Christmas gift idea: A Paper Craft Skin for Your Gadget

I don’t know about you but I love my gadgets. I’m always online and have various devices that I work with. I always love to personalize these devices, and no doubt you’ve seen or owned your share of cases, sleeves, bumpers and what not yourselves.

Today I’m sharing yet another way of personalizing a smart device: skin it, and use pictures of your own craft projects to make it really You!

Or, and here’s a Christmas gift idea, design a skin for someone else! You’ve probably made cards or mini albums with beautiful sentiments or very pretty design elements. Why not turn a picture of such a lovely detail into a skin for your best friend’s favorite smart phone to say Thank You, or Happy Birthday – or even I Love You 🙂

There are many companies out there that can create skins for any gadget you may have in mind, except perhaps the very ancient ones. You can think smart phone, tablet, ereader, but also laptop and game controller.

They are fairly easy to adhere to your gadget – and very removable too if you’re totally done looking at it – and that’s why I’m demonstrating how to apply a skin in this video. I’m working with my own iPad Mini, which I skinned with a detail of my Treasured Memories Keepsake Album Deluxe.

There’s a new paper craft skin for my phone in the making as well, and although it hasn’t arrived yet I’ll post the screenshots below, so you get a second version to hopefully inspire you. I’ll also post pictures of the original projects on which I based the skins.

And last but not least, if you want to see still more skinned devices, and even an extra video tutorial, check out an earlier blog post of mine, over at my – somewhat sleeping – other blog Comics and Gadgets.

Hope you enjoy it, and hope you’ll find it inspiring! See you next week!


Original project: Treasured Memories Keepsake Album:

iPad Mini – skinned with the Forever Memories project:


Original project: Step Card ‘Deeply Loved’:




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