Condolences Card: Color is the New Gray

I remember the time, not too long ago, when almost all condolences cards were rather stark. Most had only small illustrations on a large plain of white, and always in black and gray-tones. Then, slowly but steadily, color was added. First came the browns, with a few small and very tasteful autumn leaves, then here and there a flower creeped in.

Nowadays many condolences cards show more colors than just blacks, grays and browns. Only a few years ago I would probably be hesitant to send a rather colorful condolences card to someone, but I have to admit, since I have been the recipient of several of those when my father passed away, to my own surprise I appreciated the colorful ones very much. This is not to say that the more traditional cards are not a good choice of course. It’s just that my own personal experience in this area has convinced me not only that it’s okay to use color, but that it may actually add to the card’s (admittedly limited) effect.

So here’s an idea for a condolences card for scrappers and card makers: create a card of color, which requires only one sheet of double-sided design paper; do not embellish it too much, just let the paper speak for itself.
For instance, I decorated my card sparingly with only two stamps, some die-cuts and a swing-tab. Some folds and cuts did the rest.

All in all a very simple yet stylish choice for a condolences card. Meanwhile I truly hope you won’t need to send out many… though unfortunately we’ll probably all have to at least once or twice in our lifetimes.

If you’d like to add a very personal touch of comfort by creating this 1-sheet condolences card yourself, you can follow the clear instructions (with 63 pictures) in my tutorial.



Condolences/Sympathy wallet card

Recently I found myself in the unfortunate position of having to ponder the question whether or not it’s okay to craft a sympathy card. Would it be considered an annoyance, an act of inconsiderateness, or would it be received as the small, unique expression of well-meant sympathy it was intended to be? I decided to take the risk and go for the latter, and did my utmost to make it tasteful, warm and heartfelt. And I’m glad I did, for it was well-received!

The design is a familiar one that I have used a couple of times before, as you can see here and here. But I chose it anyway because it’s just the perfect little wallet for photos or small notes that a person who has just lost a loved one might want to keep inside the card, to carry with them easily.

I always use double-sided design paper for this type of mini wallet, so that both the inside and outside of the pockets aren’t simply white but show matching colors and patterns. This particular 12×12 inch sheet is called “Sunset”, by Creamotion.

Front: I deliberately wrote “With sympathy” by hand instead of typing or printing it, because I wanted to ensure a very personal feel.

The card is held closed by a belly band, kept clean and simple. The “With sympathy” part is actually a flip tag, tucked into the front corner pocket. On the inside of the tag I wrote my personal message.

The mini wallet holds six black cards, to hold photos, notes or to write down some cherished dates and memories. I created tabs for two of them, using the black pearlescent sheet of the Gemstones paper pad.

Flip open the paper wallet and two more pockets appear, holding one notecard each.

And finally, the backside of this little wallet, mirroring its front. 


Have you ever created a sympathy card? What design and color theme did you choose?