33 Tips for your Christmas Cards

Christmas time is nearing and for all of you who’d like to create their own Christmas cards but are wondering how not to make them all mostly the same, I’ve compiled a stack of cards – and 33 variation tips to go with them!

Have fun watching the video, then please find all of the 33 tips listed below for your convenience!

The list with 33 (Christmas) card tips:

1. No cardstock; double-sided design paper only

2. Use one complete collection: papers but also the ephemera, so everything will automatically coordinate.

3. Use 3D layering to add some highlights

4. Use actual buttons

5. Use scrap mats (paper-pieced mats, How To video available).

6. Bend and shape banners and labels (picture below):

7. Strategic use of flowers – sometimes less = more

8. Strategic use of metal embellishments, like corners or brads, or metal flowers & trinkets

9. Use twine to highlight your tags, especially when they’re glued down (picture below):

10. Emboss your mats

11. Highlight embossed patterns with ink

12. Use only the B-sides of your papers (picture below)

13. Create your own bows

14. Use decorative feathers (picture below)

15. Use transparent stickers (same picture below):

16. Create a card with doorlets (picture below, at tip 24)

17. Stamp your Season’s Greetings

18. Stamp or print part of a Christmas song

19. Play with your paper’s pattern (picture below – decorations on the right, pattern only on the left)

20. Add some die-cuts of your own (same picture below):

21. Custom-fit the size of your doorlets to accomodate your paper’s pattern (picture below at tip 24, third card)

22. Subtle stamping – so it becomes part of your paper’s pattern

23. Die-cut a decorative label to gracefully limit your writing space

24. Magnetize your closure

25. Create smaller sized cards – to fit in smaller, normal-sized envelopes

26. Create one doorlet, i.e. a small flap (picture below, at step 28)

27. Use glitter glue / Stickles to add highlights

28. Custom-size your card & flap to fit ATC cards (3×4″ + 4×6″) (picture below):

29. Punch or die-cut a decorative border on the bottom flap of your (tip 30:) tri-fold card (picture below, top row)

31. Punch or die-cut a decorative border into the front panel of your card (same picture below, bottom row)

32. Contrast the color of your decorative border with your design paper (same picture below):

33. Use ribbon or trim behind a journalling spot (picture below, bottom card):

That’s it for this week, hope you all enjoyed the ideas and tips! Have fun crafting and see you next week!

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