Birds in a Tree Tea Box

Now and again I like to vary my craft technique and leave papercrafting for a short while to dabble in decoupaging. I use this technique mainly to alter wooden or porcelain objects, like gift boxes but also candles, coffee mugs and even a lamp!

Usually I paint such an object white or ivory first, so that the napkin’s colors will show clear & bright. With the tea box I’m sharing today however, I started decoupaging without painting it white first. This made for warm wood colors, and also caused the box title Thee (= Dutch for Tea) on the lid to show through nicely.

After adhering the parts of the napkin I wanted to use, I painted the rest of the box around them in a warm forest green and added some glitter accents. Of course I covered the whole thing with boat varnish to protect it from all things Liquid – a prudent measure if you’re anything like Clumsy Me 🙂

By the way, an altered tea boxes makes for a great gift!




Decoupaged Wooden Pencil Box

This week a blog exclusive project, so no Youtube video 😉 .

I find that sometimes it’s quite refreshing to vary your techniques, it avoids a rut and it gives the opportunity to create something for someone who may be familiar with papercrafting but not decoupaging.

I had just such a case on my hands, so when I decided to gift a colleague a nice wooden pencil box for her coloring pencils and markers, I decoupaged it with napkins instead of decorating it with scrapbooking paper. She was completely taken by surprise for she had never even heard of this technique and wanted to know everything about it 🙂

The box itself was white, with a plain wooden lid that had The Pencil Box printed on top of it. I used an antique gold colored napkin for the lid without painting it white first, so the words on the lid would come through and remain visible. I decorated the top right corner with some flowers,…


… and the lower left corner with a fussy-cut napkin flower, to which I added several colors of glitter glue.

Napkin decoupaged all around, including the back of the box.

I embellished the front with a satin ribbon, through which I had put a crown brad first.

I left the insides of both the box and the lid plain.

And last but not least, I painted the bottom burgundy, but since that left the surface slightly sticky unexpectantly – as would decoupaging it with napkin – I matted it with a piece of design paper in coordinating colors instead.

In short a relatively quick-to-make gift idea, especially for paper crafting recipients who’ve seen it all – except not 🙂





December Deluge 10: Decoupage Your Winter Home Decor

And here’s the Final Blog Entry for 2015 – how time flies when you’re having fun! 🙂

You’re all probably very busy enjoying your Christmas holidays, and preparing for New Year’s Eve, so I’ll keep it short but sweet with a blog exclusiveso no video this time.

Since winter has only just begun, I thought I’d share a home decor idea with you: why not throw some decoupaging at some wooden boxes, but also a coffee mug and even a lamp!  🙂 Use candle podge for the candle and textile podge for the lamp, grab some nice napkins and you’re all set!

And when you’re done: don’t forget to accessorize your home in the same color scheme, which will give your living room a surprisingly new and fresh look.

Tea box:

Ephemera box:

Coffee mug:


Accessorizing! 🙂 (Lamp in the background) :


Happy New Year!

Thank you to all my subscribers and visitors for supporting this blog with your continuing attention, likes comments and questions!

I’m looking forward to meeting you all again next year, with new paper art projects, tutorials and ideas!


December Deluge 5: Decoupaged Candle & Box

This December month I’ll post many projects on my blog, to give you some inspiration and ideas for your Christmas projects – and also to help you spend your holiday time creatively. In my previous posts I showed you a quick Christmas Mini Album, a 1-sheet Micro Walleta set of Nutcracker Sweet Christmas Cards and some Trishutter Christmas Cards. Today: Part 5 of this December Deluge of creative ideas 🙂

Decoupaging is a great technique for altering projects, especially when you’re out of paper crafting ideas and want to switch materials a bit to stir things up again 🙂

This decoupaged set of a Christmas candle and a matching box is quite easy to make and will make for a great Christmas holiday afternoon. Plus, they’re a great little emergency gift set for that one neighbour you forgot 😉

The only materials you need are:

  • one or two Christmas napkins (the regular, layered paper ones),
  • some mod podge (and a brush to apply it)
  • the objects you wish to alter

And: some patience while it’s drying 😉

Note: if you wish to alter a candle like I have, please use special candle podge.

You can watch my free video tutorial on how to decoupage a candle to see how it’s done, and how easy it is!

Here’s the little Christmas set I created!


Next: December Deluge 6 – Candy Cane Lane – Twice! 🙂


Some fun little Easter projects

It is as they say: time flies when you’re having fun! I could have sworn Christmas was only yesterday, and yet this morning Easter arrived!

Luckily I had already finished some fun little Easter & springtime decoupage projects, check them out, they’re really easy to do and look genuinely lovely on your Easter breakfast (or brunch) table!


Decoupaged Easter candles:



Retro project: Decoupaging a breakfast set

You don’t just have to use wood or cardboard for decoupaging: you can also do table ware! 🙂

I’m calling this a retro project by the way because I created it a couple of years ago, way before I had my blog. So I thought I’d dust it off and show it to you now – better late than never 😉

1. Remove the top (= patterned) layer from the napkin
2. Glue it onto the plate.
3. Add a second layer of podge to set and finish it.
4. Bake in your oven, if your particular podge requires it. The podge that I used required me to bake them, which I haven’t filmed, but took about 30-40 minutes.

Of course you will have to use special dishwasher safe mod podge; ask your local craft store to help you find the correct version.

Porcelain podge







For this project I did two breakfast plates, a coffee cup and a little wooden teabox, with only two kinds of napkin.

Anyway, this is just to give you some inspiration and ideas, hope you liked it.

(My apologies for the shaky cam parts!)




How to decoupage a candle

You may have heard of decoupage or napkin technique. It’s a fun way to alter objects, usually made of wood or paper mache. But did you know you can decoupage a candle as well? It’s the same technique, except you’re using special, flame-resistant candle podge instead of regular podge.

You can check out some examples of decoupaged candles in my blogpost on Easter decorations, for some inspiration. Meanwhile, here’s a tutorial on how to decoupage your own candle – and let’s make it a Valentine’s Day version this time, why don’t we 🙂
So enjoy the video and have fun experimenting!


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Valentine’s Day gift idea: Cute little tea basket

For some Valentine’s Day inspiration, here’s a little photo shoot of a cute wooden tea basket that I altered. Photos only (no Youtube) so I guess it’s kind of a Blog Exclusive 😉

I altered the tea basket with some pieces of napkin – and a little paint. Very simple, fairly easy to make and, therefore, ideal if you want to create a great gift but don’t have enough time to start a Multiple Days Craft Project (capitals intended – we’re all doing some seriously hefty projects from time to time right).

The color scheme that I chose for this tea basket is perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any other romantic occasion. Of course you don’t have to use it for tea: you can fill it up with all kinds of neatness and romantic knick-knacks you can come up with. For instance, simply put some sweets for your Sweet into it 🙂

By the way, you want to take the time to work meticulously and with attention to detail, even with a fairly quick & simple design such as this one. For instance, I used more than one piece of napkin here, but can you honestly point out the seams between the pieces…?

… I thought not 😉
So, no matter how simple a design may be: always pay attention to these kinds of details, for it will make a difference.

When it comes to finishing touches, especially with rounded edges, nooks, crannies and other ‘precision stuff’, I don’t go near decoupageing: too difficult to get it done near-perfectly, it’s messy and it’s hard to correct if you make mistakes. In these cases, paint is my best friend!

Like this handle…
…and the top edges of the basket. I mixed that warmer, darker red color on the edges myself, by the way, adding more hints of dark colors to the handle’s bright red until it was just so.
Because the decoupage technique gives you the opportunity to create great projects relatively quickly, it’s also fairly easy to expand your project. Just use more of those awesome napkins that you picked, and make one or more companion pieces.
Like I did with this candle! Just in case you didn’t know that you can in fact decoupage a candle just as simply as any wooden object, I will show you how to do this in my next post.

So stay tuned for my upcoming video tutorial on How to decoupage a candle!

Stay crafty, and may God bless you all!


Decoupage your shoes!

About a year ago I saw a picture on the internet of someone who had decoupaged her shoes with what I guess was some paper from a Star Wars magazine. They looked so cool! I decided I wanted to try my hand at that myself, but it took me a while before I even dared to take the risk of wrecking a perfectly good pair of shoes. Then the time came, and I just did it!

I decided to try napkin technique for my “shoe project”. In case my attempt was successful, I might some day try regular paper as well.


1. Find some shoes and strip its top layer away (in this case, fake leather), so that the underlying fabric is exposed. Apply textil potch or some other adhesive for paper napkins suitable for textiles, and start glueing the first pieces of napkin.


2. Use any tool that might help you with tiny corners and difficult spots. Like this metal spatula.


3. Finished!


4. Don’t forget to waterproof with an acrylic finisher, like the one in the picture below.

5. Start rocking those shoes and keep Walking! 🙂

To be continued….





Candles to match your Easter / spring ornaments

So I decoupaged some Easter eggs a couple of days ago. Saturday, the day before Easter, I decided I definitely needed some candles to go with them. So, here they are!

I used the same napkin technique, only this time with different glue of course, in order to be able to light them safely. It’s a special candle podge, which will prevent your napkins from catching fire – instead, they’ll neatly melt along with your candle. Perfect.

So, here’s the three decoupaged candles, and my springtime living room to match! 🙂

Dutch translation:

Drie geservette kaarsen in Paas-/lentethema zorgen voor extra kleur en gezelligheid! Let op: om kaarsen te servetten moet je wel speciale lijm gebruiken om ongelukken te voorkomen (zie foto hierboven).



Season’s greetings – with decoupaged Easter ornaments

Usually I don’t decorate my Easter eggs – assuming there are any Easter eggs in my house at all, which isn’t necessarily the case each year, I simply buy them in the color I want. This year however, when I bought myself some eggy Easter branch ornaments after all, I decided to decorate the few white ones.

I used yellow and two shades of pink, since at the moment gold, yellow and pink (of the vintage kind, like Tim Holtz’s Tattered Rose distress ink that you can see in my explosion card post) are the colors I’d already decorated my living room with.

There were four white Easter eggs in the stash that I bought, in three different sizes. I decorated them by applying the napkin technique and adding some gold stickles, and here’s the results!

By the way, I found some mirror-imaged stickers with a cute spring theme – and I decided couldn’t not use them: how often do we find mirror-imaged stickers right? So, I stuck them onto a piece of card board with a small piece of thread to create a loop. Then I added a little gold stickle on a few spots. And lo and behold: Yet Another Easter Ornament to hang from my “tree” (which is actually a lamp, as I’m sure you’ve already noticed from the picture above).

Dutch translation:

Tot nu toe versierde ik nooit paaseieren – als ik überhaupt al paaseieren in huis had. Dit jaar vond ik echter een paar mooie, makkelijk op te hangen paaseieren, van het een kwam het ander en ineens hing mijn multifunctionele staande lamp vol. Deze lamp staat er normaalgesproken bij als een soort populier, met de takken helemaal omhoog, en doet verder alleen dienst als kerstboom (takken helemaal uitgevouwen). Vanaf dit voorjaar heeft ie een nieuwe functie: de Paasboom, met de takken ergens halverwege populier en kerstboom!

Er zaten een paar witte eitjes tussen de gekleurde en ik besloot om die dan toch maar te gaan versieren. Ze waren van kunststof en verven werd me te ingewikkeld (moet je eerst weer gaan primen en zo). Daarom koos ik voor de servettechniek. Omdat de rest van mijn woonkameraccessoires ook geel, goud en oud-roze zijn heb ik servetten in geel en twee tinten roze gebruikt. En vervolgens afgewerkt met gouden glitterlijm.

Hierboven het resultaat!


Altered wine box

There’s more than one way to present someone with a bottle of wine. There’s gift bags and gift boxes, and then there’s the altered wine box!

Like this one below, one of my very first napkin technique projects – when I was still taking my first steps in this undiscovered decoupage country. Meanwhile, I’ve learned a lot more about the possibilities of designing with this technique, but I’ve yet to alter my second wine box. So, just to give you an idea of the sheer endless possibilities, here are some pictures of my first.

In addition to the napkin technique I painted this particular wine box with a color I mixed myself. Again, this opens even more possibilities. To think at the time I didn’t even know the half of designing your own decorations – and I’m learning still more with every project!

For this box I chose a theme with boats and water since I had a man in mind as the recipient. This colleague was pleasantly surprised by the original gift by the way! (I also put a bottle of wine in there of course) 😉