Photo Explosion Box: Golden Wedding Anniversary

An explosion box is a really great gift to surprise someone with. You can make it interactive with tags & pockets, using design paper to decorate. There are several examples of these on this blog, and there’s a tutorial in my Etsy shop.

Another way to decorate is to use pictures only. This way it will become a treasure trove of someone’s dearest memories, always easy to keep nearby and peruse them. This kind I’ve dubbed a 100% Photo Explosion Box. And this week I’m sharing one of these, which I created for some people’s golden wedding anniversary.

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30th Wedding Anniversary Explosion Box

A short while ago a lady asked me to create an explosion box to suprise her husband for their 30th wedding anniversary. She had seen my Still in Love explosion box, and hoped I could create a similar one, but of course customized to her specific likes and wishes.

Since I still had enough of DCWV’s Natural stack, I set out to create another one of my explosion boxes. It has two layers with an altered miniature treasure chest hidden inside. The lady sent me some thoughts and feelings about her beloved husband, and some pictures of her family and their dog, all of which I incorporated as creatively as I could.

I was very happy to hear that the lady and her beloved loved it and are continually adding little personal memorabilia to it!

Like to create an explosion box yourself? Check out my tutorial, explaining the process of creating a three-layer explosion box in 80 pages and 190 pictures!

So, here’s the end result, enjoy!


The first two tags of these three were made with some tag die sets by Crealies:



Deeply Loved – a Step Card

It took me a while to figure out what a certain category of cards with all these different mountain & valley folds was called, so I started out with calling them ‘special folds cards.’ (Yeah, I know.)

Anyway, as it turns out, they already had a name, for they are called step cards. This is the category of cards that has different kinds of, well, steps…

You can create them entirely by hand, or use a die. My first step card was created manually and I figured out all of the cuts and folds by myself, just by looking at a sample picture in Kaisercraft’s free Workshop magazine. It worked out great, but was a lot of work.

Today I’m sharing my second step card, a different kind this time. And this time I used a die (by Crealies) – which does make life a lot easier. 🙂

This particular card was for a wedding, which is why I’ve dubbed it Deeply Loved. I used Prima Marketing’s Almanac paper pad, plus the cutapart sheet from Kaisercraft’s On This Day collection. And added lots of cute decorations.

See for yourself in the video and don’t forget the pictures below it, which you can also check out on my Pinterest page. 🙂

In a couple of weeks I’m going to show you what die you need and how to use it, so stay tuned!


Treasured Memory Keepsake Album DeLuxe

This is probably the largest (or rather bulkiest) and most complex mini album I’ve created so far. My mother asked me to create a beautiful keepsake album in memory of my father, so you can imagine I went all out on this one.

She chose one of the paper lines in my stash, the gorgeous and very fittingly vintage romantic Stationer’s Desk by Prima Marketing.

The show & tell video has turned out rather long, approx. half an hour, so I decided to do a second version, a Fast Forward Edition so to speak, for those of you who just want a quick overview. You find both videos below plus lots of pictures, so take your pick or enjoy both of them 😉

Full Show & Tell video: Continue reading

Haul video & paper walkthrough: Stationer’s Desk by Prima

Stationer’s Desk is very vintage, very romantic, perfect for keeping those particularly precious memories. It reminds me somewhat of Romance Novel, one of their older collections. Stationer’s Desk is one of Prima Marketing’s latest however – and I did quite the shopping spree with this one. 🙂

So here’s my haul video – and stay tuned for the large keepsake album I’ve created with this collection, which I’ll post coming July!

Wedding gift wallet (part 2 – with 15 tags + a little envelope tutorial)

A couple of days ago I uploaded part 1 of this gift wallet for groups of people who give one gift together.

Now, here’s part 2! With not only all 15 personalized tags for this wallet, but also with the special money envelope I created, and some instructions for making it.

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Happily Ever After – a wedding gift wallet (part 1)

This gift wallet is perfect for people who give one gift together as a group, like when you’re giving money or some luxury coupons with your entire family, or like in my case with a group of colleagues.
You can add lots of unique tags for each person to write a personal message to the happy couple, which is not just fun for them but will also be a great keepsake.

DCWV’s Once Upon a Time design paper is of course very usable for weddings, for this stack actually has a Happily Ever After sheet, how perfect is that!

Oh, and there is a part 2 to this post by the way, which you find in my next – with not only all 15 personalized tags for this wallet, but I’m also showing you the special money envelope I created, with some instructions for making it! 🙂

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Paper walkthrough: Romance Novel by Prima

Ah, this gorgeous gorgeous design stack is such a delight that I’m hesitant to even use it! Perhaps I’ll simply stare at it for a couple of minutes a day…

Click here if you don’t see the video / Klik hier als je geen filmpje ziet.


Edit April 10th, 2013: As it turns out, this design stack is also available in A4 size. I don’t think it’ll come as a very big surprise that I immediately bought that too as soon as I heard of its existence… 😉