Desert Flower Micro Album

Welcome to part 3 of September Mini Album Month on my blog! (i.e. I’m uploading a mini album video every Sunday, instead of the usual once a month). We started off with a sweet baby girl mini, followed in the second week by a boy’s ultra mini album which I dubbed Natural History Adventure. Both are fun minis so please check them out if you’re in need of some inspiration!

This week it’s a new micro album I designed and created. I’m defining a micro album as a fully functional miniature mini album. These are soooo cute and, moreover, such an ideal way to use up your leftover pieces of paper, that I don’t think I’ll ever stop creating them 🙂 This one’s even tinier than my Little Miss micro album!

The paper is DCWV’s Serenity, a gorgeous paper line that I’ve used in several of my projects – I’ve in fact started to call it my ‘never-ending paper collection’, because of the endless number of projects I seem to be able to create with it. Curious? Just click here to see for yourself 🙂

Anyway, I love how it has turned out, and of course I’d like to share it with you all!

DCWV - Serenity

2 thoughts on “Desert Flower Micro Album

    • Hi Alexandra, it’s soooooo awesome that you were inspired by my micro album and created your own! I saw your pictures and your micro album is gorgeous, great work!
      Thanks for the shout-out!
      – Katja

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