Antique Bazaar Altered Desk Organizer

I found a great wooden desk organizer in one of our home decor stores, and I bought it to alter it. It was already painted white so I chose Kaisercraft’s Antique Bazaar, a collection that would go well with the white wood of the organizer.

The rounded shape of the organizer’s compartments presented a special challenge, especially on the insides and with the split compartment on the left – for which I had to create a very specially shaped mat:

Materials used

So, here’s the results!

Don’t forget to check out the pictures below!


2 thoughts on “Antique Bazaar Altered Desk Organizer

  1. Love what you did with this mail organizer. Have searched high and low to find one like it so I can make one for my elderly mother. I have searched the internet, local hobby stores, Amazon and EBay, JoAnn Fabrics, and office supply stores. You did an excellent job on this and have truly inspired me! Thanks for any direction you can provide on where to find the organizer itself.

    • Thank you for your kind compliments Patti, so glad you liked what I did with this organizer! Have you checked out my other one, the Enchanted Forest Desk organizer?

      I bought them both at a low-budget home decor store in the Netherlands, these organizers are brandless so I cannot help you there either. So unless you want to spend a lot of money on postage to ship something like it from me to you, I don’t have any tips. Except maybe one: I know Kaisercraft sell lots of drawer organizers, perhaps they have something to your liking. They’re different than mine, I know, but they’re still cute.

      Hope you’ll find something you like!

      ~ Katja

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