Gift idea: Mini Album Card!

Special occasions require special cards, and with this interactive wallet card you can go many directions. To give you some examples, my first card of this design had an Encouragement theme, the second version commemorated the first year since my father’s passing.

This week I’m sharing a third way you can use this card: as a mini album card, to send (or give in person) someone some pictures of dearly remembered moments you shared with them! Which is perfect for someone who really already has everything they ever wanted – I mean do you really need to give them more ‘stuff’? I’m convinced that memories in the form of pictures – nicely done up – will always be much appreciated, and also add that extra personal touch to your gifts.
This design offers room for 6-8 pictures and of course a personal message.

So, hope to have inspired you, let me know what you think in the comments! šŸ™‚




Four Seasons, Four Sentiments

A lady asked me to create four double-layout cards for her, one for each season. She also provided me with four seasonal sentiments to incorporate. What a fun challenge that proved to be! šŸ™‚

I also used four brands by the way, so I really saw all four šŸ˜ŽĀ corners of my craft supply room. Here’s the collections I used:

  • Spring: Graphic 45, Time to Flourish
  • Summer: Kaisercraft, Fly Free
  • Autumn: Bo Bunny, Autumn Song
  • Winter: Studiolight, Frozen Forest

Let me know what you think!



Twist & Pop Card Tutorial

Time for another free video tutorial to start the Summer season! šŸ™‚

This time we’re going to create a so-called Twist & Pop card, you’ll find all measurements and materials in the video. If you’d like to watch more of my free video tutorials, clickĀ here.Ā If you’re more about text & pictures, go to myĀ SnapguideĀ page where you can find all of my free picture tutorials!

So, enjoy your Summer and have fun crafting! ā˜€ļø


Created with Studiolight’sĀ Flower DelightĀ collection.

Altered Make-up Brush Holder

There’s a fun and practical application of papercrafting: altering useful objects!

So I went ahead and altered this pen holder, which I then filled not with pens but with my growing number of make-up brushes!

Papers & die-cuts are from the Summer at the Beach collection by Studiolight.Ā It looks fantasticĀ in my white & wood beach-themed bathroom! šŸ™‚


Hidden Treasures: an Explosion Boxed Mini Album (new!)

Hi you all! Time for a spring & summer project!Ā 

This isĀ what would happen if a mini album and an explosion box married and had a baby. šŸ™‚ It’s an… Explosion Boxed Mini Album!

This lovely box can holdĀ over 55 pictures andĀ sportsĀ LOTS of embellisments on the pages. And it’s its own gift box to boot, so a double bonus!

I designed it around a Prima Marketing collection (called Free Spirit), so a 48-sheet 6×6″ paper pad, an ATC card pad, some 12×12″ sheets and lots and lots of flowers. My goal was to have as little leftovers as possible, so it is also doubling as aĀ destashing project šŸ™‚ (triple bonus, yea!)

Check out my (written)Ā tutorial if you can’t wait to destash work with your own lovely papers andĀ create, for instance, a nursery gift, a wedding gift, a birthday gift, or simply a stunning way to present your own holiday or Christmas pictures.

And for those of you who prefer complete kits, that is to say everything you need to create this project, including materials AND my tutorial, go to theĀ Photographs and Memories (USA-based!) online store and have at it šŸ™‚

But first, let me know what you think!


Three cards with 2Ā½ sheets of PS I Love You papers

Sometimes I like newly brought out design papers but don’t necessarily want to buy the entire collection. This is why I only bought two sheets of Kaisercraft’s recentĀ PS I Love YouĀ (double-sided) collection, so I could still savour their gorgeous new design patterns, wondering what I could make with them.

As it turns out, 2 entire sheets with 2 extra 6×6″ piecesĀ are enough to create three lovely cards, matted on the front, the backĀ andĀ the inside šŸ™‚

So hopefully you find this as encouraging as I – for now you can perhaps also more easily enjoy more ofĀ these gorgeous new design paper collections that come out evert month! (yea!)


Some more Domestic Goddess

Fortunately I had enough paper pieces left over from last week’s 12-page mini album to create two lovely cards. The colors of theĀ Domestic GoddessĀ collection (7 Dots Studio) are truly amazing, lush and colorful. It reminds me of tropical sunsets on some faraway island, or the warm-blooded colors of Love šŸ™‚

So for these cards I played around with these colors, layering them with deep-colored flowers (card 1) or highlighting the softness hiddenĀ in there as well (card 2).

I also tried some new sentiments, which I found on Pinterest and printed on the design paper in a font of my own.

Enjoy the video, and let me know if you have any questions!


Stacked Page Mini Album

This week I’m sharing a mini album withĀ twelveĀ pages. As inĀ 24Ā individual page layouts!
To make it, I tried a new binding system – new toĀ meĀ at least, it’s been ‘out there’ for quite some time I think. The best way to describe it is the stacked page binding.
I kept this one simple to try it out, but I’ll create another one to be able to makeĀ a tutorial for you all, so stay tuned!

And please notice this paper collection you guys, isn’t it stunning? I love it! ā¤ļø
It’s a somewhat older paper line byĀ 7 Dots Studio,Ā and it’s calledĀ Domestic Goddess.Ā I think its graphic designer at the time wasĀ Finnabair,Ā a well-known name in the paper craft world!
I only had 15 sheets, but that was enough to create this mini albumĀ andĀ two beautiful cards – which I’ll share with you in my next šŸ™‚

Let me know what you think, and stay crafty!


Love & Home Card

Here’s a spring-colored card I made for my friend’s new home, usingĀ StudioLight’sĀ lovelyĀ Love & HomeĀ collection and die-cuts.

Studiolight,Ā ScrapLH02 (12×12″)

I love theĀ Studiolight collections for their lovely themes, the life-like graphics, and the many die-cuts and cutaparts they have available with each paper collection. I’ve done a couple of other projects with some of their collections, and I’m sure I’ll create more in the future.

For now, this card: I used a 12×12″ sheet as a base and built on top of that, mostly with die-cuts but also with some other things, like a very fitting knitting charm – since my friend is an avid knitter. šŸ™‚

This way you can fairly easily and quickly make a beautiful personalized card for someone, which I highly recommend for you can put much love and tender care into a handmade card.



A Double-paged Keepsake Album

I designed this new mini album around threeĀ criteria: its dimensions should beĀ something like 15×15 cm (6×6″),Ā Ā it should have two spines and each spine should holdĀ its own set of pages.

My creative process ended up with me coming up withĀ this 14.5×17 cm (5Ā¾ x 6Ā¾”) gatefold mini album, in the fresh colors of Kaisercraft’s Ubud DreamsĀ collectionĀ – colors thatĀ remind me of the sea and small mediterranean villages šŸ™‚ Which is why I’m dubbingĀ this my Holiday Dreams keepsake album.
And guess what,Ā UbudĀ turns out to be a town on the Indonesian island of Bali! Okay, so not the Mediterranean but still: Holidays galore šŸ™‚

The album holds seven interactive page assemblies with all new page designs, four attached to the left spine and three to the right; the inside covers offer even moreĀ room for pictures.

If you can’t wait to make this album yourself, check out the (written)Ā tutorialĀ which is available inĀ my Etsy shop. šŸ™‚

NEW: There’s also aĀ kit available at Photographs & Memories online webshop! ThisĀ includes my tutorialĀ at no additional cost!

Enjoy the video and pictures below and let me know what you think in the comment section! See you next week! :-).


How to Gift an E-book as a Paper Craft Project

Have you ever tried gifting an e-book to someone? If so then you know there’s not much fun to be had. You either give the person money or a gift card to buy it himself, or perhaps you email themĀ a gift code. Or if you’re really making an effort, you find an online e-book vendor which allows you to buy a specific e-book for someone else. Which requires you to register at said vendor, which you may find very annoying.

Your purchaseĀ will thenĀ result in an email of the vendor to the recipient, or maybe a voucherĀ will be mailed to you so you can email or print it. Pfff. Like I said, not much fun to be had. No gift wrapping, no happy anticipation before unwrappingĀ the surprise gift, no happy squeals when the present is finally revealed. Welcome to the Digital Age.

Though we cannot change the digital nature of the e-book, we can make it more fun to gift an e-book to someone! The only thing you haveĀ to buy is a (physical)Ā gift card that will allow the recipient to buy e-books. You’ll probably be able to buy those in several brick & mortar shops – so no registration required, no annoying emails received.

And then you’ll craft a very festiveĀ Mini File Folio like the one I’m sharing with you today, in which you’ll put your gift card and a nicely printed title & summary of the e-book(s) you have in mind for your recipient. And voila, there’s your Very Presentable present.

As an added bonus you’ll probable be able to gift them two e-books for the price of one physical book!

To whom are you going to gift an e-book this way? šŸ™‚



Birds in a Tree Tea Box

Now and again I like to vary my craft technique and leave papercrafting for a short while to dabble in decoupaging. I use this technique mainly to alter wooden or porcelain objects, like gift boxes but alsoĀ candles, coffee mugs and even a lamp!

Usually I paint such an object white or ivory first, so that the napkin’s colors will show clear & bright. With the tea box I’m sharing today however, I started decoupaging without painting it white first. This made for warm wood colors, and also caused the box title Thee (= Dutch for Tea) on the lidĀ to show through nicely.

After adhering the parts of the napkin I wanted to use, I painted the rest of the box around them in a warm forest green and added some glitter accents. Of course I covered the whole thing with boat varnish to protect it from all things Liquid – a prudent measure if you’re anything like Clumsy Me šŸ™‚

By the way, anĀ altered tea boxes makes for a great gift!