Kaisercraft Exchange Unboxing: What I received! (#happymail!)

Some weeks ago I told you I sent out a little snail mail package to Russia for the international Kaisercraft Exchange swap project.

Meanwhile I received a Happy Mail package as well – also from Russia, and I was overwhelmed; Christmas started early this year!

Marina Gridasova sent me four of her paper craft projects! They were a gift a tag, a chocolate bar gift box, a mini album and a card. And then she added a whole lotta goodies to them!

Wow, thank you so much Marina! All of you, check out her blog (click her name above) and admire her lovely work.






Really Mini File Folio! (Kaisercraft Exchange)

Not too long ago I participated in Kaisercraft’s brand new international snail mail project called Kaisercraft Exchangewhich I really enjoyed. You send out anything you created with Kaisercraft products to someone around the world you don’t know, and likewise you receive something – from someone else entirely. Kaisercraft functions as the trustworthy middleman to swap all of the addresses.

It was so, so much fun to participate the first time! So when they announced their second run of this worldwide surprise swap, I was game!

This time I used the Lush design papers, a Kaisercraft paper collection from 2010, of which I had also miraculously still been able to find the rubons. I designed something completely new (well, to me at least): a Mini File Folder, or Mini Collection Folio if you will. I was absolutely engrossed in designing and creating this project, it really scratched all of the right itches for me, especially after finishing a larger project (coming up soon…) 🙂

So without much further ado, here’s the video. Enjoy, let me know what you think, and do participate in Kaisercraft Exchange next time! Who knows, maybe I’ll be sending you something! 🙂




What I received from #kaisercraftexchange

In my previous blog post I shared with you what I sent out for the Kaisercraft Exchange happy mail project. In this post I’m showing what I received myself! 🙂

The lady who sent me this made a beautiful card, with what I believe not to be a Kaisercraft collection. But hey, who cares, it’s a beautiful piece of card art! ?

Even so, I got my Sherlock on and scoured the internet to find out what she used, and I am 99% sure I found it. ? I “deduced”, my dear Watson, that this had to be from a Blue Fern Studios collection, and I’m positive it is from their Serendipity line, a sheet titled Glee!







My Entry for #kaisercraftexchange!

Last May Kaisercraft announced their Kaisercraft Exchange project, aimed at sending and receiving Happy (snail) Mail to and from people around the world, without knowing anything about them except their name and address.

I immediately signed up, for it’s always a lot of fun to create specifically with someone else in mind!

I chose the Be-You-Tiful collection and designed a new wallet card, to be sent to a lady called Kirstie, in Pacific Pines in Australia (hi Kirstie, hope you’re reading this! 🙂 ) I also added a small a mini album to keep pictures of her loved ones, to keep in her purse.

For both of these designs together I only needed 2 sheets of 12×12″ cardstock and 5 sheets of 12×12″ double-sided design paper (including two cutapart sheets with some lovely sentiments).

I also wrote a 29-page tutorial for the wallet card, which you can find in my Etsy shop for a small price, to help me keep doing what I do.



Rose of Encouragement – An Interactive Wallet Card

If you want to try your hand at this interactive wallet card yourself, please check out the tutorial I wrote for you, which you can find in my Etsy shop.

NEWS flash: this tutorial is now also available in Dutch – email me if you’re interested! Plus, several card kits to make this particular card are now available as well! 🙂

Recently Jessica, a young lady from the USA whom I had never met before, contacted me via Youtube, proposing a project swap. I loved this idea, as well as the great spontaneity she showed with this initiative, and we agreed to a friendly card challenge. I set the theme, she added some parameters. So here’s the homework we gave ourselves:

Create an interactive, not too bulky wallet-type card around the theme Encouragement. The projects would have to be true to our individual styles and personalities. Extra criterium was to try and make the message to the other person as personal as we could – without us actually knowing eachother… So we’d have to find our inner Encourager, as it were. 🙂

So, in the video below you can check out what I came up with! This wallet card measures 5.75 x 5.75″ (14.5 x 14.5 cm) and is of my own design. It has pockets, tags, layered layouts and several interactive closures. It’s perfect for more than one sentiment and personalized message, it can function as a gift card holder and it will come in very handy as a vehicle for a group gift – when there are several personal messages by different people and/or gift cards needing to be tucked away into one awesome card 🙂

I used Kaisercraft’s Lady Rose collection, which is stunningly beautiful, feminine and timelessly on trend. Plus, it has some great and encouraging sentiment labels which fit this challenge perfectly!

And here’s the video of the card Jessica created for me! So thank you again Jessica, for your lovely card and your great initiative – an encouragement in and of itself! And for those of you who’d like to see what Jessica’s up to, check out her website, which you can find at AT2 Design.