Altered wine box

There’s more than one way to present someone with a bottle of wine. There’s gift bags and gift boxes, and then there’s the altered wine box!

Like this one below, one of my very first napkin technique projects – when I was still taking my first steps in this undiscovered decoupage country. Meanwhile, I’ve learned a lot more about the possibilities of designing with this technique, but I’ve yet to alter my second wine box. So, just to give you an idea of the sheer endless possibilities, here are some pictures of my first.

In addition to the napkin technique I painted this particular wine box with a color I mixed myself. Again, this opens even more possibilities. To think at the time I didn’t even know the half of designing your own decorations – and I’m learning still more with every project!

For this box I chose a theme with boats and water since I had a man in mind as the recipient. This colleague was pleasantly surprised by the original gift by the way! (I also put a bottle of wine in there of course) 😉


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