Boys’ Heroes Ultra Mini Album

This was a great project for me, for I got to get my Geek on! 🙂

I created this Cinch-bound mini album for Merijn, the 8-year-old son of a friend. A couple of weeks ago I also created one for his older brother Thijmen, and because they are brothers I really wanted each album to have a unique look and feel, so that each boy would really have their own very personal album.

Whereas Thijmen’s album was all about natural history, with wildlife, animal foot prints and dinosaurs, the one I created for Merijn sports several superheroes and other boy favorites. (Of course I consulted their mother to find out what each boy liked.) The paper I used is That’s My Boy by Echo Park, the 6×6 inch pad.

Anyway, it was great fun to create this album and in the process come up with an alternative use for your Marvel comics calendar  – which of course you would have lying around if you’re even half the geek I am. 😉

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