Opened my Etsy web shop!

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Well, it wasn’t very long ago that I told you about my New Year’s resolution to open my own web store. At the time I thought it would take me at least a couple of months longer, and I was striving to get it up by March or April. But sometimes you surprise yourself by taking an unexpected leap forward – as in my case, for my Etsy shop is now up and running!

So woohooo! I’m a shop owner! 🙂

There’s not many product listings in it yet of course, only three to start with, since it’s only been up like a minute. One if which is a downloadable tutorial by the way, of my Explosion of Joy explosion box.

From now on I’ll be writing more tutorials, which is a time consuming process so I won’t be able to add one every week so to speak. However, I can promise you at least two more in the upcoming 2 months, with the third planned in March/April.

Anyway, I’m very excited of course, this is truly a new direction for me! Hopefully it’s the start of another great way to share my designs with you all and making them more available and accessible to those of you who wish to create your own projects but don’t know how 🙂

So here’s the video, with clear instructions on how to find my shop on your own – that is, if you haven’t bookmarked it after your first visit of course! 😉

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