Double-Stacked Mini Album (new!): Celebrate Every Day

It’s always super fun to design new mini albums! This time, I created an album with two sets of pages, one above the other. Hence, a double-stacked mini album 😉Almost all pages offer new page designs that I haven’t used in my previous albums.

There are six page assemblies, three above, three below, which together offer twelve interactive page layouts plus some large photo mats. The large front and back covers make up their own interactive pages, twice as large as the regular ones. The album has a magnetized closure and is crisp and clean on the outside, so it will easily fit into your book case.

I found that this design is perfect to create a large album with 6×6 inch papers and only a handful of 12×12 inch sheets. This makes it a lot more cost effective than an album with lots of large pages. The relatively wide spine offers ample room for you to embellish on the inside.

On its last two pages I used some special-folded paper ornaments. Both are covered in the downloadable written tutorial in my shop. For one of them I also made a free video tutorial, which will be available next week in a new blog post.

For this particular album I used the Optimist collection by Prima Marketing, including their sticky tabs, ATC cards, flowers, leaflets and brads.

I hope you’ll all enjoy this design just as much as I do!
If you wish to create this double-stacked album yourself, check out the written tutorial in my Etsy shop, which has 148 pages and 429 (!) pictures.

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Want to know what other people created with the tutorial? Check out the fanpage and see for yourself! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Double-Stacked Mini Album (new!): Celebrate Every Day

  1. I must say u have done a great work. u’ve inspired me alot.. i just love your work. evn i’ve tried to make an album.. from mariposa butterflies stack. Its not the same as yours but yeah i can say wtever i’ve made just bcz of u 🙂 now wanna try this double stacked mini album. following you everywhere. keep it up.. i would love to see more creative work in future. 🙂 God bless u.

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