All is Bright: A Box Pocket (Christmas) Mini Album

As my previous Christmas mini has been completely loaded with family Christmas pictures since last year’s holiday season, it was time to create a new one – yea! ūüôā

I rummaged through my (by now fairly impressive) stash and came back out with the beautiful vintage-yet-fresh¬†All is Bright¬†papers, a 2012 collection by¬†My Mind’s Eye.¬†With its 18 x 25 cm (7 1/8 x 9 7/8″) it’s larger than its¬†Tis the Season¬†predecessor. It sports nine interactive page layouts, plus what I’m calling a box pocket on the inside front cover.

I created one of these box pockets¬†before, in my large Girly Girl’s Precious mini, but this time I incorporated it in a tutorial! It’s already waiting for you in my Etsy shop ūüôā

Since the¬†box pocket¬†can hold all kinds of nice things, like a stack of photo mats, cards, a mini folio or even an entire hardcover notebook (see picture above of the aforementioned Girly Girl’s Precious mini), I have not included my mini folio in the album tutorial. Instead it will get its own – very affordable – tutorial soon, including a bonus cutting guide for a larger version.

Check out the video if you’d like to see all the fun & interactive page designs, and sing along with the Christmas tune:¬†“Aaaaall is calm, all is bright….”

I wish you all a very merry Christmas!


Thin is the New Bulky – an Alice in Wonderland 10-pic Mini Album

A friend asked me to create an Alice in Wonderland-themed mini album for her, to hold a maximum of only ten pictures. So no wallet, no folio, but an actual mini album. Oh, and no flowers please.

Well, that turned out to be a fun design challenge! Using a¬†Marion Smith Designs¬†paper collection called¬†Mad Tea Party,¬†I designed two interactive pages to hold the ten pictures. Of course I also incorporated a scrap mat, for which there’s a free video tutorial available on my blog. The second tutorial which may come in handy is my¬†free gradient technique video for Distress Stickles.

So, this is a very thin mini album with no bulky embellishments, but:

Thin is the New Bulky!¬†ūüôā

Let’s start a new trend here shall we ūüėé.











Storage-in-storage: Think Inside the Box

Fall is almost here, which means that by now you’ve probably made all the vacation pictures you could. You may even have printed them, but now what! Well, time for a new and fun storage-in-storage keepsake, which I’m calling¬†Think Inside the Box ūüôā

It’s a decorated box with a magnetic closure, filled with a twin-sleeved pouch that also closes magnetically. It will hold many things, like, among others, pictures!

Digital photo collaging (Google it, you’ll find many free online opportunities) is an efficient way to gather even more pictures into your album, or box.

I’ve written a tutorial for you all, as usual with many (97!) clear pictures. There’s also a¬†2-tutorial set if you’d like the instructions for the special photomats as well, the ones you see in the video by way of example. The set gives you a 15% discount, but you need to put the SET in your shopping cart, not the two individual tutorials.

Anyway, have fun watching the video and check out the pictures below too. Please feel welcome to leave a comment in the comment section below!


Don’t forget the 15% off if you purchase the SET!



Sunny Times – an XXL Flexible Spine Photo Album!

Hi all! I’m excited to be able to share this, my latest album! It is HUGE: it measures 9 x 12″ (23 x 30.5 cm), which makes it perfect to house the loads of pictures from any event or period of which you want to cherish many memories.

Since this particular album is beach-themed, it was created with our summer vacation in mind – so I named it Sunny Times!

It houses ten base pages – so 20 page surfaces – with lots of extra add-ons for your many pictures. You can add pictures of all sizes, ranging from wallet-sized all the way up to 8×10″ (20×27 cm), and in addition it offers lots of pockets and tuck spots for your memorabilia.

So check it out, enjoy the video, and consider your purchase options if you’d like to create one yourself: there’s the tutorial only option – a 178-page written tutorial (with over 500 clear pictures!) by way of immediate download – and then there’s the kit + tutorial you will very soon be able to get from¬†Photographs and Memories,¬†which is a kit full of goodies to create the album plus my aforementioned tutorial (no extra costs).




Romantic Nursery Baby Boy Mini Album

When my cousin had her first baby, a cute little baby boy, I wanted to make her something special. I decided to make her a mini album to keep her most precious pictures and notes of baby’s first couple of months. I wanted a somewhat romantic baby theme, with nostalgic colors instead of bright blue pastels, which I found in Marianne Design‘s lovely¬†Romantic Nursery¬†design paper.

The mini album has three page assemblies, which makes it a bit thinner than my other mini albums which usually have six or eight. It still has plenty of room for photos and other memorabilia though, with all its pockets, tags and even hidden photo wallets. Of course I inked around all the edges, this time with Vintage Photo distress ink by Tim Holtz.

And here’s the video, please feel free to let me know what you think!


So what kind of baby shower gifts have you been looking for, or even created yourself?




Stacks of Love: a Stacked Page Mini Album – Tutorial version


Several weeks ago I shared my first¬†stacked page mini album with you, an experiment with a different kind of binding system than I had been used to. For instead of the hidden hinge system, this one is based on stacked pages – hence the name… ūüôā

It is not my invention, I’m not sure whose it is. I’m guessing it’s most likely based on Laura Denison’s¬†stack the deck¬†binding system, on which someone then elaborated.

Anyway, I did add a personal flavour, for my stacked page albums have twelve pages instead of the usual six Рso 24 page surfaces! Рbut with a regular-sized spine. You can see the first iteration of this album in the above-mentioned earlier blog post, created with the Domestic Goddess collection by 7 Dots Studio.

This week I’m sharing the version on which I¬†based my¬†tutorial. This album is somewhat larger, has more elaborate¬†page designs and was made with Prima Marketing’s lovely¬†Tales of You & Me¬†collection. I’m calling this version the ‘Stacks of Love’ mini album ūüôā

The tutorial is listed in my Etsy shop. It is a (written) English language tutorial with measurements in centimeters and inches. It is 130 pages long and holds 324 clear pictures aimed at visual learners. As a bonus it also contains the main measurements for the Domestic Goddess version!
Moreover,¬†I’m very happy to be able to point you to the kit that is available for this album as well! Go to the (US-based!) Photographs and Memories online store, where you will find kits for several of my projects, including this one.

So enjoy the video and please feel free to leave a little note below, in the comment section ūüôā



Hidden Treasures: an Explosion Boxed Mini Album (new!)

Hi you all! Time for a spring & summer project! 

This is¬†what would happen if a mini album and an explosion box married and had a baby. ūüôā It’s an… Explosion Boxed Mini Album!

This lovely box can hold¬†over 55 pictures and¬†sports¬†LOTS of embellisments on the pages. And it’s its own gift box to boot, so a double bonus!

I designed it around a Prima Marketing collection (called Free Spirit), so a 48-sheet 6×6″ paper pad, an ATC card pad, some 12×12″ sheets and lots and lots of flowers. My goal was to have as little leftovers as possible, so it is also doubling as a¬†destashing project ūüôā (triple bonus, yea!)

Check out my (written)¬†tutorial if you can’t wait to destash work with your own lovely papers and¬†create, for instance, a nursery gift, a wedding gift, a birthday gift, or simply a stunning way to present your own holiday or Christmas pictures.

And for those of you who prefer complete kits, that is to say everything you need to create this project, including materials AND my tutorial, go to the¬†Photographs and Memories (USA-based!) online store and have at it ūüôā

But first, let me know what you think!


Photo Gift Booklet

From a very sunny Portugal ‚ėÄÔłŹ I’m sharing this new Photo Gift Booklet, which I created with some cardstock and a couple of sheets from DCWV’s Colorful Life¬†paper collection. It is custom-fit to hold four 9×13 cm (3¬Ĺ x 5‚Öõ”) pictures. You only need four pieces¬†of design paper of that same size for the covers, and your’re done!

Being a hybrid between a card and a small photo album this little booklet is the perfect gift to send over the mail to your far away friends & relatives! ?

If you’d like to create one yourself, go to my¬†Autumn Time Ultra Mini Album¬†for a quick explanation on the page technique.

Have fun, see you next week!



Newsflash: Kits available!

Good news for anyone who’d like to create one of my projects but would like¬†a kit to go along with the tutorial – and lives across the Atlantic:

As of May 2017 kits are available for some of my projects at Photographs and Memories, a lovely online store based in Kansas, USA. You can go to the store and search for ‚ÄúKatja‚ÄĚ using the search field, or ‚Äď much easier ? ‚Äď click the logo below, and you will find all of my projects for which kits are available. Each kit comes¬†including¬†my elaborate and detailed tutorial for that project, at no additional cost!

If you wish to purchase the tutorial only, please go to my Creator’s Image Studio online shop. I offer many different methods of payment, including Paypal, creditcard and iDeal.

The first two kits based on my projects are my¬†Memories Fold-out Folio Album¬†and my¬†Holiday Dreams Gatefold Album.¬†These kits offer, among other things, the same paper collections as my original projects ūüôā



Woon je in Nederland en wil je ook een kit voor een van mijn projecten, neem dan contact met me op op creatorsimage at (spaties verwijderen en ‚Äėat‚Äô vervangen door @), want dat loopt natuurlijk niet via Amerika ūüėČ .



Stacked Page Mini Album

This week I’m sharing a mini album with¬†twelve¬†pages. As in¬†24¬†individual page layouts!
To make it, I tried a new binding system – new to¬†me¬†at least, it’s been ‘out there’ for quite some time I think. The best way to describe it is the stacked page binding.
I kept this one simple to try it out, but I’ll create another one to be able to make¬†a tutorial for you all, so stay tuned!

And please notice this paper collection you guys, isn’t it stunning? I love it! ‚̧ԳŹ
It’s a somewhat older paper line by¬†7 Dots Studio,¬†and it’s called¬†Domestic Goddess.¬†I think its graphic designer at the time was¬†Finnabair,¬†a well-known name in the paper craft world!
I only had 15 sheets, but that was enough to create this mini album¬†and¬†two beautiful cards – which I’ll share with you in my next ūüôā

Let me know what you think, and stay crafty!


A Double-paged Keepsake Album

I designed this new mini album around three¬†criteria: its dimensions should be¬†something like 15×15 cm (6×6″),¬†¬†it should have two spines and each spine should hold¬†its own set of pages.

My creative process ended up with me coming up with¬†this 14.5×17 cm (5¬ĺ x 6¬ĺ”) gatefold mini album, in the fresh colors of Kaisercraft’s Ubud Dreams¬†collection¬†– colors that¬†remind me of the sea and small mediterranean villages ūüôā Which is why I’m dubbing¬†this my Holiday Dreams keepsake album.
And guess what,¬†Ubud¬†turns out to be a town on the Indonesian island of Bali! Okay, so not the Mediterranean but still: Holidays galore ūüôā

The album holds seven interactive page assemblies with all new page designs, four attached to the left spine and three to the right; the inside covers offer even more room for pictures.

If you can’t wait to make this album yourself, check out the (written)¬†tutorial¬†which is available in¬†my Etsy shop. ūüôā

NEW: There’s also a¬†kit available at Photographs & Memories online webshop! This¬†includes my tutorial¬†at no additional cost!

Enjoy the video and pictures below and let me know what you think in the comment section! See you next week! :-).


How to Gift an E-book as a Paper Craft Project

Have you ever tried gifting an e-book to someone? If so then you know there’s not much fun to be had. You either give the person money or a gift card to buy it himself, or perhaps you email them¬†a gift code. Or if you’re really making an effort, you find an online e-book vendor which allows you to buy a specific e-book for someone else. Which requires you to register at said vendor, which you may find very annoying.

Your purchase will then result in an email of the vendor to the recipient, or maybe a voucher will be mailed to you so you can email or print it. Pfff. Like I said, not much fun to be had. No gift wrapping, no happy anticipation before unwrapping the surprise gift, no happy squeals when the present is finally revealed. Welcome to the Digital Age.

Though we cannot change the digital nature of the e-book, we can make it more fun to gift an e-book to someone! The only thing you have¬†to buy is a (physical)¬†gift card that will allow the recipient to buy e-books. You’ll probably be able to buy those in several brick & mortar shops – so no registration required, no annoying emails received.

And then you’ll craft a very festive¬†Mini File Folio like the one I’m sharing with you today, in which you’ll put your gift card and a nicely printed title & summary of the e-book(s) you have in mind for your recipient. And voila, there’s your Very Presentable present.

As an added bonus you’ll probable be able to gift them two e-books for the price of one physical book!

To whom are you going to gift an e-book this way? ūüôā