Tag card in Red

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A tag card is a card that features, well…. tags. I’ve discovered that scrapbookers use the term rather loosely: to them it basically stands for any piece of paper or chipboard that you can either write on or glue a photo onto, that is not glued to something else itself. I’ve seen people call huge sheets of paper “tags”, and I’ve noticed them applying the same notion to the tiniest of scraps. As for me, I simply find the whole concept fascinating – who knew that such simple things as tags could be used in so many creative ways!

For this, my very first tag card, I got my inspiration from Elsa Justafew’s Father’s Day tag card on Youtube – you can find a link to her video in the description of my video on Youtube. Mine was a birthday card – also: gift card holder – for one of my dear girlfriends who turned an undisclosed age last February 1st 🙂

I also added something of myself to this design: digital photo editing. To have every picture that I used fit the design and color scheme of this tag card perfectly, I digitally altered them and gave each character a gorgeous new background. Like with my friend’s cute doggie:

It was quite some extra work, but I’m very pleased with the effect.

So, have fun watching the video – and do let me know what you think!


Oh, and don’t forget to check out my Mediterranean variation on this card!


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