Storage-in-storage: Think Inside the Box

Fall is almost here, which means that by now you’ve probably made all the vacation pictures you could. You may even have printed them, but now what! Well, time for a new and fun storage-in-storage keepsake, which I’m calling Think Inside the Box 🙂

It’s a decorated box with a magnetic closure, filled with a twin-sleeved pouch that also closes magnetically. It will hold many things, like, among others, pictures!

Digital photo collaging (Google it, you’ll find many free online opportunities) is an efficient way to gather even more pictures into your album, or box.

I’ve written a tutorial for you all, as usual with many (97!) clear pictures. There’s also a 2-tutorial set if you’d like the instructions for the special photomats as well, the ones you see in the video by way of example. The set gives you a 15% discount, but you need to put the SET in your shopping cart, not the two individual tutorials.

Anyway, have fun watching the video and check out the pictures below too. Please feel welcome to leave a comment in the comment section below!


Don’t forget the 15% off if you purchase the SET!



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