL

When I published the video for my Treasured Memory Keepsake Album XL, I got several requests for a tutorial. It took me some time to get around to it, but this summer I took advantage of my time off of work, and created another Keepsake Album XL of the exact same design, in order to write a tutorial.

It’s turned into a large tutorial for a large album :-), sporting 181 pages and a whopping 479 clear pictures to guide you to the step by step process! It will probably not be a “quick project” for you, which of course makes it ideal for the rainy Sunday afternoons that will probably soon dominate our upcoming fall weather.

So, withoutmuch further ado, I happily present to you my Joyful Reminiscing Keepsake Album XL, created with the beautiful Coral Couture paper collection by DCWV! 🙂

Click here to purchase the tutorial in my Etsy shop!


Photo Folio “Travel Light” – For Your Holiday Memories

My mom and I went to Gran Canaria last May, one of Spain’s Canary Islands just off the southern coast of Morocco. I was really looking forward to designing something new to hold my pictures. I decided to try my hand at a photo folio, using K&Company’s gorgeously vintage Travel collection – which had been waiting in my stash for just the right project.

So here’s a brand-new design, into which I managed to get 82 pictures, most of which sized 5×7″ (13×18 cm)! Meanwhile, its spine still is only a meager 1⅛” (3 cm). Suffice it to say I’m very pleased with this project, which took me a couple of weeks to come up with and wrap my head around some design issues.

And of course there’s a tutorial for you, available in my Etsy shop! It has 55 pages and a whopping 136 pictures – check it out for it is very affordable. 🙂

Hope you enjoy, stay crafty!


Also check out the second iteration of this photo folio, with the Say Cheese III collection!



Condolences Card: Color is the New Gray

I remember the time, not too long ago, when almost all condolences cards were rather stark. Most had only small illustrations on a large plain of white, and always in black and gray-tones. Then, slowly but steadily, color was added. First came the browns, with a few small and very tasteful autumn leaves, then here and there a flower creeped in.

Nowadays many condolences cards show more colors than just blacks, grays and browns. Only a few years ago I would probably be hesitant to send a rather colorful condolences card to someone, but I have to admit, since I have been the recipient of several of those when my father passed away, to my own surprise I appreciated the colorful ones very much. This is not to say that the more traditional cards are not a good choice of course. It’s just that my own personal experience in this area has convinced me not only that it’s okay to use color, but that it may actually add to the card’s (admittedly limited) effect.

So here’s an idea for a condolences card for scrappers and card makers: create a card of color, which requires only one sheet of double-sided design paper; do not embellish it too much, just let the paper speak for itself.
For instance, I decorated my card sparingly with only two stamps, some die-cuts and a swing-tab. Some folds and cuts did the rest.

All in all a very simple yet stylish choice for a condolences card. Meanwhile I truly hope you won’t need to send out many… though unfortunately we’ll probably all have to at least once or twice in our lifetimes.

If you’d like to add a very personal touch of comfort by creating this 1-sheet condolences card yourself, you can follow the clear instructions (with 63 pictures) in my tutorial.

Curly die by Crealies:



To My Sweetheart – A Romantic Mini Album

Hello my sweet readers!

Although most people in the Netherlands don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d post a romantically themed mini album today anyway. 😉
This album was commissioned by a young man in Singapore who wanted to surprise his girlfriend. He wanted it to be romantic – with pinks, flowers and some love-themed ephemera, etc.

So I chose Kaisercraft’s Oh So Lovely paper collection, which is perfect for precisely such a mini album! It has florals, pinks, wood patterns and some great sentiments!

The album is a pocketstyle mini with 5×5″ (12,5 x 12,5 cm) pages.  It sports ten interactive page layouts, including the inside covers, and four large photo mats. I decorated it with the O So Lovely Collectables die-cutsthe ATC cards of the collection (called Captured Moments – Pretty Little Things) and some decorative elements from other brands on the front cover and throughout the album.

For the page designs I mainly followed my Life’s a Picnic mini album tutorial – which by the way has 14 interactive pages so you’ll get 4 extra page designs if you purchase the tutorial!

So enjoy the video, and don’t forget to check out the close-ups below of the two Oh So Lovely cards I created with the same paper collection! 🙂

For those of you who celebrate it, have fun preparing for Valentine’s Day 🙂



Two Oh So Lovely cards:


New Design: Removable Folio Album

Happy New Year everyone! I’m very happy to be able to start this new year by sharing with you my first new design of 2016: a Removable Folio Album! 🙂

This folio can house 60 pictures, folds in and out like an accordian and… can be completely removed from its cover to grant maximum freedom of movement! As a bonus feature, the cover can fold a full 360 degrees!

If you’d like to create it yourself, check out the tutorial in my Etsy shop!

I used the Mimosa paper collection by S.E.I., which is a beautiful, bright and warm design paper that reminded me of spring and summer.

Enjoy the video, and let me know what you think in the comment section!


Enjoying the Little Things – A Miniature Display

Hi guys,

Today I’m sharing a blog only project with you all, so no video this time. Several pictures though, so check it out!

Recently I created a little display with a picture of one of my aunts. It’s made of chipboard and cardstock, but is very sturdy nonetheless and can stand all on its own. It sports design paper on all sides and some cute little embellishments on the inside.
For this particular one I used some Mariposa paper by DCWV.

These little frames are very cute and are a great way to use up all of your leftover pieces of chipboard and paper. On top of that, they make awesome little personal gifts! Because they won’t take as much time as, say, a mini album, and I find them perfect for rainy Sunday afternoons 🙂

Check out the pictures below, and if you’d like to create some yourself, check out the (affordable)  tutorial!

See you in a couple of days with a video post again – until then, stay crafty! 🙂


Double-Stacked Mini Album (new!): Celebrate Every Day

It’s always super fun to design new mini albums! This time, I created an album with two sets of pages, one above the other. Hence, a double-stacked mini album 😉Almost all pages offer new page designs that I haven’t used in my previous albums.

There are six page assemblies, three above, three below, which together offer twelve interactive page layouts plus some large photo mats. The large front and back covers make up their own interactive pages, twice as large as the regular ones. The album has a magnetized closure and is crisp and clean on the outside, so it will easily fit into your book case.

I found that this design is perfect to create a large album with 6×6 inch papers and only a handful of 12×12 inch sheets. This makes it a lot more cost effective than an album with lots of large pages. The relatively wide spine offers ample room for you to embellish on the inside.

On its last two pages I used some special-folded paper ornaments. Both are covered in the downloadable written tutorial in my shop. For one of them I also made a free video tutorial, which will be available next week in a new blog post.

For this particular album I used the Optimist collection by Prima Marketing, including their sticky tabs, ATC cards, flowers, leaflets and brads.

I hope you’ll all enjoy this design just as much as I do!
If you wish to create this double-stacked album yourself, check out the written tutorial in my Etsy shop, which has 148 pages and 429 (!) pictures.

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Want to know what other people created with the tutorial? Check out the fanpage and see for yourself! 🙂