Boxed summer album: Enjoy Each Moment

Inspired by one of the many creative people on Youtube, I took it upon me to create a very special kind of keepsake album: the boxed mini album. The cover of this new category of minis will turn it into a box every time you close the album! Cool.

Not having bought the tutorial, the only design clues I had were the show & tell video by the lady that inspired this album. So naturally there will be several differences between her and my design. Plus, I added some deliberate changes as well: the way the cover opens, the use of book muslin. Well, just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean 😉

Oh, and I did some photo editing as well, for I adapted the first and the last photos’ backgrounds to better fit the design paper – so there’s a little bonus idea. 🙂

Meanwhile, stay crafty!




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