Ageless Beauty, a Chipboard Mini Album

Hi guys, hope you’re enjoying your summer holidays, or at least some great weather if you’re still working!

Today I’m sharing with you a so-called chipboard mini album. This kind of album comes pre-made as far as its pages are concerned. It’s up to you to bind them and to decorate them however you please. I had never created such an album before so I was delighted to try my hand at it. It turned out to be great fun – the biggest challenge was actually to find the right sized album rings, which for some mysterious reason was more difficult than I could have imagined.

Anyway, enjoy the video and pictures below, hope you’ll find some inspiration to do your own chipboard minis! I dubbed mine Ageless Beauty, for it is about my ever glorious mom. 🙂



Decoupage your shoes!

About a year ago I saw a picture on the internet of someone who had decoupaged her shoes with what I guess was some paper from a Star Wars magazine. They looked so cool! I decided I wanted to try my hand at that myself, but it took me a while before I even dared to take the risk of wrecking a perfectly good pair of shoes. Then the time came, and I just did it!

I decided to try napkin technique for my “shoe project”. In case my attempt was successful, I might some day try regular paper as well.


1. Find some shoes and strip its top layer away (in this case, fake leather), so that the underlying fabric is exposed. Apply textil potch or some other adhesive for paper napkins suitable for textiles, and start glueing the first pieces of napkin.


2. Use any tool that might help you with tiny corners and difficult spots. Like this metal spatula.


3. Finished!


4. Don’t forget to waterproof with an acrylic finisher, like the one in the picture below.

5. Start rocking those shoes and keep Walking! 🙂

To be continued….





Customize your t-shirt

Although a t-shirt is not necessarily a fashion statement in and of itself, you still want it to express something of your unique personality. Sometimes the shirts that wait for you in your local fashion shop just won’t do. They are either ridiculously expensive ($70,= for what in the end still is a t-shirt?!) or they have a silly image, logo or text that simply doesn’t appeal to you at all.

That is why now and then I customize, by choosing or creating an image to my own liking and having it printed on a shirt, hoodie or tank top.

Of course a holiday picture or a photo of my family wouldn’t do, but… there are other options. How about picking a painting or piece of art that you like – or better yet: created yourself – or a text that you love, or, like me, scenes from your favorite comics!

So here’s six pieces of clothing that I had customized, plus two more that I did myself. I edited every image by giving them nice frames, and sometimes blending them with another image or adding a different background. Then I had them printed on pieces of clothing.

Black hoodie + black t-shirt

Green Lantern comics fans will recognize the picture I used here as the logos of each of the Lantern corps (except the Black). Being an ardent comics fan, I’m very pleased with how this one turned out and I actually wear this thing a lot – and I never wear hoodies! 🙂

Again a Green Lantern theme, although more subtle than the previous one: the Green Lantern logo blended with a fantasy landscape, which I did with Paintshop Pro XI:

White t-shirt 1

A scene from Nonplayer this time – with digitally customized borders – this is such a fan-tas-tic comic I don’t know where to begin to describe it! (apologies for the frumpy look: I searched and searched for this darned little tee, and finally recovered it – from the laundry hamper! :oops:)

White t-shirt 2

Back to Green Lantern, with a view from Odym:
Black t-shirt

An underwater action shot from Fathom:

(image from the website’s cart right before I ordered)

In reality. Print is nice enough even though the colors are too blue, but the shirt itself isn’t quite as lovely as shown on the site, due to its straightness and lack of waist. Bummer.

Witte t-shirt 3 – bought a white shirt in a store, then took it to a sportswear printing company and mailed them the image. This turned out to be one of the cheaper options, although I had to drive there twice (once to deliver my shirt to them, the second time a couple of days later to pick it up).

This image is from Seven Warriors (a great comic!), which I edited by giving it some customized borders with Paintshop Pro XI, creating the “wiping” effect you can see here:

Of course there is always an alternative option:
Use your home printer to print your image on special photo transfer paper, cut it to size (following the image borders as close as you can!) and then simply iron it onto your t-shirt.

This is relatively cheap, but I consider this more of a one-time-use solution because usually after only one or two laundry sessions your image will start to crack or fade, or both.

The examples below show pictures of two of the guinea pigs from my caviary, that I digitally gave new backgrounds; I usually wear these only once or twice a year, when I go to a cavy show ;-):

So who says that customizing your t-shirt is only for family happenings or company team building sessions?! Be your own unique self and start customizing those boring white t-shirts in your closet!