Retro project: Decoupaging a breakfast set

You don’t just have to use wood or cardboard for decoupaging: you can also do table ware! 🙂

I’m calling this a retro project by the way because I created it a couple of years ago, way before I had my blog. So I thought I’d dust it off and show it to you now – better late than never 😉

1. Remove the top (= patterned) layer from the napkin
2. Glue it onto the plate.
3. Add a second layer of podge to set and finish it.
4. Bake in your oven, if your particular podge requires it. The podge that I used required me to bake them, which I haven’t filmed, but took about 30-40 minutes.

Of course you will have to use special dishwasher safe mod podge; ask your local craft store to help you find the correct version.

Porcelain podge







For this project I did two breakfast plates, a coffee cup and a little wooden teabox, with only two kinds of napkin.

Anyway, this is just to give you some inspiration and ideas, hope you liked it.

(My apologies for the shaky cam parts!)




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